Two lesbians play with toys in public

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Two lesbians play with toys in public

“I’ve got to do some errands now,” said Leah, “but I have a plan to make them fun!”

Emily replied, “What kind of fun?”

“Sexy fun! Here, take this.” Leah handed Emily a small ring-shaped device.

“What’s this?” It had three buttons on it, marked “II”, “I”, and “O”.

“It’s a remote control! For a vibrator I’ve got up against my clit! We’re going to go do errands and you’re going to control how sexy they are for me.”

“Oh I do like that! I’ll just stick it in my purse for now.”

“Alright, let’s go!”

They left the apartment and went to the bus stop. While waiting for the bus, Emily gave Leah occasional pulses of the low intensity, just to make sure they were ready for the adventure ahead. Leah smiled back when the pulses started, the vibration sending warm feelings throughout their genitals.

When the bus arrived, they got on and scanned their passes. As Leah scanned theirs, Emily switched the high intensity on. With some difficulty, they were able to stay outwardly calm and move on into the bus, at which point Emily shut the vibrator off.

They found two seats together and snuggled up close, with Emily’s wide butt spilling off the relatively narrow bus seat. She asked Leah, “Enjoying yourself so far?”

“Yes, this is a lot more interesting than my usual bus ride!”

“What do we have to do, cutie?”

“I’ve got to go to the bank, pick up Molly’s hormones at the drugstore, mail some rent cheques, and buy some ingredients for dinner.”

“And we’re going to be turning you on slowly the whole time?”

“I hope you will! I’m going to try not to come until we get back home, though.”

Emily smirked, “Is it ok to try to make you fail at that?”

“I encourage it!”

“Ooh I’m definitely going to try then!”

“I’ll make it worth your while if you do…”

“Oh really? I like your rewards!”

“You’ll love this one,” Leah said, “I’ve got a plan.” Emily leaned over and kissed them, and the two of them rode the rest of the way in cozy, comfortable silence.

The bus pulled up beside the bank and the two of them got off. Inside, there was a significant lineup to speak to a teller. Leah got in line and Emily took a seat off to the side. After a minute, she turned the vibrator on low. At the first visible sign of Leah’s pleasure, she turned it to high. They visibly faltered at the intensity of it; Emily counted to twenty before turning it off. One more pulse when Leah was at the front of the line made sure they were very slightly flushed when they went up to the teller.

When Leah was done the two of them walked over to the drugstore. Emily turned the vibration on low while they were walking and pulled Leah in for a kiss when they arrived. She could very faintly feel the vibrations against her leg while they were standing together. When they entered the store itself, Emily turned the vibrator off, only to pulse it a couple of times while Leah was waiting at the counter. They turned and winked, but managed to hold their composure while talking to the pharmacist.

There were several mailboxes between the drugstore and the market. Knowing Leah wanted to mail something, Emily tried to “encourage” it by running the vibrator when one was near, first low, then high right beside the box, and then low again. At the third mailbox Leah’s knees were feeling weak, and they had to support themself against the box, but they continued on regardless.

After passing the fourth and last mailbox, Leah said, “I want to take the letter to the post office, just in case. But thanks for the attention!”

“My pleasure, cutie,” Emily responded. “I love you!”

“I love you too,” said Leah, “We’d better get going though, if we want to have time for a walk in the park when we’re done.”

When the two of them arrived at the market, Leah gave Emily a short list of produce to pick up. She grabbed a basket and started to pick things out, but kept her eye on Leah. Leah’s first stop was the meat counter, and when they arrived Emily turned the vibrator on low. They were noticably perturbed while requesting the steaks they wanted, so she left the vibrator on.

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