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Sitting telling about myself is such a vulnerable thing to do. Telling about yourself, every piece of yourself, is the strangest feeling.
As I hear her speak, I look at the way her mouth moves across her lips. Her lips draw back slightly over her teeth as the words flow out. She speaks with such grace and elegance. Her hair tied up with a pen holding it in a half bun. The waves of her natural hair are like the ripple effect. The color of her hair is light but a hint of strawberry blonde look. Her eyes large and when she blinks, it’s almost like slow motion.
She sits with one leg up and the other tucked under her. Always barefoot. Her clipboard sits on her lap. Her torso slightly crooked so one elbow can rest on the back of the chair. The pen in her hand touches her mouth as I talk.

She stares intently at every word I say, occasionally writing things down.
When she replies to what I say her eyes kind of look to the side for a moment and as she draws them back towards me she blinks slowly.

Her clothes are loose and comfortable looking. She can freely move without constriction, but the way it flows over her hips and thighs, almost looks like form fitting.

She asks me questions about my relationships. She asks me about my sex life. How many partners; how long relationships were with them, etc. I explain everything. She moved slightly and cleared her throat then asks how my current sex life is. I explain that it’s normal and healthy. I see her chest is rising slowly, exposing cleavage. I hear her breaths are heavy and steady. She then asks if I ever fantasize about anything. I shied away slightly. Not understanding the question, I ask, “Fantasize about what exacty”? She breaths out and her chest slightly goes down. As she takes a deep breath in, she lays her pen on her clipboard and sets it on the floor. She slowly sits back up from bending over to lay down the clipboard. Her hand slowly follows the silhouette of her legs. Dragging her hand up her thigh, along her hip muscle. She is to her stomach near where her naval, she stops. Stares at me and said, “Fantasize about women”. She continues dragging her hand slowly across her hardened nipple. I see her breaths are starting to become more rapid. I see her chest rise and fall. She comes to a tie on the front of her shirt. She slowly starts to pull it. As she pulls it, it unlaces itself exposing more of her chest. The strings falls and she let’s out a breath quickly. She asks me what thoughts are running through my mind. I said I’d rather show you, than tell you. She slowly walks towards me. I stop her. I turn her around and gently pull down one side of her shirt exposing her shoulder. I kiss her neck by her hairline. It smells like amber. I begin to kiss, very lightly, down to her shoulder. As I get to her shoulder, I pull the other shoulder out. Her shirt comes down and rests on her breasts; barely hanging on. I run both hands down each side of her, pulling down her shirt to her hips. She lets out a low moan. I run my fingertips along her waist to the inside of her hips down into the pants. My fingers reach the threshold of her lips. I retract my hand very slowly. Her stomach sucks in. She is breathing faster and heavier. Letting out a moan every now and then. I reach my hands around and begin to unbuttonher pants. I stick my thumbs in the waist of the pants and start pushing them down. Once they are down to her ankles, exposing her hips wearing silk underwear, I pull her towards me so my body is touching hers. I sit back on the couch. She sits in front of me and I run my hands along her waist and I spread her legs open quickly. I rest my hand on top of her vagina. I start to press gently and rub up and down. Her underwear are wet on the outside. I kiss her neck and just as I do this, she turns her head and our lips connect. Her lips are soft and smooth. We open our mouths and our tongues intertwine. I open my eyes for a split second and she’s staring at me. She smiles slightly and the bites my bottom lip and pulls. She begins to message my earlobes with both hands as she kisses me. She stands up, turns towards me with her luscious body and hard, pink nipples. I pull her silky underwear down to her ankles, kissing her as I pull them off. She straddles my lap and grinds her body against mine. She rises up and down slowly. I stop her. Put both of my hands behind her. One supporting her head and the other her lower back. I flip her over on to her back. Her hair is all around her falling out of her bun. I kiss her then start kissing down her chin, to her neck. I lick her collarbone and gently kiss. Then begin to work my way to her breasts. I get to her tightly shrunken nipple and suck it into my mouth. I suck a little harder until I feel her raise towards me. I let her nipple out of my mouth, grazing my teeth against it. I work my way down to her naval and kiss around it. I make it to her hips and lick firmly on the inside of it tickling her. She thrusts her hips towards my wiggling a little. I continue to make my way down to her vagina. She has hair that runs down the center. I slide my fingers down the strip. I can feel the warmth coming from her. As I reach her slit, I stop. She smiles and grinds herself into my hand. I feel her labia and just before she feels me getting to her opening, she grinds back. I look at her and she gives a grin and her eyes are squinting and she shows her teeth. I use both hands and gently open both lips exposing her beautiful vagina. She is pail in color and her opening is the prettiest pink. I guide my tongue down licking around her . I suck it in and out, in and out. I take 2 fingers and rub down her labia to her opening. I rub around it. I see her try to force my fingers inside as she adjusts her hips. I pull away. She arches her back almost in a fit. As she does this I thrust my fingers in her once. She moans loudly. I continue licking and sucking her clit while I finger her slowly. So slow that she moves her hips on top of my hand to make it faster. I pull my fingers out of her. I spread her open again and stick my tongue deep inside. Burying my face into her parts. The wetness is down my chin, even in my nose. She grabs the back of my head and pushes it tighter against her. She tells my to suck her clit again then pulls my hair and forces my back. She’s moaning and moving uncontrollably. I reach my hand up and grab one breast; pulling on her nipple. Her juices are flowing. I can feel them against my chin. I make my way down to taste them. She starts to breath heavy and fast. She brings my head back to her clit and forces my face against her. Her back arches. She tells me not to stop and I feel her hole tighten and her clit begins to pulsate. I slip a finger inside her as I lick and she squeezes her legs around my head. She’s pulling on her own nipples as her orgasm hits. She yells, give it to me”, over and over. As she slows down I gently lick around her labia. Her legs are jerking. I kiss her thigh. I make my way up and kiss her breast, then neck, her chin and finally a long kiss on the lips. She sits up pushes me onto the couch and lays on top of me. She melts into me as she falls asleep.

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