Tolly Queen 7

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Nispal never got tired of the first instant when she showed another open her labia. His face was brightened up when he realized that he was once again going to watch his gorgeous 's another live blue show. He never failed to be aroused beyond description at the moment when another man's slid into her highly valued aristocratic .

However he liked it most when the cock penetrated her anus….. into her rectum… he had seen it now several times, all good. He loved the little involuntary shudder she made as his penis separated her labia or opened her sphincter and plunged inside. The little gasp that signaled she had her lover's now, thinking of his cock in her, of cumming for him.

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And her never felt jealously of watching her spasm as her lover splashed inside her….. watching her lift her hips to milk his semen deep into her pussy or rectum. It makes Noel happy when that person ejaculated his load into her tunnel while she contracted in passion to receive his seed.

Noel was still in awe of the aftermath…. of seeing another man's semen run out of her cunt or . It was mixed with the silky wetness that implied she wanted his load inside her. And she gurgled out with a deep sigh of happiness. This visible proof made the perverted husband satisfied that she took his inside her most secret place.

Now this Tollygunge celeb was habituated with this lifestyle. Even they wouldn't want to stop this as their “Koel Film Production” was now capable to hold a strong position in Tollygunge film-industry. They both need it.

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To be continued…..

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