The Birthday : Full of surprises

Hey everyone I am Rahul the same well built 23 years old guy back with another story which is also true story and the continued part of My life from nothing to everything . I recieved good response for my last story and few of them asked me about curing premature ejaculation which is 21 days course and I helped few of them with the curing technique and thank you to all those who read the story and made it popular story of the month on this website , so let’s start the continued part of ‘My life from nothing to everything‘ .

Those who didn’t read the previous story I will make a short introduction I am Rahul 23 year old guy with well built tanned body , 5’8 height and 6’5 inch dick and the heroine of the story is my sister Sneha 3 years younger to me so 20 years young 5’6 height , fair in colour with more upgraded assets 33-27-34 ( previously 30-26-32) a perfect hourglass figure . We are living together since last two years and to tell about our parents , I explained well in the previous story that they got expired in some bad incident and we both are now living far away from our relatives and native place . I hope this much is okay to understand the continued part so let’s begin .


However we are in relationship for more than 2 years but we both are still the same as we are before this 2 years , my interest and love on her will increase every second and I feel the same from her , overall it’s a perfect relationship with a word ‘match made in heaven ‘. The sexual life is better than before , one will be submissive and another will be dominant but I like my sister to be dominant over me always . If the girl is dominant over you and still cares and loves you much then that relationship will stay forever no matter what . And we would have sex every alternative day or leaving two days of gap between the next day when we will be having sex but if either of us don’t want to have sex we will be respecting each other’s decision. It was her birthday few months ago but the thing I am explaining now is about my birthday which was on 22nd August .

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It was one day before weekend and Friday ( 20th August) after dinner while my sister was in kitchen washing the dishes , I went to the bedroom to arrange the bed to sleep and have some fun with my sister before sleeping . So I brought some ice cubes In the glass and sprayed best perfumes and made the room light dim so that it should look romantic and I turned on some romantic music to give the final touch for the great night . After doing all the things I layed on the bed naked covering myself with blanket waiting for my sister and after few minutes my sister entered room , she was wearing loose gray t-shirt and black shorts . As soon as she entered room and saw the arrangements I made , she smiled at me and came near to the bed and jumped on bed with excitement . I knew she was very much excited after two days of gap and want to enjoy with me so as soon as she jumped on the bed , I moved towards her and kissed on her forehead , she was enjoying the moment by playing with my nipples touching them and making circles around them .

As soon as I started kissing her lips , she turned little horny and started moving her hands from chest to lower body of mine , we were kissing slowly sucking each other’s tongue and tasting one another’s saliva , when I squeezed her lips within mine that made her horny and she straight away slipped her hand inside the blanket and accidentally touched the head of my dick , she now came to know that I was naked from the beginning and she gave a naughty smile , she held my dick in her hand slowly started stroking it while we were still kissing without losing the eye contact , as we both started kissing vigorously she started stroking my dick harder and I started cupping her boobs over the t-shirts and started squeezing them after sometime when I pinched her nipples she all of a sudden stopped kissing as well as stroking my dick , I don’t know the reason but may be the pinching of her nipples took her to the normal life from the sex world or may be I did some mistake or may be she thought she did some mistake oh god I don’t exactly know the actual reason .

When I asked her she told ‘brother I am feeling sleepy let’s sleep ‘ I didn’t say anything and slept next to her closing my eyes but I was thinking what could have been happened? Even though she was horny and her nipples were so hard why she’s stopping herself from the sex ? , After two three minutes I opened my eyes and to my surprise she was sleeping all naked right next to me and after seeing her I started smiling again and she said ‘no we are not having sex today I am naked bcoz I want to sleep cuddling you ‘ even though I wanted to have sex but I thought cuddling is better than sleeping apart doing nothing , when we cuddled I felt something cold in between us that to near my stomach , later when looked down it was her pussy wet juices which were on my stomach damn now I am fully unstable she gave me hard on again and I started thinking even though she’s wet why she stopped me from having sex ?

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I kept on thinking and she was watching me closing eyes giving some weird expressions on my face so she told me ‘Rahul neither you did some mistake nor I did , I will tell the reason tomorrow why I stopped you from having sex so don’t worry now sleep well ‘ saying planted a kiss on my head ‘okay Sneha ‘ I felt little relaxed and slept cuddling her .

Bcoz of the body heat of both we quickly fell asleep in the cold room , when I woke up in the morning I found my sister wasn’t there in the room I thought she woke up early and may be in the kitchen doing some stuff so I woke up and neatly done the bed before stepping out , after stepping out I went to the bathroom which was in the bedroom , brushed teeth and washed my face when I came back from the bathroom there was my sister holding a cup of coffee for me , I was moving towards her and I was still naked and her eyes were focused on my morning boner , when I went near to her and held her soft cold hands she looked into my eyes , gave the cup and wished me good morning kissing on my forehead , I took the coffee and did the same . While I was having coffee she started undressing watching herself in mirror and I was staring at her butts my dick started getting more harder , she was quiet even though she knew what I was feeling about her , when I finished drinking coffee and asked ‘hey could I get a chance to take shower with you ? ‘ she turned to my side and looked at my face and started moving her eyes from top to bottom and stopping at my rock hard dick she said ‘ yeah sure but don’t try to be horny and I don’t wanna have sex now ‘ I was sad she noticed and said ‘yeah I know I told you I will tell you the reason today for yesterday’s situation but there is still 16 hours left ( it was 8am in the morning ) to end the day ‘ I was still confused but to make her happy I said ‘ yeah sure it’s all your wish Sneha ‘ and went near her holding her hand I took her to the bathroom . Even though she told me not to be horny but I was horny all the time in the shower , it’s too difficult to stop being horny when the sex goddess is with you , so while taking shower I fulfilled my wishes partially by applying soap on her boobs , cleaning her ass and touching her pussy as many times I can and even she stroked my dick few times while applying soap on my body so that I could feel good with her , when we finished taking bath we both wore some clothes , she moved to kitchen and I took the clothes to washing machine and ironed them until she prepares breakfast .

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