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After losing my virginity to my own cousin, i knew i was not gay. Even though i had fucked him several times, played with his dick as i fucked him, let him rub his dick between my legs and he sucked me off one time. I had fun with him but it stopped for a while cause i wouldnt suck his dick or let him put his fat dick in my virgin ass.

Didnt do him again till i got with my girlfriend which he feel in love with as soon as he seen her. She wanted to see me fuck him and he was willing as long as he got to fuck her afterwards. We talked and she agreed finally.

So me and my cousin were both 18 and my girlfriend was 16 at the time this happened.

Jason came over and we sat around drinking for a bit getting a good buzz going when she asked me was I going to do it?

Jason shrugs his shoulders and we head to the bedroom. We all strip naked and michelle sees jasons fat cock. He has for skin she says.

So. Are you changing your mind ? No, i want to see this. I bend jason over the bed. Rub some spit on the head placing it against his hole. And with a gentle push my head slides in. He moans as i push in deeper like a good little bitch.

Without even letting him adjust to my dick i grab hold of his hips and start slamming into him hard with a quick pace.

I hear michelle moaning as i look in her direction she has her legs spread wide 2 fingers in her pussy. Her other hand is pinching her left nipple. She tilts her head back as she climaxes.

Thats so fucking hot. She says.

Jason stops his grunting looking at michelle come over here.

She looks at me and i give her the nod to go ahead..

I want to lick that pretty pussy of yours. We can 69 while jack fucks me.

Um NO sorry i am not sucking your dick it has forskin. But you can lick my pussy.

She gets on the bed in front of jason and dives right in licking and sucking.

Go on hunny fuck him like a good little bitch. She smiles

As jason lifts his head up she slaps him. I didnt tell you to stop eating my pussy did i you little bitch?

No he says. She slaps him again. Its no ma’am.

No ma’am. She grabs a handful of his hair and pulls his face back into her pussy. Thats it right their you little slut suck right there.

I can feel his ass tighten around me and go back to fucking him.

Thats it baby ram your cock into him. Fuck him harder, come on baby fuck him.

Shut up michelle im about to ready to cum.already.

Oh so am i. Feel his ass with your cum baby now im cumming.

Before she even finished talking inwas already cumming deep in his ass.

Pulling out and wiping my dick off in a towel.

Jason gets up and goes to the bathroom.

When he comes back in. His dick is hard. Its curved up like a banana and almost as thick as a coke can and about 9 inches long. His head is smaller than mine but the shaft gets thicker as it goes down.

Michelle looks at him. Your not sticking that fat ass thing in me.

A deal is a deal. Yall said i could fuck you if i let jack fuck me in front of you.

Michelle looks at me. He is to big.

Jason you can stick the head in but if she tells you to stop your stopping.

Okay. He moves to the edge of the bed pulling her forward so he is between her legs. She spreads them wide as he starts rubbing his head between her lips. Pushing in and pulling out over and over. She relaxes and jason pushes alittle more inside her. Her hands fly up to his waist and push back against him. He stops moving.

Are you okay? She nodes yes and he starts slowing pumping his dick. She starts to moan a little as he fucks her.

I climb up on the bed standing in front of jason.
Open your mouth. He just looks up at me.

I push my now hard cock head to his lips.
I said open your mouth. And i push forward.

He lets my dick slide into his mouth and i start fucking.

He keeps fucking a Michelle’s pussy. Im holding his head still as i start pushing my entire 8 inches into his mouth. He gaggs but doesnt pull away. He just keeps pumping his hips holding onto michelles legs. I pull out and look down and i can see he has managed to work hald his dick into michelle.

Dam jack shes tight. I knew she would have some good pussy.

Dont push in any deeper ass hole it hurts.

I shove my dick back into Jason’s mouth and start fucking faster Jason keeping pace with me as he pushes deeper into michelle.

Shes moaning loudly. Jason pulls his head back causing my dick to come out. Oh im about to cum.

Dont you dare cum inside me.

Im about to cum huh huh.

Michelle moved her leg up placing her foot on his chest and pushed him back as his dick comes out he starts cumming all over the covers.

I get down and take jasons place between Michelle’s legs. Sliding my dick in.

Dam your soaked. Shes soaking.

After several quick thrust i un load inside her.

Dam jason you have Gotten good at sucking dick. Nah i just didnt want to move back cause i just had got my dick all the way in Michelle’s pussy. Man cuz she has a tight pussy your so lucky.

Its not happening again Michelle says.

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