Bengalee Film Queen 30

“You want even get the phone call brother!” Nilay asked.

At that moment, Kader’s phone started ringing and he picked it up immediately.


“Hello!” he called out into the phone…

“Hey Kaderbhai, I need you to meet me at Botanical Garden in twenty minutes!” Raima’s voice picked up.

“Hey Who is this?” Kader asked ( even though he knew that angelic voice from anywhere ).

“Raima!” She exclaimed…

Raimaji….. you, sorry for not tracing you, I will be there in due time!” Kader told her as they both hung up the phone. He had the phone accidentaly on speaker mode the entire time as Nilay and Zaman could hear their conversation clearly.

“Hey Zaman, what is that saying, you guys say on ‘Scrubs all the time?’ Oh yeah In Your Face!!!!” Kader jokingly said to him…

“Well, I’m just saying, man this woman is going to make you go to hell and back for her Danny boy!” Zaman told Kader.

Kader didn’t reply as he quickly got a shower and dressed up nice for his angel. He jumped in his SUV….. pulled out his driveway and headed for Raima at Botanical garden!

As he was driving, he looked up and noticed the huze mansion in the background and thought to himself. He thought, he is in love with the first daughter of Munmun Sen. If luck favoured him tonight, he was probably going to fuck the hell out of Raima….. all the time dreaming about the hot item-girl.

He had been staying in a mansion like hotel Paradise for more than two yrs….. trying hard to confirm his place in Tollywood. He produced more than eight successfull movies that earned at least forty crore rupees at the box-office. He thought to himself……’I should start my career in Bollywood too…. Damn it!

To be continued……

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