First day in College – Ragging

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‘Please leave me’. I tried covering my body with my hands and started crying.
Suddenly shruti approached me with my torn brief and stuffed it in my mouth. ‘Stop crying, bitch’

‘Well, now we are going to record you jerking off. And then whenever we call you, you are going to come and do what we ask of you okay’


‘Wait, do one thing, lie on your back, bend your knees towards your face and jerk off in your face’, said another one.
I was not moving an inch. ‘Now we got you naked. And this is the 1st day of your college. Imagine what you will face all 4 years.’

I had completely given up at this point and lied down on my back with my knees up and my penis pointing at my face. I moved my hands up and down my hard penis slowly. As time went by, I started moving my hands faster and started moaning. My cum just splashed across my face as they captured everything in their phones.

They just walked off throwing my clothes down. I took the briefs out of my mouth, wiped my face and I just sat there crying for an hour. I decided I have to take revenge on them one way or another.

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