Returns home to his mother after university

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Incest stories, mom and son, Returns home to his mother after university.. “Homeward bound, Andy?” David, my best friend at college, asked as I placed the last of the clothes in my bag.

“Yep. Already been accepted into a job close enough to home that Mum pretty much insisted that I move back in.” I shrugged. “I don’t mind. I don’t think she would be lonely, but she would be living alone.”

“No plans to go out into the big wide world?” Brian, my soon to be ex-roommate, asked, busy packing his own things away.

“Not at the moment. The job I’ve got is going to be incredibly well-paid considering I’m stepping into it straight out of university. I know my Mum probably helped me get a foot in the door at the same time, but I know my marks and the thesis I presented surely must have helped.”

“So you’ll be living and working with your Mum? Bit of a drag,” David stated.

“I have no doubt she’ll be working in a different department. No doubt my first few weeks and months will be spent pushing paper around and being utterly bored out of my mind. But it’s an opportunity I can’t turn down. Global company and leading advancements in all sorts of sciences. It’s win-win. What about you, Brian?”

“Heading to the big city. Got a job at one of those big financial institutions. Lot like you, though. Probably a lot of bullshit to start off with.”

“Kinda glad I’ve got that football contract myself,” David stated, “Who wants to do the nine to five grind?”

“Moving to England, though. Bad food. Bad weather. Some of the women are alright if you like big tits,” I stated.

“True, but Europe is barely a hop, skip and jump away,” he retorted, “Gonna find myself one of those hot east European chicks. A Svetlana or something like that.”

“You’ll end up jerking off in your bedroom alone!” Brian joked.

“Fuck off. Got laid more than you during our time here anyway,” Dave stated, flipping him the bird.

“Yeah, but both of us more than him,” Brian added, pointing at me.

“Don’t drag me into your bullshit, dick swinging contests. And I got laid enough to at least empty my balls every so often. But you know I had to concentrate on my work. It was pass or get kicked out.”

“Just yanking your chain, Andy,” Dave stated.

I cracked him on the shoulder. “I know. Just don’t be a cunt.”

I’d already boxed up and despatched anything I wanted to send home a couple of weeks earlier. The large bag was full of everything else I had required until leaving the dorm. A smaller bag contained my laptop and reading tablet. After one last lengthy check that we’d packed up everything, we wandered out of the room, dropping our keys at the reception before leaving the campus for the final time. The three of us shared handshakes and bro-hugs before each of us getting into our taxi. I was heading straight to the airport as I was flying to the other end of the country. David lived only a few miles from the university while Brian was not flying out until the next day.

I scored at check-in as I found myself bumped up to business class. I don’t think I was flirting with the girl behind the desk but she asked where I was heading, had I been at the local university, what had I studied and all sorts of other personal questions and, bingo, upgrade. I thanked her profusely and, for some reason, she handed me a second blank boarding pass with her number on it. I kept it though figured it was pointless considering I was leaving.

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