My Friends Mom Chitra !❤️!

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Hey Guys hope you all are doing well in life. This year 2021 is being good on me i have stories to tell you. Will submit them as soon as i can, Coming to the story this is recent encounter and wasn’t expecting it to be like that so i preferred to share this before those stories series. And I’m extremely sorry i couldn’t share the video with you as my old phone was stolen in train journey !

As you all know me I have hair fetish , but this time it was different. One of my school friend had took some amount of money in last year but he didn’t returned it to me also didn’t care to contact me after that. So i thought he might be in trouble or something, might need more help. As i was back to village i decided to go to his place and take update of the situation .

It was evening 16.00 i knocked on his door twice, no response so i was about to return. As soon as i turned my friends mom chitra opened the door , stopped me. She asked me who I’m, i introduced myself to her she then asked me to come in i didn’t wanted to enter their place at frist so i refused and told her if he returns home let him know i was here to see him. Then she asked me the purpose, i became quite. She thought it was something bad he might have done and that’s why I’m their.

She hold my hand. It was cold because of fear , i told her not to worry your son had borrowed money from me and didn’t payback so i thought he might be in trouble so was here to confirm. She asked me to come inside pulled my hand, though for awhile and stepped in and removed my shoe . Their house was small but nit and clean she was in purple gown still holding my hand, uneven bun of mid size hair. Fair complexion 5.1 in height 32-28-30 is skinny but her body doesn’t look like a 47 years women’s body.

She made me seat on chair left my hand, stood on my left side and being to tell me that she had took many loans but have repaid as early as possible and then stories of her son misbehaving having drugs and all the stuff. She said we never asked him for the money or stuff 10000₹ is huge amount and we can’t even pay it now my husband is of no use he never scold him , i have to do the scolding so i become the bad person in house teras rolled down her cheeks. She said how a man should be he should control his child be strick and dominant in house. I was feeling guilty, thought it was my fault that she is crying. No other option left i stood up and hold her head in my hand wiped her tears.

She then sobbed for while so , gave her hug she hold me tight and continued to cry. Her head was on my chest . I was in a state where i was enjoying her boobs but was also guilty to make a beautiful lady cry. Didn’t thought what would come next grabbed her hair’s and hugged her tightly. Her bun became lose also because of her height i could smell her hair’s was been driven, so i was rubbing my hand over her bback could feel no bra strip. Her hair where bit rough but really thick ,i kissed on her forehead she looked into my eyes for awhile. She was loving my touch, as I was being dominant . Now my right hand was on her ass slowly pressed her small buttocks she was still staring in my eye suddenly she kissed my lips. We smoothly kissed for awhile, now I was in mood to get her in bed.

Opened her hair, started kissing her passionately she closed her eyes. Went down to her neck she was shaking while i was pulling up her gown she had not wore anything under it. I touched her pussy she was getting wet, removed her gown . She looked sexy ya ik skinny women have really different body texture grabbed her buttocks came down kissing. Sucked her boobs for awhile her milky white body was turning red as i was grabbing her really hard .

Here she was completely naked smiling at me i removed my clothes and went close to her she got shy . I held her hair’s and made her look into me eyes while pressing her boobs , her boobs look so sexy because of hard pressure they turned pinkish-red . She was now holding my crouch in her hand , she bend down and starts to suck it nicely. I held her head while grabbing her hair and pushed it all in she struggle at frist but then took it all in. I was thrusting it in-out slowly.

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