Incest with aunt Hema

Hi guys, I am new to story telling, please excuse for any mistakes.i am visu, this the story about how I managed to have sex with my aunt along with her consent.

At the age of eleven my aunt and their family shifted to my locality adjacent to my house, at that i used to play daily with her children when ever I got free time,so I got a good rapo with her, she used to speak to me like a friend,but uncle is always acts authoritative on her. She even use to share some of the moments he Harrased her.

She is blessed with amazing body of 34-28-32,i as one day I thought of playing with her children went into her house playfully, But to my surprise some sounds are coming from her bedroom and I instantly went to check whether she is alright, as the door is opened I barged in and saw she is nude and kneeling down facing the door and my uncle(her husband) too kneeling and touching her bare hips. As when I saw her face is covered with tears, as they saw me, both covered themselves in the blanket, I thought something wrong happened and enquired her aunt are u okay, is uncle Harrasing u, by listening this words, from shock in their face turned into laughter, and aunt said visu, please sit in the living room, I will tell u what happened. As I reassured she is fine, went to living room and started TV.after few minutes aunt came near me well dressed and started ask the questions,

aunt: visu do u know what is just saw,
Me: I just saw uncle is punishing u, I thought so.
Aunt: it’s not punishment dear, we are playing the marriage game.
Me: what is marriage game
Aunt: it’s the game only played by married couple.
Me:then you are u crying then.
Aunt: I am not crying, it’s just the part of the game.
Me: oh, I thought he is Harrasing you again after hearing weird sounds from ur bed room do I barged in, without ur permission.
Aunt: no dear, u r a true hero.
Me: not like that, I like u, I don’t want anyone hurt u.
Aunt:thanks dear, I need a promise from u.
Me. What promise.
Aunt:do not tell anyone what u saw in my bed room.
Me: y so.
Aunt: marriage game should be played in private by the couple, so it should be confidential. Do u understand.
Me:yes aunt.

From that day occasionaly I used to encounter some of their sexual activities but she used to say it’s just the game, so I thought it’s fine as I don’t have that maturity at the age of years passed we became close friends and also I went to study to college in near by city. In College I got friends of bookworm type, always reading and writing no other go to them as My life going well, a transfer student joined my class, he is pretty rich, he used to bring mobile to the college. As one day he is asking some doubts to me, I saw a pic in his mobile display, where a nude girl is standing without shaving her pussy. I asked him why her pussy is covered in black, for which he laughed and replied, it’s not covered in black it’s pubic hair and she didn’t shave it.

From that movement I got interested in Female body, as he saw my face covered with excitement to know, he opened up some porn websites and showed me the pics, which made me bit hard and my head started to ache, as I told him I got a headache, he asked to me to follow him, as we went backside of our college where fields are there, and as tree are covered everything, no one from college can see us,. He said u gonna become an adult in a moment, I asked him how, he said follow my lead and u understand by doing what I does. He unzipped his pants and taken his pennies in his hand and started to rub his pennies foreskin to and fro. And he insisted me to do the same, I am a bit hesitated first but after sometime I got courage and started doing the same. As I am rubbing it’s paining a bit, but I am getting a weird feeling from my spine and feeling bit pleasure by doing that. As I keep on doing my cock size became bigger and bigger, as he saw my cock and started to say u got a bigger cock than me and asked have u done this earlier, I said no.

He laughed and said come on rub as fast as u can, u feel awesome, then I did the same after some time I got a uncontrollable feeling and suddenly I released white liquid other than toilet, by doing this my brain got much relaxed and in relxed face I said to him, it’s so cool. And after finishing that we went inside the college, from that day on I keep on doing in restroom , when ever I got stressed, as one day my cock got swelled, by checking that I got bit feared and showed to my friend, then he told that u need to do this handjob by thinking u r in the act of sex then only u won’t hurt ur cock. Then he showed some vedios and how the male is doing asked me to visualize the same way and do the same so I get a good results.

As per his suggestions I used to watch porn and started the handjob by visualizing self in the position of the male character in the vedio, I feel more excited and more pleasurable. As days passed by doing this I got summer holidays, I went to my home. As I used to do my handwork daily before going to bath, as I am going to bath my mom asked me to go aunts house as their is a problem in the bathroom, so I took my towel and soap and went to aunts house greeted her and said I am going to use her bathroom since our bathroom is in repair, for which she said use her personal bathroom, then I started my hand job as usual, and forgot to lock the door. As I am in the bathroom she asked me how much time it will take I said may take 30 minutes, then as I am doing the hand job in full swing I got slipped in the bathroom and I fall and got hold of the bathroom door. Which opened instantly and where my aunt is semi nude with only panties and bra,. She saw me shock and too, this is the first time I used to see a semi nude real woman after doing handjob. Thousands thoughts run in my brain in an instant andi got up and closed the door, and visualize my aunt and finished the unfinished and took bath and cleaned the stains on the floor and came out of her bathroom, and there my aunt is seats in her nightie,. I said sorry for opening the door. She said it’s okay dear and saw some grin in her face. I went back to my house. At the evening I got to hear a quarreling sounds from outside, I checked, it’s my uncle and aunt fighting and at the end uncle packed his bag and went along with his friends by leaving my aunt to cry. As sometime passed my mom came to my room and asked me, whether I am comfortable to sleep in aunts house for day or two, as she may feel lonely due to quarrel, I said it’s ok, I go there. Then after having dinner, I went to my aunts house. I greeted her asked how is she feeling, then she started sobbing and I console her for a moment and asked her what happened, she explained about her husband being more of authoritative and he is cheating on her from sometime. Then immediately I said u mean marriage game. Is he playing marriage game with someone else.

Aunt:yes I think so. The way he touch me changed a lot.
Me : oh
Aunt: anyway how come u know all about marriage game.
Me: u only told me while I am younger.
Aunt: she got quite and started to ask me questions what I know.
Me: I think it’s a confidential to say to everyone.
Aunt: I am your best friend right, u Can share with me, as no one my house even kids went to my village for vacation.
Me: ok alright

I got a friend who used to teach me all kind of stuff.
Aunt: what kind of stuff.
Me: hand job mostLy. And some porn websites
Aunt: what websites.

As she is from a village background and she got only completed her matriculation, she got enthusiastic. And took me to the pc located in her bedroom, which is used by her husband for office work.
Me: opened the internet Explorer and start typing the website. As I press enter. All the vedios got displayed.

Aunt face turns so excited but she come to control and exclaim that she already knew about this. And left the room to the kitchen. And after few minutes she brought water bottle Along with her.
Aunt: do u want any water.
Me: I feel a bit thirsty.
Aunt: whatever happened should be confidential, not to reveal to anyone.
Me: sure, I even not told about the marriage game to my friend too.
Aunt: u r nice boy.
Me: do u feel better now.
Aunt: yes dear.
Me: OK then where should I sleep.
Aunt: it’s alright to sleep in my bed. It’s a king size one.
Me: when will u sleep.
Aunt: I will change over to my night dress and sleep after an hour.
Me: I need to use ur bathroom afterwards before sleep.
Aunt: I know what u want bathroom for.
Me: what , I am bit shock.
Aunt: in the morning incident, I saw ur cock, it’s huge.
Me: sorry for that, I didn’t do intentionally.
Aunt: it’s okay, it’s common in ur age. I am glad that no one knows about it without me. Make sure to not do it common bathroom or common places, u may get caught easily.
Me: thanks aunt, I will make sure to follow ur advice.
Aunt: OK let’s start to ho sleep,
Me: ok I use the bathroom,
Aunt:(grin on her face)
Me: please aunt, I feel embarrassing, don’t put face like that.
Aunt: oh boy, u r grown up now, don’t be embarred, it’s ok.
Me: I went to bathroom and finished my job and came out with a satisfied look.
After which aunt went in to change her dress.
Aunt: she shouted, holy cow, and then ran into the bathroom. She asked, is that white thing on the wall is urs, I saw it and felt bad admitted that it’s my sperm fluid. And apologize her for not cleaning properly.
Aunt: she got shocked as it was on the height equal to her. She said , don’t worry dear, it’s ok, but next time, don’t repeat it. Then she closed the door and after 30minutes she came in her night dress.
Me: aunt y took so much time to change dress.
Aunt:it’s woman thing, I will tell u once u got enough maturity.
Me: ok.
Aunt:OK let’s sleep.
Me: ok good night💤😴, slept one side of the bed, by my back towards her.

After 1 hours I got some sounds of computer keyboard. Then I suddenly woke up and saw she is struggling with computer and went near her. As she looks very disappointed after seeing and told, she wants to open the website which I opened earlier,and she forgot the website details. So I helped her to open the site and asked her do u think I am mature enough now, she said yes, then I asked her now tell me what u done in bathroom for so long. She laugh but weird and said, I done what u done earlier.
I got shocked and asked, I got cock so I can do, then how come u done the same.
By listening this, she playfully hit me on the head and opened the girl masturbation vedio and played.

And at the end the asked me do u understand. I feel excited and said yes.
Aunt: so today we may be more open to ourselves but keep in mind that third person should not know anything about this.
Me: I assured aunt, I won’t let anyone knows either through my action or words.
Aunt:I am not in a mood to sleep, I am gonna watch some vedios, do u like to join, u can.
Me: yes sure, I too don’t feel sleepy yet.
Aunt: what u used to watch usually,
Me: wife and husband, college girl vedios.
Aunt: let’s play some.
Me:started watching the vedios and side by started to look her in in perception as this the first time I am watching porn with opposite gender. And felt hard. As I got some sensual feeling towards her and started to check on her body
Her hair is free like clouds, her face is small and beautiful, as I started to check her, she felt bit rise in temperatures in the room due to our rise in temperature, and asked me is it ok to take of some of her clothes as she felt bit heat, I said ok, she exclaimed that anyway u saw me nude in the morning, I think it won’t make any difference to u.
I giggled and said ok.

As we keep on watching she started to feel bit anxious and started to rub her private part and as I do for mine. As one vedio finished. She got a look on me and said, it’s ok u take off ur dress too, I have seen u too. I feel bit Akeward first but felt it’s ok, as she is open to me, it’s my turn.
I removed all my clothes and my cock is saluting her, by seeing this she laughed at and said, u grown very well after joining college and started to over state my physic.

By following her, I used to express about her body in a sensual way, that her breats are like a melons full of syrup in it, and navel is like a curve of the river and her pussy is heavens hole. By listening to this she got pumped up and came to me and said, do u like to play a game, I asked her what game, she showed a vedio under a tag incest, where a boy fucks his aunt.
Me: I don’t know how to play.
Aunt: don’t worry I will teach u. First check the vedio
Me: ok.
Aunt started the vedio, I saw everything feel bit different about her in my mind more than a friend.
Aunt: shall we try
Me: ok, u start,
Aunt: come close to me, first I will teach u, how to plant a kiss, to a woman properly.
Me: I sat adjacent to her on the side of the bed and she is beside me. And asked to forward my face with mouth open a bit and she came close and started to caress my low lip with her lips slowly and studyly, as she is doing that I felt twinglung feeling and my dick started erecting.
She then locked my lips with hers and started to taste my saliva and rub her tongue in side my mouth I felt great and she tasted wonderful and it continues for 15 minutes.

Then we parted.

Suddenly she got up and went near the window and closed all the curtain. And came back. Asked me, how it felt, I told it’s amazing. Then she asked me do u like to taste my lower lips too, I asked what lowelips, she laughed and said it’s my pussy lips, I said yes.
Aunt stood up on the bed facing me and removed her panties and bra. And took my face and started to rub on her pussy, then I felt bit wet, show smiled and said u made me hot so it’s that result i started to lick her wet area it tasted so nice and worm that I never tasted a dish like that, and I started to lick her pussy, as I am licking she started shivering, and when I am stopping by seeing that she ordered not to stop so I followed her order and licked her for about 10 minutes after which at a moment she stopped shivering and climaxed it felt on my mouth and tasted it, it felt a bit salty but nice.

As she is satisfied with my she said she will the favour for me by blowjob this time I stood and she sat and she took the head of my cock in the mouth and started to lick it I felt good and she said to make a to and from moment of my body and I am making my cock started to disapper bit by bit in her mouth as it feels awesome , I got into full swing and pull her face into the cock and shd got choked for a minute and I got excited and climaxed in her throat, for which she struggled a moment to swallow and swallowed every drop of it.
Then I felt little bit tired and so as she, so we fell on the bed for some time side by side cuddling to regain strength, while cuddling I felt her boobs are do soft that I mounted my face in them and felt so warm and as I am doing this, her heart beat rised and I felt her heart beat, then I asked her is everything ok. She said it’s fine, since I got enjoyed this way since years. For which I asked her, I occasionally saw her with her husband doing all that stuff but she hold that her husband is good at sex not foreplay. As he is interested in foreplay at the early days of marriage. And she thanked me for the awesome moments just happened and too thanked her by kissing on her boobs.

For she giggled a bit. I will continue the remaining story in next part…. Let’s see how many comments match my continuance story.

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