Son wants mum, mum wants son

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Son wants mum, mum wants son, incest stories, mom and son, I awoke to two sensations; the sun streaming in through the open window, and also soft skin encasing my hard dick. It was April’s round ass cheeks. I stroked her long blonde hair, and lightly thrust my crotch against her. It felt heavenly, and looked heavenly, with the sun bouncing off of her beautiful ass.

It was then when I noticed a note on the table beside my bed. I picked it up and recognized my mum’s handwriting through my tired eyes. “Hi hun, I’ve gone out with friends, probably all day. Breakfast is downstairs; I’m assuming you’ll need it considering how much she was screaming last night! Have fun, mum.”


I felt slightly embarrassed that my mum heard me having sex, yet proud that she could hear it from upstairs, and that it was enough to bring a comment from her. I was obviously doing something right. I put the note down and turned back to April. I began to plant kisses on her neck and she began to moan softly.

It was afternoon by the time April left. My whole bedroom reeked of sex, the smell of sweat and cum surrounding me as I left the room. I was shattered, April and her insatiable sexual appetite had completely drained me, and I ended up collapsing, naked, on the couch.

When I woke up, mum was staring me in the face. An itchy blanket covered my lower half.

“Finally awake?” she asked. I nodded my head wearily. “April tire you out that much?”

“Yeah,” I replied, sitting up and grabbing the blanket to preserve my modesty.

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“But I thought you two broke up.”

“We did.”

“Oh, so you’re just in it for the sex,” I nodded, taking the drink she handed me. “I can see why, she’s got bigger tits than me,” she said, shaking her chest in front of me for emphasis.

My startled face must have amused her, because she burst out laughing.

“Mum, don’t ever do that again, to anyone.”

“Why, ’cause you’ll get jealous?”

“No, because everyone will want to fu… do you.”

“Mmm, sounds like a good idea. Might do it now,” she chuckled. “No you’re fine, I’ve got everything that I need.”

“What’s that?” I asked, confused.

“You, silly” Mum replied, as she began to leave the room.

“And your vibrator,” I whispered.

“That too” She spoke with a smile.

I decided to walk to my friend Scott’s house. He lived just down the street. I walked up the pathway to the front door of the rather large house he shared with his mum. I rang the doorbell and waited. His mom, Beth, answered. She was a total MILF. Long, flowing dyed-purple hair that framed her pretty face, quite large breasts, and a perfect round butt that looked great in the shorts she normally wore. At the moment, however, all she wore was a small towel. She greeted me warmly. I asked her if Scott was home.

“No,” she replied, “but he did go that way,” pointing her arm down the street. As she did, her towel began to slip off of her tits. Unfortunately, she grabbed it before it uncovered one of her nipples.

“Phew, that was close,” she smiled.

“Yeah,” I laughed nervously, disappointed I didn’t get to see them. “Well, ‘bye then, Miss Watkins.”

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