First time having lots of sex with a good male friend

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First time having lots of sex with a good male friend.. Joe and I had worked together for several months and became fast friends. I had seen him through one major breakup and several lesser ones. He was quite popular with women. I’m sure the fact that he was super cute didn’t hurt. He was a true southern gentleman with strong traces of a Georgia accent to prove it. We stood at about the same height. He had a peaches and cream kind of complexion with soft, kissable lips, a gorgeous smile, bright blue eyes and golden blond hair that he kept cut short because it was rather curly. He had a slight build but he was no wimp. All muscle and no fat, whatever.

Joe loved to laugh and have fun and was up for a good time, any time, anywhere that might be. On this particular night, we’d gone to a barbecue at a house belonging to another friend’s brother. We’d sat outside watching the sun set and eating our fill, then went into the living room where we found a vintage pinball machine. We took turns playing the machine and reminiscing. I was a few years older than him, so I had actually played such a machine back in the day. And he was a lot better at playing pinball than I was so this particular game was super easy for him.

The party began getting a bit boring what with everyone sort of sitting around, drinking and chatting. All of a sudden, Joe grabbed my arms, grinned at me and told me we were leaving! I had gotten a ride there with another friend so I told her that Joe and I were leaving together.

He drove south, blasting the radio and singing loudly. He had a good voice and was in quite a good mood. I kept asking him where we were going but he’d just laugh and tell me to wait and see.

Eventually, we pulled into the parking lot of a nightclub near my apartment. We often went there with a group of friends but we always arrived earlier in the night. I questioned being there so late, knowing that there would only be a few more sets until last call. He just grinned at me again and led me by the arm, into the club as if he owned the place. Since it was so late, we didn’t have to pay the cover charge.

Instead of getting a table as we usually would, he led me straight to the center of the crowded dance floor. It was a fast song, but he put his arms around me, pressing himself close and running his hands up and down my body. He whispered in my ear, telling me to relax. The dance floor was very crowded, people were probably tipsy and nobody would notice us. And true enough, they seemed not to notice. They were all lost in their own little worlds.

That song finished and a slow, sultry one came on. I felt his lips pressing against mine and our tongues began to dance against each other. It was summer, so I had on a rather short sundress and no stockings or hose underneath. I felt one of his hands cupping my breast through the thin fabric and squeezing my nipple.

His other hand had found its way under my dress. He forced my legs apart slightly to feel the crotch of my pink satin panties. As I felt them grow damp, he whispered again to me to kick them off. He then somehow pulled them quickly where they slithered down my legs. It took the two of us to get them off of my feet as they had become tangled around my sandals. We both laughed at this and the thought of someone finding the panties later on the dance floor. Meanwhile, his hand began to explore my bare pussy.

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