Bengalee Film Queen 30

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The next morning Kader awoke to a bed without Rachana in it. She left him but there was a note on the dresser. It said: ‘Kaderbhai, you’re just like my younger brother! And I loved what we did last night and can’t wait to go even further next time…… give me a call….. with love, your Rachana!’


Kader smiled as he got out of the bed, put on his briefs and walked down the hall. As he was walking toward the third story balcony, Koel came in from the balcony and ran up to him with just in her lacy pink panties on.

Those luscious frekkled tits of her were bouncing everywhere as she ran towards him. She lept into his arms and he caught her as she wrapped her lags around his waist.

She pressed her medium size tits against his hard chest and stuck her tongue in his mouth. She wasn’t as good a kisser as Sreelekha or Rachana was but she was still sexy and the kiss was still great.

As she pulled her tongue out of his mouth, she looked him in the eyes and pushed her boobies up towards his chin. He bent his head down and gladly tasted her luscious tits as he squeezed her firm big ass…. gripping her securely.

He sucked on the right tit for a minute and then he sucked on the left for a while….. they made out again some more. He finally let her feet touch the ground. He noticed that she barely came up to his mouth….. realising that so long he had run into in Tollywood….. was amazingly short.

“Weren’t you with Zaman last night?” He asked.

“Yeah, not only we had some oral sex, he showed the special joy of anal too!” She disclosed. “However I would love to show you what we did sometimes, Kaderbhai!” she chirped.

“I would also love for you to show me but maybe I might just want a little more than that baby!” He told his friend’s sexy wife.

“Well for you, I would give you everything of me!” she exclaimed.

Then Koel kissed her husband’s partner and ran off towards her room. His lust-filled eyes fixed on her heavily swinging ass as he walked out on the balcony where he saw Nilay laying on a easy chair at the corner. He was looking outside the hotel….. enjoying the beauty of morning’s sunrise.

He also noticed that Porimoni’s husband Kamruzzaman alias Zaman was also laying up there in another easy chair just beside him. He remembered that he said last evening ‘we would hang out’ but he didnt know it would be so early.

“What up Dude!!!!!!!!!” Kamruzzaman yelled at him when he noticed him.

“Nothing man! Did you enjoy yourself last night?” Kader asked smilingly.

“Yeah me and Koel used one of the hotel’s rooms and had ourselves quite a good time.” He said with a beaming face as he winked at Nilay.

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