Family taboo: Three Kids, Two Parents, One Happy Family

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Mollie’s Family’s Follies, Family taboo: Three Kids, Two Parents, One Happy Family

Now days you can’t raise kids with their being ignorant of sex. Perhaps you almost never could at any age in history. In the little shacks and huts and log cabins of primitive times, parents could hardly keep it a secret when they copulated, and perhaps they didn’t try much either. The farm animals bred, for any child to see too. Tents and tepees don’t make for much privacy, perhaps upper class Victorians were able to hide sex from the kids, but the lower classes didn’t bother that much. So when folks talk about our children being exposed to sex in the multitude of media that surrounds us, perhaps it is nothing new to youngsters being savvy to the ways of adult get together to make babies and have fun.

Mollie and Bill didn’t believe in making sex a big secret in their household it was the 1970s and things were at the peak of libertine lifestyles, fifty years either side. They were of the mind that sex is a natural part of life, and while generally considered private, need not be an adult conspiracy that kids were kept from. The children would become curious about that activity when they reached a certain age, and an open wholesome attitude was healthier, than making it seem dirty and shameful. At that point they reasoned sex education was better than ignorance, and more likely to keep their kids from getting into trouble. If you taught about the benefits of good nutrition and the dangers of poison, why would you not inform the little ones you loved of the joy of being male and female, the problems of unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases? When the time came of course – there was no need to rush things. In fact they expected the kids would learn from their peers before the conversation with their parents.

And of course, the time did come, not unexpected, but yet it was something of a surprise, even so. For all their modern thinking, Mollie and Bill were like any parents, their children matured quicker than they expected. Like parents of every generation for many millennium, they had the same thought that echoed in everyone who raised kids, ‘they grow up so fast!!’ So when Mollie found the yellow spots on her son’s sheets, she was not shocked, but wondered if he knew he was having nocturnal emissions or being messy when he masturbated. But when she discovered that he had a stash of nudie magazines featuring women in very exposed poses, she coonfirmed that it wasn’t his dreams that created his creams, but his fantasies when he jacked off.

Jack and Jill went up the hill

And each one had a quarter,

Jill came down with fifty cents,

They didn’t go up for water!

If boys ‘jack’ themselves off, then girls get a thrill when they ‘jill’. And that is what Mollie did, right on her son’s bed. She was home, the kids at school and her husband Bill at work, so she was alone. The thought of her son masturbating to the naughty magazines made her incredibly horny. She closed her eyes and envisioned her boy of twenty two, naked on the sheets and fisting his young hard penis to the sight of the bare women on the pages. As she ran her finger in the juicy slit she saw in her imagination the youth with his hand wrapped around his stiff boner, holding the magazine with the other and the jism spilling over to dribble on the linens. It got her so hot just visualizing it, she had a cum in no time.

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