Nephew Fucked Innocent Aunty Ruthlessly- Nephew’s version (Part 1)

Hi everyone this is Rocky (name changed) good looking at age 26 working in MNC company in Bangalore. Sorry for any type of grammatical mistakes as this is my first time writing a story .

This story involves hot and sexy conservative Aunty who is married to my distant relative uncle of age 46 .They have 2 kids one goes to higher primary and another to nursery .The heroine of the story Sarita of 39 age Milky in complexion maintains a great figure of 34(c)-28-36 .

I occasionally visit their home as my room was nearby.I didn’t have any bad intention towards her. I used to be friendly with her and touch her body while I was in their house.One day uncle had some urgent work in native so he called me to stay in their home for two days until he returns.

It was weekoff and I was watching porn and ready to masturbate while got the call.So frustrated I reached their house at noon and saw uncle have already left and aunty was working in kitchen in her salwar kameez.Kids were playing in house.Seeing her dress which is seductive which she usually doesn’t wear something woke up inside me and perverted intentions started to run inside my head. Then we had lunch together and aunty got busy in kitchen.I went straight ahead to kitchen and started to talk with her staring aunties boobs and ass sideways.

On the pretext of helping her, I would touch her hands and elbows. But I would apologize to her to cover my evil intention. There was no resistance from her and she would tell me not to apologize. It gave me the courage to get even bolder with me touching her hips and ass.

In the sake of helping I started to caress her hands and body with my hands.Slowing I went back of her and started to rub my bonner slowly.I was feeling having electric shock while touching her body.
I was doing everything unknowingly to her as she would think it was by mistake.This countinued for a while.I was in full heat but somehow controlled myself insteaded of ruining everything backed off my self and went out.

After finishing her chores she and children’s went to nap.It was a 3BHK apartment.I got busy watching movie in hall and they napped in master bedroom.

In evening nothing much happened, I played with her younger kid and older one went to play outside.She got busy preparing dinner.

After sometime her younger kid got tired.So I quickly went inside kitchen to talk and watch aunty.I slowly repeated the same things this time somewhat more.
While preparing curry she asked me to taste it.I quickly got to the position backside of her , touching my bonner to her ass and my front body to her backside.I placed my hand on her waist and head over her left shoulder and asked for sip. She was shellshocked by action but didn’t say anything.I saw fear in her eyes by didn’t utter a word.Then slowly gave me sip of curry by spoon.
I praised her curry a lot indeed it was awesome.She got happy and saw relax in her face.
But I didn’t remove my hands of her waist.I kept my hand in their and give slow movements encircling her side waist.My front was touching her ass sometimes and my small brother was awakening by this action.

At that time her young son entered the kitchen. I got separated from her .Then I talked with her and child about various topics in kitchen.The topic changed to likings ,while talking to my cousin I told my him that I like his mom a lot and take her with me.Then he got angry and told “she is mine”.To make him jealous I quickly grabbed her and kissed on her cheek. She was surprised by my actions and got angry.I quickly left the kitchen. There was no much talk while having dinner.

At night Aunty with her to sons slept masters bedroom and I slept in guest bedroom.While sleeping I decided to fuck her today at any cost.

At midnight I went to their bedroom and saw her sleeping in nighty. I decided to fuck her then and there but couldn’t.So I woke up her. She was shocked to see me. I was in my tee and shorts.

Then she asked “Rocky !! what happened why and you here”
Rocky : ” I had a bad dream can u plz come outside I’m afraid”.
I went outside bedroom and she followed me.
Rocky: “I saw something in my bedroom”
Sarita: “Where ??” and slowly went inside my bedroom .

I followed her and slowly locked the door.

Before she could react I went behind and grabbed her from the back .I started to squeeze her boobs tightly and started to kiss her neck region.She started to protest and push me with her hands but there was no use.She was like a toy which is being molested.i got her nipples and began to twitch.She was crying and shouting my name and telling me to leave her.

I pressed her against the wall and raised her nighty till waist. I covered her head with it and throw her to the bed.She fell on the bed on her back.I quickly pounced on her and held her fist s with my hand.She was fighting strongly and kicking her legs.I locked my her legs with my foot and rested my full body weight over her. It was like a sponge pillow but shaking.I started to suck and bite her boobs over bra.
Ohhh was a smooth boobs she had, it was like marshmallow but juicy
This went on for few mins and slowly her boobs were getting harder and I could feel the erectness of nipples.

I started to suck her nipples over bra , She started to make sounds
Aaaa ohhh aa ohh leave me ma ooo uhhh plz don don’t plz leave me. Aaaa mhhh
She was twisting her body but I bit her boobs strongly .It started to pain as she cried .
I become deaf didn’t pay heed to her cries.

It went on for few more mins and I quickly removed her nighty forced to her mouth to reduce volume and forcefuy tore her bra holding her both wrists in one hand.

What a magnificent boobs she had it was shining in dim light .Anybody who see her boobs will get mad and wanted to have it.Her husband and children were soo lucky to taste such boobs.I’m also lucky one and from today it is only mine and smirked thinking about it. It was a C type but looked and tasted like banganpalli mangoes .

I slowly started to lick and suck her boobs one by one and started to play with encircling her boobs with mouth and tongue.Slowly her resistance reduced.But her face was full of tears. Her eyes were wide and was seeing me.I made eye contact to her and told “Sarita aunty, I love you.Please understand my feeling. I am in so much pain.I need your love. Please understand my pain and give me your love. I need you. Just once, please I need your womanly love to release my pain. My body is burning for a woman’s love. Please fulfill my thirst for love and take me to heaven. Relieve me from this sexual desire with your beauty”.
Give me your love aunty. Love me”.

And started to kiss her lips but she was turning her face right and left.I bit her neck wildly picked her mangalsutra in teeth and pulled its pendent near her right boobs and started to suck her nipple along with mangalsutra. The chain and nipples were full of my saliva.
It was guesture that she belongs to me now.

She was pleading to stop the horror and leave her.But I was not in the position to listen. I started to enjoy her cries and pleadings and was more exited to explore and relish.

I pressed her both hands on her stomach and pinched her ass.She in pain lifted her ass and I instantly removed the only cloth left in her body that is Panty.

I went near her pussy with was having little hair (she shaved it like 3-4 days back)and smelled it.

Wow , It was a heavenly feeling.Her scent was mesmerizing.I got lost in it.
Nobody would believe she is the mother of two as she maintained such a body.
Her pussy was little wet, yes because of my actions and began to lick it.

Oooohhh it was mixed saltly-sour and I loved it as she screamed like there was no tomorrow.
This went on for 5 mins.

I removed my dress and placed myself on top of her.She was almost exhausted.So didn’t move much.Our naked body came in contact for the first time and was jolting experience.
I made her legs wide with my legs and weight.
My super erect cock was touching her pussy.

I released her both hands and held her face.
I licked her whole face and kept my lips in her and started kissing her juicy lips and proceed for lip lock but there was no response.So I pinched her boobs She opened her mouth and I instered my whole tongue inside her and suck her juicy Saliva and it was pure honey.

I wasted no time and positioned my cock on the entrance of pussy.Then pushed my cock in missionary position.

As I started entering my hard cock inside her pussy hole, she moaned loud, “Ahh aaa ahhhh”.It was too tight.I though how in hell mother of 2 childrens pussy is tight like virgin.
I removed and pressed it again.My hard cock was now deep inside her pussy hole and I also started moaning louder in pain, “Oh ah oh Sarita. oh Sarita aunty, I love this feeling. Love me, don’t leave me. I need you. I wanna love you. Take me, take me deep inside you and open the gates of heaven to me”.

I pushed his 6 and a half inch cock completely inside her wet pussy hole. Slowly, he started stroking her pussy hole and she was moaning, “Ah ah ah. Oh um um….ah ah oh oh… ah ah…..”
I kept giving strokes slowly and deeper inside her pussy hole. While moaning and moving up and down, kissed her face and neck.I placed my hand on her face, kissed her lips, pressed her boobs and sucked her nipples.

I kept sucking her nipples and bitting her mangalsutra, pressing her breast and started moving up and down faster.She widened her legs let me stroke hard. Her breasts got harder while sucking them hard.I increased my speed of thrusts holding breath and fucked her hard.

I kept slowing down to catch my breath and again fucked her hard in rhythm while holding breath.I was full phase of stroking my cock in and out of her pussy hole. She slowly started moaning louder.
I fucked her hard like an animal.This actions rocked the bed so hard that it made loud squeaking sound. The bed rocked very hard and banged the wall making the sound of hitting like a hammer.

Now she locked her legs around me.Her boobs were bouncing in up and down.She was under my control by then.

It was a treat to watch my aunty pinned under me all naked ,Pumping and fucking her ruthlessly while her childrens are sleeping in other room peacefully and husband is in village who don’t know what going on in his house.As his conservative and religious wife spreads her legs for his nephew making his bed warm.

All of a sudden she held her breath, stiffened her body, rolled her eyeballs up and with a big loud moan, “Ahhhhhhhhh….” she released her orgasm, hard and long.

I slowed down my thrust as she loosened up her body. I continued fucking more hard and she moaned loud with my thrusts, “Aah.. Ahh.. Aaaaah…”

I was about to cum so I held my breath and lifted my shoulders. With a hard stroke, pushed cock deep inside her vagina and moaned loudly, “Aaaaaaahhh…..”

I blasted cum inside her vagina, discharging full load of semen, emptying my balls into her womb.I kept my hips tight, pressed cock deep inside her vagina for 10 seconds, ejaculating the last drop of semen into her womb and collapsed on her.

Both were exhausted and passed out for a while on the bed naked and dick was still inside her pussy.

Guys, I hope you all cummed and loved my story and I am eagerly waiting for your valuable comments and feedback to [email protected] . Your support is my inspiration.

Thank you.

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