A married woman owes her boss a favour

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Cat had never set out to cheat on her husband. Her wedding day had been one of the greatest experiences of her life and when she said her vows she meant them completely. She never intended to be anything less than a loving and faithful wife and she truly loved Graham more than anyone else in the world. She’d welcomed the feel of the white gold ring as he slid it onto her finger and committed herself to him forever, but now the sight of that same metal band seemed to mock her. It represented all of her broken promises and made her feel flushed with guilt. Even as she thought back over recent events, she couldn’t figure out exactly how she reached this point. The seduction had been so gradual that it was difficult to pinpoint when it changed from a bit of playful flirting into something sordid and she felt utterly, terribly ashamed at herself.

But strangely, those same feelings had a flipside. They intensified every minor detail and magnified each aspect of these sensations that were supposed to be forbidden to her. So as she lay there on the most comfortable bed she’d ever felt in her life, drenched in sweat, naked as the day she was born and with another man’s cock thrusting into her, her emotions were a heady mixture of lust and guilt that made the orgasm rising within her increasingly hard to resist.


It all started a few months earlier. She and Graham had been married for just over eighteen months and put a deposit down on their first house. The mortgage payments were noticeably higher than their rent though, so while she had been quite content working in a café up until that point, she’d been forced to bite the bullet and get an admin job at a legal firm to help balance their bills.

The office she found herself in was only one floor and wasn’t very large, but there were a lot of people working there and they seemed forever stretched for room. She was surprised therefore when the training was over and she was shown her work space, a desk in a separate office away from everybody else. Her supervisor Alison apologised for sticking her in there, but there simply wasn’t enough room for another person in the main area.

“That’s all right,” she had replied, “But don’t you think someone else should have this?”

“What do you mean?” the middle aged lady had said.

“Well, I love having my own office and all, but I’m only admin, this looks like it should be reserved for one of the bosses or team leaders?”

“Oh right,” Alison smiled, “It’s not just for you. You’ll be sharing this room with the area manager. I don’t think you’ve met him yet, he’s been away on leave since you first joined us.”

“Ah that makes sense,” Cat said, trying not to feel embarrassed at her mistake, “I guess that won’t be too bad. When is he getting back?”

“Not for another week yet,” said Alison, “But not to worry, I’m only at the other end of the corridor and you can always come and join the rest of us for coffee whenever you like. We certainly didn’t intend to isolate you like this, there’s just not enough room.”

“No, no it’s fine, I’m sure I’ll be all right.”

“Well then,” said Alison, “I’ll leave you to get settled in. You know where I am if you need me.”

“Thanks,” said Cat, taking in her surroundings as Alison walked off. She should have realised, they wouldn’t have put two desks in here after all if she was meant to be on her own and there’s no way they would give someone in admin their own room. She started to unpack her few belongings – a framed picture of her and Graham on their wedding day, a coffee mug and some home stationery – and decided to settle in.


The following week was one of the most boring she’d ever had to endure. She had no doubt that Alison meant well, but separated from the rest of the workforce like she was, it was difficult to ingratiate herself with her co-workers. She didn’t tend to drink more than two or three cups of coffee a day and the work she was completing was relatively straightforward so there were hardly any queries to bring up. All of which meant she had no reason other than boredom to leave the room and she didn’t want to make herself look work shy on her first week.

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