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I met Shirley when I was working in a bar in Germany. She was English, which is was what attracted me initially, over 50 with short blond hair, fairly large breasts and had a slightly matronly look about her.

I had met her briefly, a couple of nights before when she was eating dinner with her daughter. But on this particular night, she sitting alone at the bar, getting slowly hammered.

When I was done for the night, she asked if I could keep her company. She wasn’t as drunk as I thought and she still had the ability to hold a conversation. But it was clear to see that she was “happy”.

She asked if I would buy her a drink as she was out of cash. I had a three free drink allowance and used it to get us both “one for the road”.

It was close to 3.a.m when the bar was closing and it was below freezing outside.

I offered to walk her to her hotel.

When we arrived, she asked me if I wanted to come to her room and warm up. I was freezing because I had forgotten to wear a winter jacket, so naturally, I agreed.

Once inside her room, she said she needed to freshen up and slip into something warmer.

She went into bathroom and closed the door.

Now, the walls weren’t exactly soundproofed, so it wasn’t difficult to hear her peeing and flushing the toilet. Then I heard some shuffling and then the sound of running water in the wash basin.

Finally, after some minutes, the door opened and she came back in wearing training slacks and a sweatshirt.

She sat next to me on a couch in her room and chatted about her visit. It hadn’t gone according to plan. She had argued with her daughter, earlier that night and had left her on bad terms.

She also apologised for not offering me anything to drink but she didn’t have anything. I told her I’d had enough and that I was bursting for a pee myself.

I went to the bathroom and closed the door. Knowing how noisy it was, I tried to aim my urine stream to inside of the bowl instead directly into the bowl.

As I pee’d, I tried to work out where this evening was going. Shirley hadn’t given me any indication that she was remotely attracted to me in any way. When chatting to her in the bar, there were no flirtatious glances or innuendo to give any indication that she was interested in me.

I started to feel disappointed.

When I was done urinating, I washed my hands in the sink and that was when I had a pleasant surprise. Between the wash basin and the shower, a radiator was mounted on the wall. Draped over the radiator was a large pair of pink cotton panties. High legged with a lace frill on the leg holes and waistband. Gingerly, I reached and touched them. They were slightly damp as though they had been just rinsed out. I picked them up and held them up in front of me. It was then that my initial thought about them was wrong. They weren’t just cotton. The front panel was cotton, but the rear was a shear fabric. I tried to imagine her large arse filling them and imagined seeing her butt cheeks almost on show. My cock twitched in approval of this thought.

I looked inside and noticed not only a few pussy stains in the gusset but also blond pubic hair, curled up on the soft fabric. I felt my cock start to swell and pressed the gusset to my nose, breathing in deeply. There was a slight musky aroma of her pussy impregnated in the fabric.

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