A mother with a “little secret” seduces her son’s girlfriend

Sex stories, A mother with a “little secret” seduces her son’s girlfriend, I heard the front door open and my son Josh talking to his girlfriend as they came into the house.

“Hey kiddo!” I called out from the kitchen, sticking my head around the wall. “Do you two want an after school snack? Pineapple was on sale at the store today.”

Josh looked to Claire to answer the inquiry. “No thank you Mrs. T.” She said quietly, keeping her head down and her bangs in front of her eyes. She was a polite girl and I generally liked her, but she was always very shy around me.


Claire had the thick rimmed plastic glasses that were popular these days – and as far from cool as you could get back when I was in high school. She kept her black hair shoulder length and the color of it contrasted sharply with her very pale complexion. The way she dressed made it impossible to tell her exact body-type and her outfit was definitely not chosen to accentuate her physical characteristics. She always wore baggy jeans and frumpy-looking hoodies, unlike most other high school aged girls that seemed to show off their legs and chest with short skirts and tank tops.

“No thanks, mom. We’re just gonna head to my room and study for the math final coming up,” Josh added.

“Ok sweetie, leave the door open,” I replied. I remember when I was their age, and if my son is anything like I was, I definitely don’t want to give him the privacy I’m sure he wants. Not that I was incredibly promiscuous, but the risk of getting caught by parents in the house always added an extra thrill that I was unable to resist. My boyfriend – and girlfriends – at the time certainly enjoyed my naughty streak.

“Sure thing, mom,” he said, rolling his eyes, acting like I was being ridiculous with my suspicions.

I just smiled knowingly and watched them walk towards the back of the house and the bedrooms. Claire blushed while keeping her head down and followed Josh closely.

I should tell you about myself. My name is Nancy Thomas. Or Mrs. T. to all of Josh’s friends. I’m tall for a woman at 5’10 and keep myself in pretty good shape for a 39 year old. I’ve got some (as my gynecologist Dr. Kelly Freeman describes me) killer curves with my 32F breasts. And all the squats and exercise I do contribute to my well defined rear and flat stomach.

I never could manage to to get the well defined abs of a true athlete though. Not that I minded that much – I think I look great in the mirror at 150lbs. An athletic hourglass figure. Think Christina Hendricks, but with short kinky blonde hair and long muscular legs.

Today, I was wearing a red plaid patterned golf skirt that stopped mid-thigh (it’s almost impossible to find skirts that come down to my knees, being on the taller side) and a white, collared v-neck pullover blouse that showed off a healthy, but not indecent, amount of cleavage. The first thing I did when I got back from the store was to kick off my shoes, so I was barefoot in my kitchen.

I live alone with my eighteen year old son, Josh. My husband George has been deceased these last eleven years. A young nurse that had worked two doubles in a row and used adderall to keep her going made a boneheaded mistake after George had a routine surgery. It caused an embolism which lead to him dying of a stroke.

I was crushed when he died, but I did my best to hold it together for the sake of Josh. While I did sue the hospital, I couldn’t find it in me to blame the nurse for her mistake. Nurses working conditions were abysmal back then – not that they’ve improved much – and she was just trying to make some extra cash to raise her own child.

The resulting malpractice suit and insurance pay-off from the hospital meant that we live a pretty comfortable – but not lavish – lifestyle. The interest and dividends mean that I don’t have to work, but I spend most of my free time on my life’s third love – golf. (George and Josh being one and two)

I give lessons at a country club that I’m a member of. It might not surprise you to find that a lot of rich guys are willing to pay $200 an hour to stare at a busty blonde wearing a golf skort and swinging a driver. What surprises them is that I’m a scratch golfer and actually give good lessons on how they can improve. They might come for my tits, but my regulars keep coming back because I help their golf game.

Funny enough, it was George that got me into golf. I’d never played before we met, but he played on his college team. When he introduced me to the sport, I thought it was ridiculous until I got to the putting green. As it turns out, I’m a natural and rarely miss a putt inside of 15 feet.

George cultivated my game, and I saw it as another opportunity to spend more time with him. In the process, I got very good and within a few years was giving him a run for his money. I don’t think I would have ever started giving lessons if George hadn’t died. When he was gone, you might think I’d give up golf because it reminded me of him, but it was just the opposite.

I played even more, because it reminded me of him.

With the settlement and not having to work, I spent most of my free time practicing, taking lessons, playing in tournaments, learning everything about the golf swing and in the process, learning how to teach it. George still inspires me to this day. He was truly one-of-a-kind.

Another reason I say he’s one of a kind is because of how he responded to my “little” secret.

You see, I’m a futanari.

I don’t mean that I’m unbelievably proportioned like you might see in those ridiculous “hentai” porn cartoons. Yes, I’ve got a large chest, but my cock isn’t three feet long and I can’t fill up a 10-gallon bucket with semen in a single orgasm from my monstrously large testicles.

Partially because I don’t have any testicles and my ejaculate is clear. Kind of like when girls squirt, but it has a sweet taste and a little thicker consistency. It also doesn’t have sperm, so I can’t impregnate anyone.

I’ve got a pretty normal-looking vagina (in my opinion) with inner lips that poke out a tiny bit, but I have an overly large clitoris that’s shaped like a tiny little dick. Think “micropenis”. Except that when I get aroused, i can “allow” my clit-dick to swell to many times it’s size. Just under nine inches, and thick enough my thumb and forefinger can barely touch when it’s fully engorged.

I say allow because I can also control it and keep it the size of just a large clitoris. Though it starts to feel uncomfortable if I don’t let it “out” every couple days, and I have to cum before it’ll shrink back down.

Part of why I say George was one-of-a-kind is how he responded to finding out my secret. I hid the fact that I’m a futa from him when we started dating, but he caught me with my cock out one time when I was masturbating, and instead of being disgusted or freaked out, he was intrigued. That open-mindedness is part of what lead me to marry him.

Not that he was gay or bisexual. He said that it was just another part of me and he loved all of me – even if I had a dick that was bigger than his sometimes. (Not that he was small. He had a healthy eight inches that he used to great effect) He even let me fuck him in the ass a couple times, but admitted he wasn’t that into it. Although I love being pounded in the ass.

He would however, give me head or handjobs nearly as often as I gave them to him. He liked to alternate between going down on me and making me keep my clit-shape – which makes it more sensitive – or giving me a blowjob. He was exceptional at both.

Knowing what it feels like to have a dick really improves your blowjob skills. Both mine and his.

These days though, blowjobs are few and far between. My aforementioned gynecologist is aware of my secret, and schedules me for checkups every three months under the pretense of keeping constant watch on my unique anatomy. While she does take care of my lady-bits as a doctor, she also loves the taste of my cum and to deepthroat my cock, and makes sure to wear a skirt for easy access on days I have an appointment.

She told me once she’s not a lesbian, but loved the idea of fucking a medical marvel. And since the sex was only with my cock – she never touched my breast or pussy in a sexual manner – didn’t think that counted as gay. I think it’s a very gray area she’s stumbled into.

Other than Dr. Freeman, I have the occasional casual fling, maybe once or twice a year with either men or women. When I have sex with women, I almost never let my cock out. Only rarely when I’m certain she can keep a secret. And I never take any of them to my house. I always wanted to keep that part of my life separate from Josh.

That is, until what happened on this day.

I stay active with social activities at the country club, and this weekend we were having a fundraiser for a local high school golf team. For my part, I was baking twenty dozen cookies of various types to sell to members and guests. I had gone to the grocery store for ingredients earlier, but just realized that I was going to be short on brown sugar. I’d thought I had more at home, but must have used it for another recipe and forgot I was running low.

I had enough to get started though, and I could send Josh to the store for more brown sugar while I continued baking.

I walked from the kitchen across the living room, and into the carpeted hallway that lead to our four bedrooms. Two of which we used as a home-gym and as an office. My master suite and office were at the end of the hallway, but Josh’s room was the first on the left, across from the room we used as a gym.

The door was open like I asked, but only cracked enough to be able to argue it as a technicality. I slowed my approach when I heard a noise that didn’t sound anything like paper rustling or book bags being moved about. Not that I was planning to peep on them if they were engaged in some sort of petting, but I also didn’t want to embarrass shy young Claire.

What I found instead shocked me to my core.

Josh was naked from the waist down, having left on his t-shirt. Claire likewise was stripped down to a lacy black bra and matching lacy boyshorts.

I was shocked for several reasons. First, while Josh was somewhat on the skinny side (he played golf like me, not football), his cock was a mirror image of his father’s. Eight inches long and thick, and currently, plunging in and out of Claire’s throat while he held her head hostage.

Second, the baggy jeans and frumpy hoodies did a very good job of hiding a curvy, busty, pale beauty. Claire must have had DD’s stuffed into that lacy bra. She also had thick muscular thighs – probably from her horseback riding – and a well-rounded bottom, framed wonderfully by her choice of undergarments. Like her hair, the black color of her lacy underwear contrasted with her milky white skin to show it off to great effect. Her stomach was flat, and I don’t think anyone would describe her as fat, just curvy.

My third shock came when I went to open my mouth to object to everything that was happening. I’m not ignorant to kids these days and them being sexually active, but I couldn’t condone this behavior while I was in the house.

Also, Josh was violently face-fucking Claire! While I enjoy that type of aggressive oral sex sometimes, I was going to have to have a long uncomfortable talk to him about respecting women.

My words died on my tongue however, when I noticed that Claire, far from objecting to this type of treatment, was using one hand to pinch her left nipple and the other was stuffed into her visibly soaked panties and moving rapidly. She was also making a “GLUCK GLUCK GLUCK” sound with every thrust of Josh’s big cock. They couldn’t have been at it for very long, but already she had saliva running down her face, dripping from her chin onto her chest, and plastered across her forehead and glasses.

The last part confused me until Josh pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped her face and glasses with it a few times, trailing thick spit and spreading it across her visage, before resettling his grip in her hair and began thrusting his cock into her throat once again.

I had another shock when I realized that witnessing this act was causing a familiar tingling in my pussy and an uncomfortable swelling in my clit. The last time I saw my gyno was over two months ago and I hadn’t had any action since then.

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