The Day I Fucked My Sister in Law

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It all started after I married my wife and realised that she had a hot sister, much older to her that was a party freak, loved to dress up skimpy, had a curvaceous association, well rounded boobs, an amazing face and had the naughty side to her too.

My sister in law Anne was a woman that needed a proper fuck. Every time I visited her house, I’d sneak into her bathroom and sniff her panties, imagining, fantasizing and absorb the aroma of her panties before I’d wrap my cock in her panty and jerk off till I cum all over in it.

I’d fantasize about fucking her every chance I got with wicked intentions and guilty pleasures to calm myself down. Everytime I’d meet her, I’d take a good look at her cleavage, the portions of breasts that pop out and watch her ass gyrate each time she’d walk across the floor, hoping and praying that I’d get to fuck her pussy at least once in my life.

Anne was married to a quiet guy who’d always travel to office for work. One day my wife told me to go and handover some items and I agreed to do so not knowing that my wildest imaginations were about to come true.

Upon reaching at her place, I was quite tired due to the heat outside and she called me inside and asked me to wait for a while so that she could take a quick shower. She was in a bathrobe, her hair wrapped up in a towel and getting ready to take a shower. While she went in for a shower, I sat on the couch reading a magazine. Flipping through the pages, I noticed pictures of hot women in bikinis and this reminded me of how my sister in law would look in it. My cock began to bulge just at the thought of this fucking woman.

After she came out of the shower, water dripping down her hair, onto her neck, I could only imagine what is in store under that towel she wrapped herself with. While she went into the room to dress herself up, I told her that she looked absolutely hot. She walked herself into the bedroom and left the room door slightly ajar. Through that little gap, I got the perfect view of the panty being slowly pulled up her ass, the bra holding her perfectly rounded breasts like a cup and the curves on her back giving that perfect mould to her hot body.

I accidentally knocked the door wide open and she realised that I was spying on her. I just stood in awe at this goddess and was numb from the sheer perfect body that was in front of me. My cock rock hard waiting to make a hole and pop out of my pants.

I told her that she looked absolutely stunning and that her husband was the luckiest guy in the planet to have her. I told her that I never realised that my wife had such a hot sister. She looked at me and said, Revned, I’ve been waiting to explore my sexuality and today you can use me to fulfill your wicked fantasies.

I moved towards her and began to kiss her lips, sliding my hands down her butt, I began groping it hard and pulling her panties into the cleavage of her ass to get a firm grasp of her butt cheeks. She loved the force. I told her that I am going to impregnate her and shoot loads of cum into her pussy because I was desperate. She loved the dirty talk. I then unhooked her bra and pushed her flat on the bed, shoving her bra into her mouth. I licked and kissed her nipple till they hardened. I then pulled out her panties and began to smell it. She asked me to lick her pussy up and feast on it. It was a sof, elevated pussy, tight and ready to be eaten.

She kept begging for my cock, but I denied it to her because I wanted to drill her pussy first and then let her suck my balls to drain me of my semen. I flipped her on her stomach and this gave me the perfect view of her ass. Oh man, she had a perfect ass. I pulled her hair backwards, kissed her neck, spread her legs and shoved my cock into her pussy from behind. Watching my cock slide into her ass was exhilarating. I fucked her hard, spanker her ass and drilled her up making her scream.

I then flipped her flat on her back giving me the view of her perfect body. I grabbed her left breast with my left hand, shoved my cock into her pussy and grabbed her ass with the other hand. I pounded, rammed and thrusted into her and shoot my load into her pussy impregnating her. After I fucked her, I asked her to suck my balls again for another round. I fucked her so hard that she begged me to spend the rest of the day with each other.

Every chance I got, we got naked and I rammed her pussy to high heavens. This day will always be the greatest fuck day of my life. I now wish to ask my friend to come along and we fuck her together. The goddess needs multiple seeds.

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