Cuckold my hubby with nephew

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Hello readers,
I’m mala I stay in banglore. This story describes how I was fucked with my young nephew in front of husband and making him the real cuckold.

To begin with…..

My husband ashok is 40 years and im 36 at present. I was married at the age of 20 I was forced to marry ashok. It was an arranged marriage and I was not actually happy with an early marriage. I was in relationship with two guys in my 12th grade we had did all sorts of kinky and sexy things, like oral sex but still I remained virgin till my wedding night. It was the first night which made me think my life is gonna be more miserable. I arrived in traditional saree and he was in dhoti. He allowed me to sit beside me and started talking casual things.I started only listening and moved my head where ever needed to convey my reaction. After 10 minutes he slowly pushed me onto the bed lifted my saree upto the stomach and started kissing my legs. I never got a mens touch till then. I was feeling tickling with every kiss of him. I was just enjoying his kisses with eyes closed. Soon he reached my vagina. I was already well prepared for the honeymoon, so I shaved my vagina 3 days before and applied creams to look it pretty.

He licked my outer walls of the vagina and I was feeling some sticky water flowing through the vagina. I was feeling myself very wet. I was feeling happy inside as he was showing me a beautiful oral experience. Yes you read it right. Im a regular viewer of porn stories from my schooling days. He inserted his tongue very deep and made my wet vagina dry. I was expecting him to suck my boobs as well but instead he removed his dhoti and started inserting condom on his dick. Since the bed lamp was on I was able to see his penis clearly. He was having a very small dick. Even if it is erect it cant be more than 5 inches. I felt so bad seeing it size. He then positioned it on the entrance of my pussy and tried to enter it. Since I used to masturbate using fingers my vagina was a little loose and was able to take him inside in one go. I can only feel that his penis is playing with the outer walls of pussy. Moreover he penetrated for only 10 minutes with him limp penis and he cummed and slept over me snoring.

I felt really disappointed, his puny dick was not enough to satisfy my love hole. I wanted him to make me cum. But he never made me wet only with his penis. I cursed on my fate and slept thinking about my future. I had bad relations with my in laws too. He used to fuck me almost everyday in the beginning and slowly he reduced to bit weekly. I then started to finger my pussy which made me little satisfied, but I wanted a real good size cock but not so big which is shown in the porn videos.I conceived after one year of my married life, since my hubby was not so much fertile and delivered a baby boy and I spent most of the time pampering him. Things were going normal I was hating to stay at home, me and my hubby used to have frequent arguments and fight he once abused me physically, I was in verge of moving out of the home…I had managed to stay somehow by timepassing doing house work fingering my vagina, but I was really missing the real sex. Let me tell you friends, I never cummed till date.i used to finger myself It only made me wet but not made me cum. So in the mean while I also got addicted to reading sex stories there I saw that wife has sex in front of hubby, its a cuckold,I decided to make my hubby dummy in front of other guy.

On the other hand My sister and her son was my only good companion I was very close to both of them and we used to discuss family related topics. Coming to my sister’s son sai he was looking smart standing 5.8 feet tall very young in his mid 20’s he was very nice to me, I used to see him watching my body very often, of course young boys are always fond of sexy hot women, I was kind of sexy women, I allowed him to see I used to wear clothes to make sure that it’s revealing to him. I liked him a lot. It was like a mom and son relationship between us but I made it changed, we were getting closer he used to share his intimate desires And fantasy of him and we used to talk dirty on then. During this conversation with sai one day my husband got to know about my stuff and he scolded me and broke my phone. Sai provided his laptop to contact him.

We continued our relationship with sex talks and almost 6 months One fine day while I was watching porn, my husband caught me and scolded and cursed me for what I have done. I felt really bad that day and I bursted out and expressed his inability to satisfy me with his puny cock . Our arguments went high and I said fuck off . Im leaving you from today. I started packing my bags and tried to move away along with my kid. He felt really sorry and started begging me not to leave him alone. Inspite of me being angry I also thought about my parents dignity and thought to not leave the home like this. So I ordered him that from today we are just room mates and not husband and wife. And he should take care of me and allow me to do whatever I do. He accepted and I never let him allow to touch me and didn’t allow him to enter into bedroom . One fine day sai arrived to my home and I asked him to stay till he completed his work. He arrived at 11 am and I hugged him and welcomed him. As he was so tired he went to sleep in my bedroom and I started doing my household chores.

He woke up at 5pm and we started talking. He wore just banian and track. His muscles and body was soo beautiful, despite he was lean he had nice toned shoulders arms and hairy chest. I felt like hugging and kissing his chest and body. So I thought to seduce him anyway. I took a shower and changed to a black revealing nighty. It was just covering my knees and I was empty inside without any inners. He started staring at me. I was just talking with him and started to reveal my curves. I sat on the sofa closing my legs to reveal my vagina. he was trying to peep into to nighty to have a look. I felt soo happy inside and kept talking to him. Soon I got a phone call and it was on back side. So I tuned and bend to pick the phone. Unknowingly I revealed my full ass and I guess he should also have seen my vagina. It was some customer care call and I hung up immediately. As I turned back I saw myself completely revealing my bare ass and pussy.

I tried to adjust then suddenly he kept one hand on my thigh and moved nighty up to have a clear view of my pussy. I tried to show artificial hesitation saying “ sai, what are you doing? Its not right. He neither replied to my comment but with other hand he caught my vagina. I felt a light shock with his touch. “auntie you have a hairy pussy let me take a look” he said and he lifted up my nighty Within seconds he liplocked me and started sucking my tongue and licking all my saliva. I completely co-operated to his moves and we sat smooching there for almost 10 minutes. Meanwhile I kept my hand on his penis. i can see the shape of his erected penis on his track. It was soo thick that I went gripping it with my small hand. We broke the kiss and said “un pool romba mota va iruku da” he smiled with shyness. I pulled his pants down to have a look at his penis. oh my god!!! It was a brown cobra. Long penis without a foreskin, pale pink Dick head, it was covered with tiny pubic hairs around it. I guess it would be almost 6½ inches long but very much thick around 5 to 6 inches thick . Even my ex boyfriends and my husband didn’t possess such a thickness, he was definitely thick I said him “I have never seen such thick cock in my life” he said ” I’m glad you like it auntie”

I was soo eager to take him in very fast. I held his rod in my hands and took his lollipop tip in my mouth. I could only take his dick head in my mouth, Nothing can be more tasty than a gigantic penis for a hungry women. I used all my saliva and tried to open up my mouth much wider and took it inside my mouth and sucked every bit of his penis. he was soo clean that there were tiny hairs on his balls. His balls were almost like the size of amla(gooseberry). He pushed His dick against my mouth so that I swallowed his entire dick which hit my throat, I gagged a bit, and he removed his donkey dick out from my small mouth. Umm he has a wonderful aroma on his body, he was so masculine that I had fallen in love with him. i was also feeling wet in my pussy. He then took me to 69 position and sucked my vagina and I sucked his dick. He has the longest tongue, he had simply entered his long tongue inside my vagina and licked it insides, I was really feeling very horny and erotic “ god its so awesome my love please suck my cunt off” I moaned. It was tremendous moment for me. I was unable to wait and asked him to fuck me hard. He said “wait auntie there’s still time” slowly he inserted his middle finger inside my hole and penetrate slowly, readers I admit that I was out of the world I felt sudden gush of my liquid coming out of my pussy, his finger was making miracle, he was very gentle with his move so much that I almost fainted, I had my first orgasm in my life it oozed out from my love hole. It was flowing down like a water stream between mountains. He was shocked to see my orgasm and asked me ” looks like you are having your first orgasm auntie it’s so nice to see you cum”. He had given me a memorable foreplay which my hubby couldn’t, he was fingering and sucking my clit. Now I wanted his thick dick inside my honey hole. He now got up on me and positioned his dick on my pussy. He rubbed his dick on the walls of my pussy and teased me laughing. I begged him “please fuck me dear I will give you everything please now fuck me”. He said “as you wish my lovely auntie”

He made a big hard push. Almost 2 inches went inside and I screamed aaahhhhh….maaaaaaaa aaahhhh remove it please. He stopped My scream was soo loud that In order to mute me my man locked my lips and stayed still. After a minute I was able to settle. He started humping his dick slowly and steadily. He knew how to fuck a woman,I said him “you deserve a gift baby” I pulled his head and gave him a tender kiss, he too responded well It was only my moans and my breath in the entire house. He humped me in medium pace after I was adjusted to him his thickness was so much that it made my pussy walls to expand more, I felt soo relieved and expressed him. Now he was penetrating me bit faster, his balls were hitting my ass making phat phat phat….!! Sound. Now he gave his torso a strong push that his entire length of the penis went inside me, I was crying in pleasure meanwhile he was playing with my boobs using his miracle tongue.

Now he put me to doggy style and fucked me like a bull, his long penis hit my g spot and now I had another orgasm, it flooded the bedsheet and lubricated his dick, he fucked me for 15 minutes, he was really good in bed. He felt soo happy for me but he wasn’t satisfied. He made me sit in cowgirl position and started fucking me on the sofa only. It was 6pm by then and ashok arrived. he was shocked to see us both naked. Fucking on the sofa he felt sad and went in bedroom. I left the door open and continued fucking and I can see my hubby peeping from the bedroom. To make him real cuckold I made full scream and moans and I cummed again, my nephew had satisfied me today in front of my hubby he again put me in doggy style and pounded hard I could sense his balls became hot finally he moaned out like an beast

“aahhh fuck you bitch auntie” then he cummed inside me. I felt my pussy burning with his hot lava cum it came out of my pussy and dropped on the floor making tiny patches. He fell on the sofa withdrawing his dick, I was very happy and so was he, I leaned over his chest, I could feel his heart beat loudly. He said ” auntie you are the best, I would love to fuck you forever” I was happy I said him “don’t worry dear here after we will Fuck whenever you want”. And now we are cuckold my hubby, and having good time with my young nephew. Give your feedback to [email protected]

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