First day in College – Ragging

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I walked behind her silently looking at her ass through the tight leggings. She then reached near a lone building which looked like it was cleaned ages ago and told me to go inside. There was light coming only from the ground floor. I thought it was the boys hostel and just entered. As soon as I entered, I was shocked to see 3 drunk girls dancing in tight T Shirt and shorts. Before I turned around, Shruti came inside and locked the door.

‘Hey girls, look what I found. A Rookie. It is going to be fun’
‘What is going on here?’
‘You wanted to know about the college. You will know now. Just follow what we say and you will be fine’
‘What?’I came towards the door trying to push Shruti aside and unlock the door. As I moved past her and went near the door, she gave a huge kick between my legs from behind.


I just held my balls and went to my knees. All the girls surrounded me now. 3 drunk and Shurti. They took me up by my hair.
‘How dare you touch me?’,Shruti shouted and gave a tight slap in my face. For a moment everything blurred. They pushed me against the wall, ‘Will you do as we say?’. I just nodded. They pushed me away from the door as I fell to the ground.

I stood up looking at them. I should have just listened to them and they probably would have left me. They pulled a bench and sat in front of the door and started asking some questions about me. I was petrified and just answered whatever they asked.
‘Hey, this is getting boring. Do something interesting.’ shouted a drunk girl.
‘Alright. We will play a song now and you are going to do a sexy dance.’, Shruti asked me.
‘Ma’am, I dont know how to dance. Please, anything else.’
‘Oh Really. Then let’s do one thing. We will play the song. You dont dance. Just start removing clothes one by one like a stripper’
Shit. I should have just danced. ‘Ma’am, please. I will dance. Not stripping.’
‘Sorry man. You get only one wish. So, no dancing, only stripping.’

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I stood there not doing anything. Suddenly, a girl took a bottle which they had drunk and acted like throwing it at me. I was scared, ‘ok ok. I am stripping’.

I slowly removed my T Shirt to reveal my hairy body.
‘Ew, What do we have here?’ They all talked between themselves and laughed.

‘What are you waiting for? Remove your tracks too’.
I knew I was completely surrounded and slowly removed my tracks leaving me in my tight briefs. I covered my genitals with my hands over my briefs.

‘You want us to go around you and look at it while lifting your hands. Now keep your hands up and start rotating yourself in circles showing you’

I kept my hands up and started rotating slowly.

‘Hey, did you say he was in first year of college or first year of school? What the hell is that?’ They mocked pointing at my penis and started laughing. They took out their mobile phones and started filming me. I begged them not to do it. But they didnt listen.

‘Now, remove that brief too or this video reaches college before you’.
I was shocked and angry at their mocking. ‘You can show the video if you want. I am not removing this.’ I told and started to wear my pants. Suddenly, all 4 of them jumped on me and started pulling my briefs out. As all of them were closer, I was feeling a sudden urge and my penis was getting erect. 2 of them held my hands close to their chest. I could feel their breasts pressing against me. Other 2 are trying hard with my briefs constantly touching my penis.
As they completely tore the brief, they left me. They took all my clothes with them.
‘Wow! He is turned on now. Not bad!!’

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