Saw my mom fucked by my friend

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Hello guys,
This is the my 1st story in sex4stories page, I’m venky age 18 live at Chennai I have a good size dick. I love to read sex stories and I’m new reader of this website, it was my first experience of sex in my life which is I got started through my own mom.

I am excited to share with you this story of my hot mom which happened at 5yr ago, her name is jaya shree(name changed). I stay with my mom and dad coming to my mom 36-30-38, she is 42 years old, fair looking, bit skinny type but she has a big boobs despite of her body. I loves her big boobs and sexy waist, and her figure could attract any men and boys towards herself my dad works as a IT professional in a big company and he’s almost travelling. I used to hear my parents arguing with each other, my mom saying

” I’m done with you”

She was a free minded desperate woman who was looking for a guy for pleasure and satisfy her sex life which I understood wen once I had seen a sex toy in her cupboard.

I had a neighborhood friend his name was raj(name changed) he was 24 very smart, we both used to roam around together and spend time together, he used to visit my home often to play games, he also helped me to take a part time job I told my mom about his offer she was happy now when ever she sees raj she used to chat with him often wen my dad was out of town, now he started to cone to my home very often talking with my mom. I was working for nearly 2 months all was going well.I used to reach home by evening I had a duplicate key of that door.

One day I returned from office soon. I saw the door of the house was locked inside and the romantic songs played on home theater as heard from my parents bedroom. I unlock the door in silence then went inside then lock the door and sit on the sofa with listening that songs. I thought mom’s romantic song would have made her asleep. But after few minutes I heard mom’s moaning sound some thing was not right I neared her room I was silent like a ninja I heard some sound I slowly opened her bedroom door I was shocked and surprised at the same time It’s raj and my mom kissing like lovers. Raj was holding her waist and my mom was rubbing his neck both were romancing other.she pushed raj on bed and started undressing his shirt. Now Raj was semi naked and tent inside his track pant…damn he was lean built but he works out daily he had wider chest toned abs big shoulders she was Getting horny and kissed all over his shoulder chest abs. Raj was moaning with pleasure and said “oh auntie you are such a slut” she put her hand on his pant and said “oh my gosh it’s so hard raj” saying so she pulled his pant download. His dick came out of his vest it was really long and thick.

My mom was amazed to see his dick “oh my god raj I have not seen such a great dick till now it’s bigger and thicker than my hubby” now I understood why my mom was arguing with dad. His dick was around 6.5 inches big like a banana without a foreskin. His testicles were kind of big it was clean shaved, she sniffed his cock and sucked his long dick like a lollipop it hardly went inside her mouth, she gagged a bit she was rubbing his dick . After 5 minutes of foreplay she said common raj don’t be shy you can put your dick too deep inside my pussy. He replied “sure auntie I will satisfy you”. He stood up covering my mom fully, he removed her nighty in one swift, my mom was standing nude, wow.. I got a instant boner, she didn’t wear anything inside, her pubic hair was trimmed, her boobs were looking like pornstar Arielle ferrera, but my mom had bigger nipples. He started his foreplay with her big bimbos by pinching, pressing, biting her nipples, mean while she was rubbing his Dick She said “I wanna be crazy sex with you when your long dick goes so deep in my pussy”. He put her on the bed and spread her legs wide and licked my slutty mom’s pussy. she was moaning out hard she said “It’s gives me more pleasure and your tongue is doing miracle please don’t stop da” after few minutes she cummed a fountain of her juices she was panting heavily.
Raj: oh my god u squirt so much
Mom: ya my hubby didn’t made me cum u have made it
I’m totally yours on my bed and fuck me so hard baby.

After listening to this I complete got surprised and horny I took out my dick and started rubbing it my mom had sat on his erect penis and started to hump enjoying the ride of his dick inside her pussy.

Raj: auntie your boobs are well shaped and looks so amazing, I wanna play with these.

Mom- Then what are you waiting for you can go ahead, raj its for you only for feel the joy with it.

Then raj without any thinking he pressed her boobs Hard while giving his torso a strong push inside her vagina. They were fucking in cowgirl style my mom was moaning out loud I had cummed multiple times by now. After 15-20min they changed to doggy now raj was pounding my mom hard with his thick cock he was a bull wen it comes to sex, my mom looked like a bitch he was holding mom’s long hair with his one hand and another hand holds her smoothy big boob…. she had another orgasm it was like a water coming out of broken dam… “hhaaa” she moaned as she had her orgasm and he enjoyed the amazing fucking skill. He lifted her in his arms and fucked her hard she was holding his biceps.
Mom:raj you are really masculine you have a great body.
After 40mins of brutal fuck her put her on bed and groaned like a animal his balls became big and finally he cummed a big load of semen inside my mom’s pussy.
Raj: auntie you are more amazing than a actress.
Mom: thank you raj you are real and hot guy I have ever seen. We will have sex often
When she turned towards me she was shocked after seeing me, and now we are into insect… wenever dad’s out of town we have a happy times together sometime raj also joined our conquest.

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