Ritualistic incest

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‘All about religion need no proof’ says a famous literature. The similar thing happened in my life and my mother is the victim for that.

Myself Suman a 23 year old guy from the county of most diverse ritualistic practices. I was living with my widowed mother Sunitha in a small village. The one more important person in the story, Anitha aunty living in a nearby city just a few minutes away from our village.

We were a happy family during my childhood. The bad phase of us started when dad left us in an accident at his work field. The owner of the field offered job to mom and hence we stayed in that village only.

My mom is an innocent lady and easily believes anyone especially her elder sister. Anitha is also a widow from years more than my mom and lives with her two daughters. She likes me very much but I hate her most because I know her mindset. She always wants to crate a trough between me and my mother.

The incident I am going to tell you happened nearly 5 years ago. I just turned to be an adult and started taking the responsibilities. During that time we are facing a severe social and economic downgrade. As mom believes aunt she shared everything with her.

Anitha is a regular visitor of our house and on that day she came with a solution to heal our problems. As I was in college during the daytime she is able to brainwash mom and they both together started feeding me their thoughts in the evening.

The idea she came up with is terrific and horrible to hear. She in her age of 40s consulted a blackmagician and he gave the idea of a ritualistic practice. She said “Yonipuja is the ultimate solution” and no doubt the Yoni belongs to my mom.

In Sanskrit ‘Yoni’ means vagina and ‘Puja’ means the worship. This means I have to worship the most secret parts of my very own mom. “How can this possible” I uttered in anger. They both have already committed to that and started blackmailing me emotionally.

I have no option other than agreeing to them. Anitha was so happy for my decision and she herself take the responsibility of the whole ritual. She also checked the calendar and fix the intiation ritual on the coming full moon day.

I never thought about the ritual up to the day, but from the morning of the ritual day my mind start twinkling. My thoughts started blocking my mind, I start imagining the situation during the ritual. “Ohh God… how can I face that….!”

My mom is one of the beautiful woman I have seen in my life. In the age of 42 also she looks like a girl of late 20s. Her well maintained body have the figure of 36D 32 36 and her fair skin is her tool of attraction.

The night has finally arrived and Anitha is so busy in arranging the requirements. My mom look normal and I see no hesitation or fear in her face. Both me and Mom are not allowed to have the dinner and instead we are given with fruits. I was dressed in dhothi and mom was in saree as usual in our tradition.

The place is set in the living room and Anitha take seat in a corner slightly at a higher level. Me and Mom were invited to the room and given seat facing each other. As there is only the light of an oil lamp,my beautiful lady looks like one who came from the heaven in that.

“First day you have to do the ‘Kanya puja’ to your mom.” said Anitha. Kanya means virgin girl and that day I have to look my mom as that only. She added ” this puja is performed to crate a positive energy in the place and to gain self control during the upcoming pujas ”

Anitha told mom to place her feet on the plate in front. As soon as mom placed her feet Anitha started chanting mantras. I was directed to wash her feet. I took some water in hand and slowly placed it on her feet and my shivering hands starts cleaning the toes.

After a tharough wash I dried her feet with a piece of cloth and by chanting some mantras I worshiped her feet with turmeric, curcum and flowers , I know that it was just a begining.

After finishing the feet worship Anitha said ” Suni.. now you are a Kanya and your son is your devotee, open up yourself and give him a holy ‘Darshan’..”
My heart starts skipping the beat by her words as mom started lifting her saree up slowly.

Her limbs glowing in the lamp light gave me a sacred vision first followed by her flesh filled silky thighs. The dark and dim light in the room is filling more romantic feel to her actions. I closed my eyes for a minute and when I open I am witnessing my birthplace glowing in charm.

The lips of her holy cunt looks undisturbed and the clit in between is welcoming any real man. The bush of hairs rarely spread with a curly groups near the clit. By all this vision my mind goes on a ride and my healthy manhood shows it’s presence.

As the ritual itself is worshiping the vulva undisturbed this one is the perfect choice. The great hole is in need of a man to penetrate it as it is suffering from loneliness for about a decade. This virgin pussy should be your first priority says my lusty mind.

As per the procedure I shouldn’t allowed to touch the holy flesh. Anitha told me to just concentrate on it and worship in mind. I closed my eyes and tried to get the figure of my mom’s holy door in front of me. The thoughts goes more and more erotic and the lust started filling in my hood. I was full on my hardon when Anitha called my name.

“If you finished your worship in mind try to do the same with this idol”Anitha said calmly, she placed a plate in between us and an idol of some goddess on it. I was doing the puja to the idol literally but my whole concentration is on that shiny birth hole.

It was just a procedure of few minutes and after taking the blessings from mom the rituals of the night is wind up. Anitha told me to maintain the same type of concentration in future nights also.

The night full goes sleepless for me. Although I was slept in the hall away from mom who was with aunt in the bedroom,my mind is still under her garments. The effect of this continued even during the college hours next day.

The second night of the ritual arrived. Once again we were dressed in the traditional attire and reached the hall where the puja is to be performed.

“This time you are a holy mother, you have to bless your son who is going to perform this sacred worship.” said Anitha to mom. That night I have to perform the ‘Matru puja’, means the worship of the mother. She said to me” This is to be performed inorder to get the blessings of mother who gave birth to you”

At first the feet worship is done same as the previous night. After Anitha’s order mom lifted her saree up and sat in the legs spreaded position. Anitha told me to concentrate on the Yoni same as before.

Although my actions are ritualistic my thoughts are filling up with the lust. Anitha placed a plate near mom’s vulva and directed me to wash it. I slowly poured a little bit warmer water separately on her each lips. The heat which is given by the water is evoking her hidden sexual feelings.

Once her lips are completely wet Anitha guide me to wash the inner walls too. I slowly moved my hands and placed it on her bushy cunt above the clitoris. My hands felt a transfer of electric shock throughout. She also get a similar feel and closed her eyes immediately.

My left hand poured water continuously and the right one is busy in caressing each lips one after the other. I slowly inserted my two fingers inside her hole. I never imagined before,my mom got some hot thing like this. My fingers started moving in and out for minutes.

Anitha told me to stop the actions when she noticed we both are crossing the limits. She handed over me a set of cups in which milk,curd,honey,cane sugar and tender coconut are filled. I poured them one by one on mom’s sexlips and again washed with water.

Anitha asked me to drink the mixture of the liquid fallen down. The taste of it was so awesome as it contains mom’s cum in it. The drink enhances my sexdrive and also the desire to have this woman in life.

“She not only gave birth to you but also nourished you with her milk,so it’s time to worship that deity….” aunt explained about the next steps.

When she directed mom removed her saree to show her son the most loved melons of his childhood. I got no wonder, as I know what is going to happen next and hence watch the things peacefully.

Mom dropped her saree on floor and started unhooking her blouse. When all of its hooks are taken off her boobs explode to give me a vision of heaven. The milky white mangoes nearly in the size of small watermelon have the darkish red nipples placed perfectly in the middle. The erection of the nipples show me how mom is enjoying the rituals up to the time.

Anitha adjusted and tuck mom’s blouse below the armpit and once caressed the breasts to get an idea about her sister’s lust on her son. She then hold a cup below the breasts and asked me to pour the milk. I poured freshly brought raw cattle milk on both the nipples and also washed the boobs with the same. The cold feel of milk makes mom to moan a little.

After washing each boob separately with water Anitha dried it with a cloth. I then placed both of my hands on each of her breast to transfer the heat. Her nipples are literally piercing my hands and her cum starts dripping in the below hole.

When the nipples get back their hardness Anitha told me to hold them in fingers. She chanted some mantras during which I have to hold mom’s nipples, but my fingers were pinching them as mom is enjoying that with closed eyes and rythmic breathing.

After chanting and pinching the nipples for few minutes Anitha told mom ” Now you have to bless your son by breastfeeding him…” Mom looks surprised but Anitha was ready with a plan.

I bent forward and put my mouth near mom’s one of the nipple and Anitha poured milk through the slope of breast. My mind does not help to do the same and within a couple of minutes I started chewing mom’s nipple in mouth. Mom has no option other than moaning”hmm.. no….hmm…plz.. stop…hmmm..”

“Get up son you are now blessed…” Anitha ordered me with a higher voice. Mom immediately dressed herself and ran away to the bedroom. I have no other way and started jerking off to unload my cum in the bathroom.

That night also goes sleepless and as the next day is Sunday several loads of cum was unloaded in the bathroom sink whole night. Mom didn’t speak me a single word on the next day, she was busy with Anitha in preparing something. I wonder why she is putting Mehandi on her hands and feet. She looks like a teenage bride after applying mehandi and once again kicked my thoughts of lust.

The evening finally comes and the rituals starts quite early. Anitha started explaining again ” This night you have to perform the major part of the ritual that is ‘Yogini Puja’. As Sunitha is a widow she was not allowed to this, hence you have to give eligibility first.”

“Do you want me to bring back dad?” my angry mind rise the voice.
“No son.. it is impossible and hence you have to marry her and should become her husband.”
It looks strange but mom’s eyes are willing it to be happened. I agreed to them and the proceedings started.

We both got married with few simple procedures. The marriage completes when mom takes my blessings, I was not ready to bless her with soul rather I was planning a holy sex.

” From now you are couples, remove the shyness and other barriers you have. The important thing here in this puja is nudity, so feel free to remove your clothes..” Anitha was well set to see us naked.

No wonder mom started removing her dress without having a second thought. I also removed my dhoti and stood like a swimming athlete with a steep bulge on my underwear. Anitha herself come forward and pulled down my piece of cloth and this makes my thing to bump near her face. Both Anitha and mom got water in mouth for a second seeing my long,thick, hard and hot cock.

For this ritual we both made to sit on the sofa. Anitha explained this ritual as ‘Yogini Puja’ means the worship of wife. Mom was sitting on my left very closely and her body heat is readily transferring.I hold mom tightly with open arms and this gives more surfaces to transfer heat.

Anitha gave me sandalwood paste and asked me to worship my wife’s pussy with it. I took it from finger and slowly applied on each lips of her holy cunt. I caressed my fingers on the pubic hairs and vibrated her female penis. My middle finger crossed it’s limit and cross the devine gate too. The scene is nothing but a finger fuck in which my other hand is squeezing mom’s one of the boob.

“ohh…what are you doing…hmmm…uff… plz…. stop….hmm…” mom is literally moaning in low voice. Anitha is watching this initiation of incest without blinking the eyes. She finally asked me to stop when mom’s cunt juices wetting the sofa.

“Drink that holy liquid.” Anitha still wants to continue the things.I slowly bent down and tried to kiss mom’s door of heaven. The smell of flowing liquid is enhancing my power of sex. My tounge stretched forward to take the holy nectar. Wow the taste was unexplainable. Her bushes are beating my nose and her hands are pushing me away. I got up from her after having a mouth full of cum juice.

“Suni.. now you should perform the Linga puja..” Anitha directed her sister. ‘Lingam’ means phallus or penis. When mom put her hands to take my tool,I was crossing even the heaven edge. She worshipped me with flower and Ash and finally kissed to take the blessings.

” The ultimate blessings of the Yoni can only aspired after making it satisfied.. son satisfy the Yoni with your Lingam..” Anitha literally told me to fuck my mom. My mind and body are waiting for this moment. No matter what mom may think I straightway inserted my dick in mom’s cunt.

“Haa…….” her only reply after having her son’s cock inside her pussy. I hugged her tightly and kissed her everywhere. My cock is pumping her like a whore and she is enjoying with her closed eyes. When I noticed her complete satisfaction my load explodes in her cunt. ” uffff…..” her expression of satisfaction with tears rolling over the cheek.

“Good job… you have successfully completed the initiation ritual.. now you are free to do the Tantram…. from tommorow that is enough to make the positiveness live…” Anitha is appreciating us.

After one more sleepless night Anitha guided us the procedures of Tantra. This time in the morning with only a oil filled cup as a tool. As usual me and Mom were without clothes,but the day light is causing both of us to feel shy for one another.

A mat was set and I was made to sleep on that. When I did,my hardened tool stood pointing the sky. Anitha gave the oil cup to mom and directed towards me. Mom took her own time to slowly oil her son. Once she finished all over the body she reached my cock to oil. She oiled it nicely and finished after taking a long time.

When she finished Anitha told her ” Suni.. if you wish, you can suck it too..” I think Anitha finally understood our feelings. Before she finished her words mom has already took my dick in her mouth. I don’t know what happened to me that time, I lost my control and shoot a big load deep in to Mom’s gastric canal. Although I feel ashamed of myself mom never takes it, she continued licking,sucking, chewing to clean all of my cum.

Anitha now handed over the oil cup to me. Mom slept on the mat which is already wetted with oil,my cum and mom’s salivary juice. I noticed mom’s cum leaked on the place where she rested her pussy during the cock sucking.

I oiled her whole body and started massaging from her boobs. I took both of them in hands and started squeezing. Her nipples welcomed me with a hard erection. I took them between my fingers and pinched to make mom more aroused.

After some time I turned mad as I don’t care who the hell is there with us. I bent down and take her nipples in mouth and chewed it like a hungry kid. My hands role on her pussy where the cum river is flowing down.

Anitha alarmed me” Hey finish the work allotted first, I am getting late…” I released mom’s nipple and got up to take the oil cup again. I go near mom’s legs and spread them apart. I pour remaining oil completely on her pubis. This time I was more charged to look her pussy as it was just shaved. The thick lips are still hot red due to razor actions. I feel them like a silk fabric to touch.

I massaged each lips with a special care and primarily her cloitris.She was twirling on the mat like a snake in need of a partner. The water in my mouth wants to wet her pussy lips and tongue is ready to taste her juices. I never waste a single minute and ate her pussy like well trained pornstar.

I never know when I moved up and in less time my cock reached her deep. The pump of flesh is making a good sound. As it is well lubricated there is no barrier for getting the pleasure. Mom was fully surrendered to her son. Her moan like “hmmm…nmmm…ufff….haaaaaa… no…. ummmm…..haaaaaa….” is the best indication of her enjoyment.

The whole load of my cum reached the place of my birth. The strain we get made us to hug each other and to exchange our heat and sweat. Anitha woke me up and told both of us to dress ourselves. I got a huge respect on Anitha as she gave me a new life to enjoy.

“You both are really fantastic, you can follow this daily to get a positive vibration in the house. I am getting late now. I will be back after few days, sure your life may improve a lot by the time.” Anitha appreciated us.

“Aunty I think your house also needs a positive vibrations like this..” I tried to expose her feelings.

“Yes, but I am not blessed with it..” she showed her usual jolusy. I know she is also an unsatisfied woman and one day surely want a cock in her life, this is just a begining to get what she wanted. Whatever I never forgot these couple of days.

I waited till Anitha went away and after locking the door the first thing I have done is a long kiss on mom’s strawberry lips. Mom didn’t say a single word about my actions and without wasting the time I take her to the bed. We break all the limits we have in life and started a new life as a husband and wife.

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