Bengalee Film Queen 30

“You’re always superb for the guys to fuck you Rachanaji,” Kader said, staring at her mounds, “You know very well that you have a huge demand in Tollywood with your big tits, great legs and a tight pussy,” Kader paused for a moment.

“Thanks….,” Rachana said approvingly hearing her praises.


“So use your assets properly and you’ll be able to make us both plenty of money without much effort. And if you cover them up, you would be just another pretty face in Tollywood who is desperate to earn without willing to go the extra mile. There we can go…. just think about it seriously.” He proposed as he finished adjusting her blouse.

With that he stood up, walked around his desk and sat down. Rachana sat there pouting at him smilingly with her professional trained eyes.

Yes Kader was 100% correct because she now looked like a smouldering sex-bomb….. her long dark-black hair draped over either shoulder….. wearing in a bright pink blouse…… unbuttoned enough to flaunt the cleavage of an impressive pair of big, juicy tits.

Kader picked up the now developed Polaroids and grinned looking at the images of Rachana….. with cum dripping off her flawless features while sucking on his prick.

He opened a drawer on his desk and took out a packed manila folder marked with Rachana’s name. He slipped the photographs carefully inside it….. adding them to his previous special collections.

The collections were of various types of depraved photographs….. of more than fifteen Tolly actresses…..  signed testimony and only for the highly paid website clippings. He placed the folder in his private locker securely…. then leant forward and spoke sympathetically to ‘Didi No.1’.

“I’ve arranged a casting interview for you tomorrow.” Kader removed a piece of assignment paper from his desk and handed it to Rachana, “Here are the details, it’s for the big ‘Hotshit. Production’. They offered you one crore for your 30 minutes hardcore porn flick….. think about it and let me know your decision,” Kader said.

“One crore!!!!!” Rachana exclaimed in an astonishing voice, “It’s my two yrs income….. I can’t believe….”

“And here’s my offer…. you’re going to work in my current movie ‘Boudimoni’ for the role of ‘Sabitri’, protagonist character of the film….. the audition to be held on tomorrow. The part requires singing also, which I know you can do without any problem,” Kader paused…. looking at her face to realise her reaction.

“And you may know the director of this film Nilay, a close friend of mine. You might have to give him one of your special favours.” Kader said as a wicked smile spread on his face.

Rachana recoiled….. she knew what that meant. She had been hoping that also when Kader invited her today in Paradise hotel for the party. He had always something lined up that did involve special favours for any of his friends.

“Now, take a rest and fresh yourself Rachanaji….. if you don’t mind, please stay here for the night,” Kader continued, “And do whatever Nilay wishes. I assure you’ll be fine with him and we can all enjoy the money rolling in…..”

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