Bengalee Film Queen 30

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Episode : 30

“Just clean yourself up and take a seat.” Kader wandered over to the sofa wearing only his shirt.

Saying that he threw Rachana’s clothes and handbag at her before beginning to dress himself. She walked over to the sink he had just vacated and looked at herself in the mirror.

She looked every bit the cheap slut Kader wanted her to be. Her perfectly styled hair was now in a shaggy mess with small threads of his slimy cum…. congealing amongst her hair’s darkish looks.

Her faultless make-up now seemed strangely distorted beneath the splashes of Kader’s gooey manfat. She instantly felt like crying but resisted the urge to give the powerful producer the satisfaction.

She filled the sink and washed her face and the sticky parts of her hair quickly and with purpose. She scooped the cum from her boobs with her finger and licked it clean, some of which had dribbled down onto her boobs. She re-applied her makeup and started to dress.

Kader sat on the sofa buttoning his shirt and admiring Rachana’s pert arse encased in the sexy black panties as she slipped into her loosened Saya. Suddenly he realised that he’d not butt-fucked her in any of their meetings yet.

“Oh well,” He thought, “Something to look forward to”.

Meanwhile Rachana put on her elegant pink cotton blouse and hooked it all but at the very top. She turned and headed towards the chair in front of Kader’s desk.

He just smirked at with a mix of lust and satisfaction on his face. Rachana didn’t even look in his direction, she simply sat down, crossed her legs and took a hairbrush out of her handbag.

She tried to work the cum out of her hair, trying to make it look presentable for when she finally got out of his luxurious room. Kader however continued ogling her while he finished his dressing.

She could feel him undressing her with his lust-filled eyes and smiled happily…. knowing her impact on him still now. When she was done, he walked over to the desk and stood over her who was staring forward, still concentrating intently on brushing her hair.

“Come on Rachaji,” Kader said playfully, gently pushing her Saya upto her thighs and revealing them fully. He rubbed the soft flesh of her thighs…… slowly moving his hand up and down underneath the bottom of her Saya.

“You know, you’re a specialist, not only for the great enjoyment you provide but it certainly is your amazing acting performance in movies and your ‘Didi No1’ show!” He praised her.

Rachana flung her head around and grinned at him with a satisfying smile. Kader meanwhile stopped caressing her thighs, knelt down in front of her and started to unbutton the top of her front-open blouse, a move she cooperated instantly.

Actually she just wanted to spend her time more with him and please him so that she could confirm her place in his next movie. Kader also knew that and took every opportunity of it. He now carefully pushed the two sides of her blouse to show the maximum amount of her healthy cleavage.

“You’re always superb for the guys to fuck you Rachanaji,” Kader said, staring at her mounds, “You know very well that you have a huge demand in Tollywood with your big tits, great legs and a tight pussy,” Kader paused for a moment.

“Thanks….,” Rachana said approvingly hearing her praises.

“So use your assets properly and you’ll be able to make us both plenty of money without much effort. And if you cover them up, you would be just another pretty face in Tollywood who is desperate to earn without willing to go the extra mile. There we can go…. just think about it seriously.” He proposed as he finished adjusting her blouse.

With that he stood up, walked around his desk and sat down. Rachana sat there pouting at him smilingly with her professional trained eyes.

Yes Kader was 100% correct because she now looked like a smouldering sex-bomb….. her long dark-black hair draped over either shoulder….. wearing in a bright pink blouse…… unbuttoned enough to flaunt the cleavage of an impressive pair of big, juicy tits.

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