Tolly Queen 7

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“Kaderbhai, please make sure the door to the front is locked when you leave?” Koel said, still nestled on her 's shoulder.

Her eyes were closed in peace as her husband felt her very much with him. She was telling Kader indirectly that it was time for him to leave. Noel felt a surge of love, and maybe relief too, that even though Kader's semen was inside her, she was for him…. only for him.

“Sure,” Kader answered as Noel heard him get up and get dressed.

He patted Koel on the as he left. “Thanks Bhabi, for this wonderful night,” He called out as he headed for the door. “And you too Noel….. to enjoy your wife….. see you tomorrow.”

“Um hum….. be sure, don't forget to come tomorrow,” Koel answered back. “And when my hubby gets home I want you both to again. One in each hole….. at the same time,” the slut actress called out with a wicked grin.

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She then lifted up her head and turned it to look at Kader as he glanced back, hesitating in the doorway and said, “Of course…. how can I miss you?”

Immediately Koel teased, “But at first, the two of you can argue about who gets which hole.”

The Tollygunge then heard Kader going down the steps and the door close. With that Koel turned back to her husband with an exotic sparkle in her eyes that he had learned to love. Koel raised on her elbow and looked in her husband's eyes.

“It's what you asked for, isn't it, honey….. isn't that what you wanted me to do? Did you mind it too much when I was thinking about him, cumming for him? Because I was thinking about you, too, you know. Thinking about you watching me do it. I love it that you realized how much I liked it, that it was OK for you.”

“No, it wasn't too much, darling. It's exactly what I wanted,” Noel assured her. “The was great….. and so is this, with you here with me afterwards.”

Koel smiled up at her husband and said, “I'll always be here with you. I love you, dear. I liked having our partner fuck me. You know that's only for our career, but I love you the best….. you're my husband… my dearest husband. Are we going to keep doing it? Can I fuck him again tomorrow? You both said you want me to.”

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“And you do too, don't you?” Noel asked her.

“Yes. I do.” She grinned at her husband. “I really liked it, even more than I thought it would be. Even it was far better than the we made with Indu ( Indrani Dutta ) . Thank you. I do want to do it again. Maybe tomorrow, if I'm not too sore. But we'll wait for you, no matter how wet I get.”

She giggled, and the contractions of her laugh caused some of Kader's semen to gurgle out of her cunt. They both looked down between her legs and she opened them some more so they could see that clearly. They laughed in unison as the sticky evidence of what she had done….. of what they had done….. drizzled out of her pussy…… onto the sheets.

Koel looked at her husband and said, “That's Kader's ….. dripping out of my pussy. I'm so glad I took his condom off. I hope you don't mind. It doesn't seem like otherwise. Actually I wanted to feel his hot semen gushing directly in my pussy, and to let him feel my insides.”

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