One last time for mom

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My mom and sis had seen my penis almost every night from the time I was 10 until I was 16 as I faked sleeping between them most nights as we watched TV on the sofa. I really enjoyed every night having the 2 of them watch my penis get hard and then go flaccid again and then hard again. They actually began to measure it hard every 6 months or so from age 12.

Mom didn’t get to see or touch me again until I was near 50. Dad was in the hospital for a week and mom no longer drove. I lived about 300 miles and came to visit her so I could drive her to the hospital each day. The 1st night I was in the den where the sofabed was getting ready for bed and mom walked in in her nightgown, ready to sit down with me and watch some TV. I had been sleeping nude for many years at that point and had not brought with anythinf to sleep in figuring I would just cover up with a sheet as I slept. I wasn’t expecting mom to walk in.

I was not facing her when she walked in the room so she was looking at my butt. Sje made a comment that I always had a cute little butt. I turned around and she just made a OMG sound and then said that it appears that I had grown a bit since the last time she saw me.

I made like I didn’t kow that she had seen me naked up till I was 16. I said, “mom, I was only 10 so I hope I’ve grown.” Then she confided in me and told me she had seen me naked many times up until I was 16. She told me how my pecker used to fall ut of my PJs all the time while I was sleeping. I just acted surprised.

Mom watched as I applied a dry skin lotion to my legs and arms. She asked if there was any place else that needed lotion and I told her I always have a hard time doing my back.
She took the bottle and poured too much in her hand. I said just rub it in anywhere until it is all gone. After she finished with my back and butt, I turned around and she said any place else since she still had plenty of lotion left. I laughed and said, “welll my wife usually rubs it all over.” She looked at my penis which was already mostly hard and said lay down.

I did and she began to massage the lotion into my penis and balls. It felt so good and I was fully erect in seconds. She studied my penis as she rubbed the lotion in and I warned her to stop or something may moon make a mess. She just said she was used to cleaning up my messes. I couldn’t hold back and I blasted with 8 spurts, the 1st of which hit her on the chin. I said I was so sorry bit she was OK with it. After I finished she got up to get me a warm washcloth to clean up my mess. As she walked away I sawher put her finger up to her chin to wipe off my cum and then she put her finger in her mouth. I was in heaven.

This happened each night for the week dadwas away. ‘m glad she got to see and touch me again after all those years. I think she was happy as well.

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