Two lesbians play with toys in public

Two lesbians play with toys in public

“I’ve got to do some errands now,” said Leah, “but I have a plan to make them fun!”

Emily replied, “What kind of fun?”

“Sexy fun! Here, take this.” Leah handed Emily a small ring-shaped device.

“What’s this?” It had three buttons on it, marked “II”, “I”, and “O”.

“It’s a remote control! For a vibrator I’ve got up against my clit! We’re going to go do errands and you’re going to control how sexy they are for me.”

“Oh I do like that! I’ll just stick it in my purse for now.”

“Alright, let’s go!”

They left the apartment and went to the bus stop. While waiting for the bus, Emily gave Leah occasional pulses of the low intensity, just to make sure they were ready for the adventure ahead. Leah smiled back when the pulses started, the vibration sending warm feelings throughout their genitals.

When the bus arrived, they got on and scanned their passes. As Leah scanned theirs, Emily switched the high intensity on. With some difficulty, they were able to stay outwardly calm and move on into the bus, at which point Emily shut the vibrator off.

They found two seats together and snuggled up close, with Emily’s wide butt spilling off the relatively narrow bus seat. She asked Leah, “Enjoying yourself so far?”

“Yes, this is a lot more interesting than my usual bus ride!”

“What do we have to do, cutie?”

“I’ve got to go to the bank, pick up Molly’s hormones at the drugstore, mail some rent cheques, and buy some ingredients for dinner.”

“And we’re going to be turning you on slowly the whole time?”

“I hope you will! I’m going to try not to come until we get back home, though.”

Emily smirked, “Is it ok to try to make you fail at that?”

“I encourage it!”

“Ooh I’m definitely going to try then!”

“I’ll make it worth your while if you do…”

“Oh really? I like your rewards!”

“You’ll love this one,” Leah said, “I’ve got a plan.” Emily leaned over and kissed them, and the two of them rode the rest of the way in cozy, comfortable silence.

The bus pulled up beside the bank and the two of them got off. Inside, there was a significant lineup to speak to a teller. Leah got in line and Emily took a seat off to the side. After a minute, she turned the vibrator on low. At the first visible sign of Leah’s pleasure, she turned it to high. They visibly faltered at the intensity of it; Emily counted to twenty before turning it off. One more pulse when Leah was at the front of the line made sure they were very slightly flushed when they went up to the teller.

When Leah was done the two of them walked over to the drugstore. Emily turned the vibration on low while they were walking and pulled Leah in for a kiss when they arrived. She could very faintly feel the vibrations against her leg while they were standing together. When they entered the store itself, Emily turned the vibrator off, only to pulse it a couple of times while Leah was waiting at the counter. They turned and winked, but managed to hold their composure while talking to the pharmacist.

There were several mailboxes between the drugstore and the market. Knowing Leah wanted to mail something, Emily tried to “encourage” it by running the vibrator when one was near, first low, then high right beside the box, and then low again. At the third mailbox Leah’s knees were feeling weak, and they had to support themself against the box, but they continued on regardless.

After passing the fourth and last mailbox, Leah said, “I want to take the letter to the post office, just in case. But thanks for the attention!”

“My pleasure, cutie,” Emily responded. “I love you!”

“I love you too,” said Leah, “We’d better get going though, if we want to have time for a walk in the park when we’re done.”

When the two of them arrived at the market, Leah gave Emily a short list of produce to pick up. She grabbed a basket and started to pick things out, but kept her eye on Leah. Leah’s first stop was the meat counter, and when they arrived Emily turned the vibrator on low. They were noticably perturbed while requesting the steaks they wanted, so she left the vibrator on.

Leah’s knees were a little weak as they picked up rice and sauce, and they could tell they were getting closer to orgasm as they approached the produce area. They bumped into Emily while she was picking up broccoli, and she flashed a wicked smile. She bumped up the vibrator to high and Leah had to steady themself on the bin of potatoes. They moved carefully over to the yams but the vibrations finally overcame them and they spilled over the edge into orgasm.

The orgasm pulsed through Leah’s body and they turned to look at Emily. Emily could tell looking back that she had successfully made Leah come in the grocery store. With significant self-control, they kept from crying out, but they quietly reveled in the attentions of their sexy girlfriend. After it was over Leah stood up straighter and Emily turned off the vibrator. She walked over to Leah and gave them a quick kiss, then casually passed over the remote control.

Leah felt warm and fuzzy for the rest of the shopping trip and was very happy to snuggle with Emily on the bus home. When they sat down together, Emily said, “So you’ve got a plan to return the favour?”

“Yes,” replied Leah, “in the park if you’re comfortable with that.”

“Ooh, do you have a secluded spot in mind?”

“Yes I do, I just need some equipment from home.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing what you have for me!”

“I picked up something new that I think you’ll love.”

“I can’t wait!”

They quickly stopped at Leah and Molly’s apartment, putting away the groceries and medications. Leah grabbed a yellow backpack and they headed out to the park.

The park was green and lush as they walked through the trees. Leah led the way down several trails into the trees until they reached a thick wall of bushes. A small opening led deeper into the bushes, and the two of them pushed their way through.

“I heard about this spot on Reddit,” said Leah, “You’re supposed to clap three times before entering the clearing to give anyone there a warning.”

“Makes sense,” Emily responded, “I’ve never done anything like this before so I don’t know the etiquette.”

Leah clapped three times, then after a moment pushed through into a small clearing. “I thought I’d fuck you here, if that’s alright,” they said.

Emily said, “Yes please! I want to see what you’ve got in that bag!”

Leah took the backpack off and opened it up. They pulled out a medium-sized dildo with a rabbit vibe at one end for stimulating the clit during penetration.

“I haven’t had a rabbit vibe in ages,” Emily exclaimed, “but I remember they’re really good!”

“Then get down on your hands and knees, cutie!”

Emily got down on the ground, arranging her short blue floral sundress so that Leah would have easy access to her pussy. They shifted her panties to the side to reveal it, slightly wet in anticipation.

Just to get things moving, Leah crouched down and licked Emily’s clit. Emily let out an approving “Oooh” and wiggled around for a better angle. Emily felt Leah’s tongue gently spread warmth across her pussy, and soon she was slick and ready.

Leah switched on the vibrator and smoothly inserted the dildo in Emily’s pussy. First they buried it at full depth and just let the rabbit rest on her clit, eliciting some quiet moans of pleasure as the vibrations coursed through Emily’s clit. When they were satisfied that Emily was turned on enough, Leah started to thrust the dildo gently.

As Leah fucked her, Emily felt sexy as hell. Fresh air, a secret spot, action under the clothes, and that electrifying rabbit vibe all excited her deeply. Each thrust sent a jolt of pleasure up her spine when the rabbit made contact, and she was hungry for more.

“Harder, harder,” Emily cried out, and Leah delivered. The thrusts of the dildo became more and more insistent and Emily felt her elbows and knees become shaky.

“Oh fuck yeah I’m going to come,” shouted Emily, heedless of the public setting, and then her climax washed over her. Leah could see her close her eyes and shake, but they did not stop fucking. They rode out the waves of Emily’s orgasm, and when it was done they paused for just a second.

“Want more? I’ve got another setting,” Leah asked.

“Yes, please, let me try it!”

“I think you’ll like this,” Leah said, and flipped a switch. A second vibrator in the shaft of the dildo joined the rabbit on the end, making Emily’s whole pussy tingle.

“Oh yes,” Emily said, “really rail me with that!”

Leah smiled and moved their arm around for greater leverage, then started thrusting lustily with the dildo. With each impact, Emily’s thighs slapped and her belly bounced, her ample body absorbing the thrust. Soon she was moving her hips in sync with Leah’s fucking and making small, constrained noises, mindful of their public exposure.

Emily rode the vibrations for a while, letting them fill her up with excitement. Soon, she was on the verge of orgasm again. The tension built in her legs and shoulders, getting ready for an explosive release. Leah reached up her dress and scratched her back, sending her over the edge. The intensity of the vibrations and Leah’s continued scratching made Emily gasp and moan aloud.

Almost as soon as Emily’s orgasm ended, a second one began. Then a third and a fourth, nearly making one continuous orgasm. She tried to keep quiet but failed, and moaned her pleasure into the green bushes surrounding the clearing. After the fourth orgasm, Emily said, “That’s enough, I think!”

Leah stopped thrusting and switched the vibrator off. They carefully withdrew the dildo from Emily’s body, wrapped it in a small towel, and put it away in the backpack. Emily rolled over and lay on the ground for a moment, recovering her strength after her thunderous climax. She said, “You’ve got to keep that thing around! I haven’t come like that in ages.”

“I’m glad,” Leah replied, “I got it for us.”

“I love you, Leah!”

“I love you too,” Leah said, then was interrupted by the sound of three claps. Emily sat up in response, then three athletic-looking men emerged from the bushes.

The one in front said, “You look like you’re leaving, was it as good as it sounded?”

“Better,” said Emily, “I hope you have a great time too!”

“My boyfriend’s boyfriend is visiting from out of town and we thought we’d show him the sights.”

“Enjoy!” Then Emily and Leah left the clearing. They walked back to Leah’s apartment feeling satisfied and tired.

When they got there, Emily said, “What a busy day! How about a nap?”

“Yeah there’s time for that before dinner,” Leah said, “Molly’s cooking today.”

“She won’t need your help?”

“Nope, she’s expecting us to be out until dinner.”

“Alright, let’s go then!”

Emily and Leah went to the bedroom, got undressed, and climbed into bed. They settled into a cozy position, Leah behind and Emily to the front. Soon they drifted away into a well-deserved rest..

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