Sex with a repair man when I was 18

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At 18 I had a relatively steady older boyfriend (Eric) and was still having regular fun with Tony. I had kept up my infrequent fun with Jim and Alf (two older men I had met) and also had a few one night/flings with a succession of other guys.

One of these men was a local Asian shopkeeper, an employer of mine who for a brief time I teased then had a few episodes of fucking and sucking with. I have already told a few of you about a couple of these times via e mail.

My other one night stand/ flings included:

* A guy from my college sixth form who I cheated with behind my boyfriends back. He spunked down my throat in the college gym cupboard one afternoon whilst at school.

* A married man from a couple who I had baby sat for a couple of times. He fucked me twice in total. Once in his car whilst driving me home and another time at his house when his wife was in hospital.

* A married man who was an ex neighbour of ours. We fucked a few times. Once in his home, once in his car and on another time in his garden shed.

Another one of the men was a gas repair man who had been carrying out some work at my families home.

It is this experience I am going to write about on this occasion.

We had been having problems with a boiler for ages and the gas repair people had been back and forward a few times.

On most occasions either mum or dad were present to meet them etc and it was during one of thee visits that I caught one of the men having a sneaky look at me as I was in my room.

A couple of them were working on the problem and I was doing some homework in my bedroom at the time.

One of them must have asked if they could use the upstairs loo and had been told it was OK. My bedroom was opposite the upstairs bathroom and I had left my bedroom door slightly open as I lay on my bed doing some homework.

I remember hearing footsteps as he climbed the stairs and then became aware of a presence on the landing.

I was still dressed in my school uniform and as I was lying on my bed facing away from the door I became aware of someone behind me. As I looked around I saw the guy watching me.

“Can I help you?” I asked him.

“Sorry love, I’m looking for the loo,” was his response.

“Its straight opposite,” I remarked to him.

It was at this point I realized my legs were slightly splayed on the bed and my little skirt had risen up slightly.

“Thanks love,” was his response, his eyes fixed on my legs as he said so. He turned to make his way into the loo closing the door behind him.

I decided to see if I could be a little bit naughty.

I listened for the sound of the toilet flush, and once I had heard it I positioned myself on the bed. I lay facing the door this time, raised my knees and slightly parted my legs. This allowed my little skirt to rise up and for a clear view of my knickers to be presented.

On hearing the opening the door of the toilet, I made sure I had my face covered by a magazine I was pretending to read as the guy left our bathroom.

I could hear him opening the door and then his footsteps on the stairs. I looked over the top of may magazine to catch him peeking into my room from the end of the hall.

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