Sorry parents if you think we will stay virgin by send us to private girls school

For the last three years, I had attended the private girls school and i share my room with three other girls. We heard plenty of rumors about the opposite sex. We talked about it all the time at lunch and during breaks but none of us had any concrete information about what the boys were really like. Our teacher finally gave us the elusive answer to our burning questions on one fateful day when she included a sex education lesson in our class.

We couldn’t believe our ears when she told us intimate details of the male anatomy, including the penis and all it could do. But, she didn’t stop there; she even admitted that she’d experienced it herself. We were totally surprised and now our curiosity was piqued. We were so eager to uncover the truth that we decided to investigate on our own.

On the school’s huge domain, the only males were in charge of security and maintenance, so we all took turns spying on them and scrutinizing their movements. We noticed the strange bend in their pants. We also spotted an older student going into a certain hiding spot one day and then a man entering not long after. When the girl emerged a few minutes later, her clothes were a bit messy but she had a satisfied smile on her face.

We decided to hang around the spot one day and wait for something to happen. Sure enough, the school gardener appeared and was a bit taken aback to see a group of girls. We were a bit shy but eventually mustered the courage to ask him about what we had heard about the male anatomy. To our surprise, he was actually pleased to hear that we were all still virgins and told us to remove our pants. He then took out a condom and proceeded to enter us one by one. I was the forth he will enter and was exited when I see the previous girls expression.

At first, it hurt a little but the strange feeling was soon replaced by a feeling of pleasure and excitement as I couldn’t help but moan and my legs keep shaking when he leave my juicy cave and when went in the next girl. When he was done, we noticed that his condom was filled with a strange liquid. He called it ‘cum’ and explained that it was his seed which he kindly shared with all of us while he let it slide over his dick while he remove his condom. It was a little messy as we all try to have taste the liquid sliding dick. i manage to have some on one of his ball like thing. it tasted strange but we were so aroused and happy that we didn’t care.

Before we left, he tell us the other secret place and code for each place. He tell us he come here to search his watch who might left after taking care another girl here yesterday. He also tell us all the men who will take care of our juicy cave. He write some numbers who he slide in our pants and advise us to find a hidden box in the wood. We go to the location and found a box with sex magazine with description of sex position and each of us were given random number. Our journey was about to start while we return to our room.

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