First time with half brother

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When my 18 year old half brother came to visit me for the first time, I lived alone and was only 24. Never thought about being with another man and especially with a relative.

He had never told me he was gay, perhaps because he didn’t want to be rejected or judged. By the time evening rolled around, there were a few drinks in both of us, laughing and getting to know each other. My girlfriend had moved out a few months before, taking all her furniture, including the bed we had in the guest bedroom.

When we went to bed late that night, I definitely felt some nervous tension between us but shrugged it off as nonsense, why would I feel this way? I’d never experimented even in college, despite more advances than I ever expected.

After a couple minutes of talking we both drifted off, but I woke up to use the restroom sometime in the night. When I returned, the covers were off, and he had removed his boxers to show me his lovely manly cock, still soft and shaved and my mouth watered with lust and excitement because I knew that I was about to become the cocksucker that I never knew I was.

Sliding in next to him, I gently began to touch and stroke his 8 inch cock and he moaned softly and it began to grow and stand up for me. So soft, so hot and I knew it was just what I wanted to do.

With no experience in with oral except for giving my girlfriends the best tongue action I could provide, I figured slow and gentle was the better option.

As soon as my lips surrounded his cut mushroom crown, he sighed and stiffened his body in appreciation, settling in for this twisted moment of lust we were about to enjoy. I rested my head on his abdomen, barely moving except for stroking his balls and shaft, with more saliva flowing from my mouth as I spread it along his shaft, the scent of his musk inflaming my libido which made me feel sexually mindless, lost in the physical sensations washing over me.

He whispered that he was too excited to hold back, his teen sex drive overwhelmed by the way that the night unfolded. He began to move his hips to get more of his shaft in my mouth, so I shifted onto my knees and tried to get more of him inside of my mouth while stroking his shaft with my slippery hand, feeling an instant swelling and the taste of precum starting to flow as his climax grew closer, and his breath coming in quick gasps, fueling the excitement for me to catch his young fluid with all the enthusiasm I felt.

Suddenly the first wave of his orgasm struck, a powerful shot to the back of my throat, followed by four more weaker but substantial shots, more than I knew what to do with.

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