Ritualistic incest

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‘All about religion need no proof’ says a famous literature. The similar thing happened in my life and my mother is the victim for that.

Myself Suman a 23 year old guy from the county of most diverse ritualistic practices. I was living with my widowed mother Sunitha in a small village. The one more important person in the story, Anitha aunty living in a nearby city just a few minutes away from our village.

We were a happy family during my childhood. The bad phase of us started when dad left us in an accident at his work field. The owner of the field offered job to mom and hence we stayed in that village only.

My mom is an innocent lady and easily believes anyone especially her elder sister. Anitha is also a widow from years more than my mom and lives with her two daughters. She likes me very much but I hate her most because I know her mindset. She always wants to crate a trough between me and my mother.

The incident I am going to tell you happened nearly 5 years ago. I just turned to be an adult and started taking the responsibilities. During that time we are facing a severe social and economic downgrade. As mom believes aunt she shared everything with her.

Anitha is a regular visitor of our house and on that day she came with a solution to heal our problems. As I was in college during the daytime she is able to brainwash mom and they both together started feeding me their thoughts in the evening.

The idea she came up with is terrific and horrible to hear. She in her age of 40s consulted a blackmagician and he gave the idea of a ritualistic practice. She said “Yonipuja is the ultimate solution” and no doubt the Yoni belongs to my mom.

In Sanskrit ‘Yoni’ means vagina and ‘Puja’ means the worship. This means I have to worship the most secret parts of my very own mom. “How can this possible” I uttered in anger. They both have already committed to that and started blackmailing me emotionally.

I have no option other than agreeing to them. Anitha was so happy for my decision and she herself take the responsibility of the whole ritual. She also checked the calendar and fix the intiation ritual on the coming full moon day.

I never thought about the ritual up to the day, but from the morning of the ritual day my mind start twinkling. My thoughts started blocking my mind, I start imagining the situation during the ritual. “Ohh God… how can I face that….!”

My mom is one of the beautiful woman I have seen in my life. In the age of 42 also she looks like a girl of late 20s. Her well maintained body have the figure of 36D 32 36 and her fair skin is her tool of attraction.

The night has finally arrived and Anitha is so busy in arranging the requirements. My mom look normal and I see no hesitation or fear in her face. Both me and Mom are not allowed to have the dinner and instead we are given with fruits. I was dressed in dhothi and mom was in saree as usual in our tradition.

The place is set in the living room and Anitha take seat in a corner slightly at a higher level. Me and Mom were invited to the room and given seat facing each other. As there is only the light of an oil lamp,my beautiful lady looks like one who came from the heaven in that.

“First day you have to do the ‘Kanya puja’ to your mom.” said Anitha. Kanya means virgin girl and that day I have to look my mom as that only. She added ” this puja is performed to crate a positive energy in the place and to gain self control during the upcoming pujas ”

Anitha told mom to place her feet on the plate in front. As soon as mom placed her feet Anitha started chanting mantras. I was directed to wash her feet. I took some water in hand and slowly placed it on her feet and my shivering hands starts cleaning the toes.

After a tharough wash I dried her feet with a piece of cloth and by chanting some mantras I worshiped her feet with turmeric, curcum and flowers , I know that it was just a begining.

After finishing the feet worship Anitha said ” Suni.. now you are a Kanya and your son is your devotee, open up yourself and give him a holy ‘Darshan’..”
My heart starts skipping the beat by her words as mom started lifting her saree up slowly.

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