Family taboo: Three Kids, Two Parents, One Happy Family

Mollie’s Family’s Follies, Family taboo: Three Kids, Two Parents, One Happy Family

Now days you can’t raise kids with their being ignorant of sex. Perhaps you almost never could at any age in history. In the little shacks and huts and log cabins of primitive times, parents could hardly keep it a secret when they copulated, and perhaps they didn’t try much either. The farm animals bred, for any child to see too. Tents and tepees don’t make for much privacy, perhaps upper class Victorians were able to hide sex from the kids, but the lower classes didn’t bother that much. So when folks talk about our children being exposed to sex in the multitude of media that surrounds us, perhaps it is nothing new to youngsters being savvy to the ways of adult get together to make babies and have fun.

Mollie and Bill didn’t believe in making sex a big secret in their household it was the 1970s and things were at the peak of libertine lifestyles, fifty years either side. They were of the mind that sex is a natural part of life, and while generally considered private, need not be an adult conspiracy that kids were kept from. The children would become curious about that activity when they reached a certain age, and an open wholesome attitude was healthier, than making it seem dirty and shameful. At that point they reasoned sex education was better than ignorance, and more likely to keep their kids from getting into trouble. If you taught about the benefits of good nutrition and the dangers of poison, why would you not inform the little ones you loved of the joy of being male and female, the problems of unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases? When the time came of course – there was no need to rush things. In fact they expected the kids would learn from their peers before the conversation with their parents.

And of course, the time did come, not unexpected, but yet it was something of a surprise, even so. For all their modern thinking, Mollie and Bill were like any parents, their children matured quicker than they expected. Like parents of every generation for many millennium, they had the same thought that echoed in everyone who raised kids, ‘they grow up so fast!!’ So when Mollie found the yellow spots on her son’s sheets, she was not shocked, but wondered if he knew he was having nocturnal emissions or being messy when he masturbated. But when she discovered that he had a stash of nudie magazines featuring women in very exposed poses, she coonfirmed that it wasn’t his dreams that created his creams, but his fantasies when he jacked off.

Jack and Jill went up the hill


And each one had a quarter,

Jill came down with fifty cents,

They didn’t go up for water!

If boys ‘jack’ themselves off, then girls get a thrill when they ‘jill’. And that is what Mollie did, right on her son’s bed. She was home, the kids at school and her husband Bill at work, so she was alone. The thought of her son masturbating to the naughty magazines made her incredibly horny. She closed her eyes and envisioned her boy of twenty two, naked on the sheets and fisting his young hard penis to the sight of the bare women on the pages. As she ran her finger in the juicy slit she saw in her imagination the youth with his hand wrapped around his stiff boner, holding the magazine with the other and the jism spilling over to dribble on the linens. It got her so hot just visualizing it, she had a cum in no time.

She flipped through the publications wondering if she could tell which gal was his favorite. The finger prints on the pages were easy clues. And the winning woman was . . . a lady that looked much like herself! Did Billy have the same taste his father did in women? (And Mollie loved it when big Bill tasted her!) She thought back to the last few months when she had noticed her grown boy giving her the eye. Now she understood why he shied away when she caught him doing so. He was likely trying to mentally undress her, the sneaky scamp! Actually, that was not only kind of complimentary, but gave her a small tingle in her twat!

Mollie wondered if she dared let him have a peak at her somehow. Sure, he had seen her in her bikini and sometimes in a bra and slip. But what if he came in while she was changing, and caught her naked? She was getting moist again! She hoped that her husband wasn’t going to be late getting home from work; she wanted a quickie before dinner! She put the girlie mags away where she had found them and finished changing the sheets. The kids had seemed to mature so fast! Julie had budded a pretty pair of breasts and had a wispy patch of pubic hair to match her carrot-top redhead. She was just nineteen. Mary hadn’t been far behind, though she was only eighteen now but so petite she looked several years younger. Watch out world here they come!

Model vs Mollie

She snagged her spouse who was on time and almost dragged him into their bedroom when he got home. She frantically got his pants undone and went down on him even before the trousers hit the floor. Bill knew his wife, something had gotten her hot and she wanted sex as soon as he had it up. He was happy to oblige, as he considered himself to be one lucky son of a gun to have so sexy and horny a gal for his wife. She was a regular firecracker with a short fuse and she like to go banging at the drop of a hat! Their sex life was never dull and they made a great pair. Bed time was often playtime and they were creative and open in their foreplay, even experimental and daring in their mating.

The terrific thing was, they had complete confidence and trust with one another, told each other what they liked and what they were interested in trying. They were a matched set, and the communication made their love making a thing of beauty and a joy to share always. Their love was all the stronger for this aspect and they were willing to allow the other partner to be themselves without judgment. That was a powerful combination of things, and it meant that they could be honest without fear of alienating their spouse. Few couples had that; it deepened their bonds, and made for a steady and sturdy relationship. So when Mollie told Bill of her discovery and her ‘jilling’ that resulted from her fantasizing about their son, he was cool about what was going on.

Bill suggested that he talk to the kid about sex, make sure that Bill Jr. didn’t have misrepresented facts and got the straight dope on things, rather than pick up any misconceptions from his peers. Mollie agreed that is was certainly time for another adult level talk, but suggested that perhaps they do it as a couple. That way, Billy would have both sides of the perspective on male and female relationships and be able to ask her questions too. Bill said that was a wise idea and perhaps this weekend might be the time to broach the subject with their son. So they decided to make their presentation for Friday night. That was Tuesday.

Wednesday afternoon however, Billy stole march on them, preempting the conversation with a plea to his mom. Shortly after he arrived home from the local college he attended he found Mollie in the kitchen where she was cooking and asked her to come to his room. His solemn long face indicated to her that something serious was up; she took the pot off the stove and followed him. When they got to his bedroom he perched on the side of his mattress and she sat beside him. She asked what was bothering him.

Mom, did you find my . . uh . . naked girl magazines, when you changed the sheets yesterday?”

“I did, yes. But you don’t have to be embarrassed about them; boys naturally like to look at nude girlie magazines, when they get older.”

“Whew! I thought that maybe one of my sisters had found them, when I saw that somebody had been messing with them.”

“Well, I think that neither Julie nor Mary would be shocked by naked ladies. I doubt that they would be interested in them. I told your dad, but he didn’t have a problem with it. In fact, we were planning a little talk about the facts of life and such, for Friday night. Just we and you, to make sure you had the correct information about sex.”

“That would be okay. I was just worried about if the girls found my private stuff. You know how I hate it when they get into my things. And if they found those, they would tease me no end, you know how they are.”

“Yes, your sisters delight in torturing you with their teasing, don’t they? But I just happened to see them and looked them over out of curiosity. I didn’t mean to invade your privacy, I’m sorry, Honey, forgive me?”

“Sure mom. I know you and dad are cool with those sorts of things. You are easier going than most parents. All my friends think that you are nicer than their own folks.”

“Well, that’s sweet. I think your dad and I are maybe just more realistic in our expectations of their kids than some other people. Could I ask you a question about those pictures I found?”

“Okay. I meant to hide them better, but I forgot to put them back in their secret place.”

“Where’s that? Never mind, that wouldn’t be a good hiding place if you gave it away, would it. I don’t mean to pry. But I am curious. There was one picture in those magazines that seemed to be your favorite . . .” Mollie reached under the bed and pulled out the box with the adult publications. She flipped a few pages until she found the one she wanted, “this one. Is that one you really like a lot, find rather hot?”

” . . Yeah . .” Billy could guess where she was going, but was unsure he wanted to talk about it.

“It kind of looks like me, doesn’t it?”

“Uh . . I guess, sort of . .”

“Do you masturbate looking at this photo?”

“Yes.” In a small voice.

Mollie didn’t want to have her son feel humiliated, so she knew he needed to be reassured right then, that she wasn’t upset. “That’s a nice compliment, that you find somebody who resembles me, sexy. I don’t mind. Do you think of me when you jack off? I know that some boys do have an attraction for their moms. That is not a bad thing; it just means their moms are good looking. Do you think I’m good looking enough to have fantasies about?”

Like as if he was mesmerized, he answered, “Yeah, mom. I saw you once coming out of the shower. You didn’t know, but that’s how I know that picture looks like you.”

Mollie looked into her son’s eyes, and decided that she ought to share something with him. What she said she could hardly believe her own ears for saying it, but out it came just the same. “I’ll tell you a secret too. I got excited thinking about you when I saw that picture. I thought about what you would be doing, when you were gazing at the picture and thinking of me.”

“You did, mom? Did you . . . you know . .?”

She bent close and whispered in his ear. “Yes, and I had a climax too.” She could see that had an instant effect on her son’s libido, his pants tented quite high. This excited her too and her pussy became dewy. Shocking herself even, she suggested, “Would you like to show mommy, what a big man you have grown into?” Suddenly the thought of viewing her son’s erect penis was an electric thrill she very much wanted. Mollie went and locked the closed door. Turning to Billy, she directed, “Take off your jeans and underwear, Honey, let me see what you have in there!”

Saucer-eyed as he stood and opened his pants, then tugged the denim and underpants down together, so that the woodie he was sporting sprung up like a springboard. A wiry thatch of pubic hair was growing from the testicles. It was a thing of beauty to her, now she was really soaking her panties. She wanted to see him play with it. “Why don’t you rub it a bit for mommy, Baby?” He followed her direction but his eyes were on her tits, not her face. Mollie knew he was hoping to get a ‘tit for tat’ deal out of their impromptu encounter. She smiled seductively and said, “You want to see mommy’s breasts, do you?” He nodded, as if she didn’t already know the answer.

Billy watched his dream come part true as his mom pulled off her tee-shirt, the reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Unfolding her arms the garment came forward releasing the twin mounds capped with red and erect nipples. Billy’s hand was rapidly moving up and down on his manhood. Mollie took a step closer so he had a good look, an eyeful of her tits. In fact, perhaps she ought to give him a mouthful too, as she got to observe his jacking close at hand, so to speak. “You used to suck on these when you were a baby, would you like to do it again?” she asked but since she had no doubts as to his choice she put a boob right to his lips and sure enough he began to suckle on the ruddy round nipple.

In but a few seconds after that wonderful connection of mother and son, he reared back with a groan and let the jism spurt from his member. The sight of her boy’s semen sent a frisson of a mini-orgasm thrilling through her body too. Mollie grinned at Billy, and said, “That’s mommy’s good boy.”

“Please don’t tell dad about this! Promise, mom!” Billy was suddenly scared that what they had done might have repercussions, and was concerned that his father might be angry about it.

Mollie knew better, but wanted to calm his fears and keep his trust of her as well. So she answered, “I promise that this is just between us. I won’t say a word to your dad, but I think we will still have that forthright talk Friday night, okay?”

“Sure, mom. And thanks for letting me see your knockers, they’re great!” She laughed and tousled his hair.

“Get cleaned up and put your pants back on, there cowboy. We don’t want your sisters to get wind of this.”

“Right about that!”

Mollie waited until some tissue had done the mopping and his zipper was on its way up before she exited. The girls were nowhere to be seen, thank goodness. She knew that her husband was going to get a workout in the sack tonight. ‘Better make sure he got his protein tonight!’ she thought as she went back to the kitchen.

After supper, while the family was gathered in the living room, however something unusual happened. But Mollie didn’t know about it until she and Bill were in their bedroom and snuggling before they began their foreplay. Bill gave her a big kiss and then looked at her with an odd expression on his face.

“Did you see what Mary did tonight?” he asked.

“No, what did our little kitten do now?” she queried.

“That kitten is a little minx!”

“How so?”

“When she came to give me a goodnight kiss, she wasn’t wearing panties under her nightie.”


“It was a bit of a short gown, and she was on my lap for a good ten minutes wiggling her little cute bottom on me.”

“I used to do that to my dad too, I loved sitting on his lap.”

“”While he was only in his boxers, and did you give him a hard-on!?”

“I don’t remember if my pop ever got . . . wait a minute, you had a boner with Mary on your lap?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t intentional; Mollie, but I couldn’t help it. That soft set of bunny buns was right on my dick and she was squiggling and giggling and wouldn’t get off. I swear that she seemed to know what she was doing and was enjoying making her daddy get erect. No panties for Christsake! And my boner was half out the fly by the time she went to her room.”

“So Mary had her papa’s prick on her bare bottom, is that what you’re saying?” Mollie was not upset, because she knew that Bill would never do anything to hurt their daughters. Mary was the more precocious of the pair, and if she had Bill squirming it was because she knew that she had her daddy wrapped around her little finger, as she was Miss Precious Princess in this house. Besides, that was pretty tame to what his wife and son had been doing that afternoon. So Mollie could hardly be judgmental. “And what did that do for you, Bill?” she asked, wiggling her eyebrows because she could tell it had had an arousing effect; she felt the firmness of his meat down there poking at her crotch.

“I told you, it made me hard!” he said with a playful growl and rolled over onto his spouse. “Your youngest daughter takes after her mama and knows how to make a man stiff.”

“Well, she might be a tease, but I’m not!” and she opened her legs and wrapped them around him. His prick prodded her hole and she was glad that her girl had gotten him hot. She was more than primed from remembering her own encounter with one of their offspring. Their love making had a raw edge to it that night. The incestuous lust was a spice that incited them both to extra efforts and added orgasms. Mollie wondered as she fell asleep, (Bill already had dozed off,) what it was about their kid’s sexuality that was such a turn on to them both? But she was glad for the result, nonetheless, and pondered with her last conscious thought, what was next?

Cumming of Age

Thursday started out normal and remained so until after dinner. The girls were in their rooms, nestled in their beds, Mollie had seen to them. Julie was reading a book, Mary drowsy and would be dreaming soon. Bill was watching a favorite TV show of his and she checked to see how Billy was doing. What Billy was doing was being done naked on top of the sheets. He had ‘The Picture’ in front of him, his favorite, and she should have knocked, knowing what he had been getting up to lately. Well, he was definitely up to it now, and that was UP in capitals. The pink scrotum was showing between his thighs and his fingers were working the muscle that arose from the base of his abdomen.

Mom!” he exclaimed in surprise, but without any embarrassment of shyness. She closed the door instinctively.

“I see you are having a personal moment, Honey, I’ll leave.”

Mom! Can I see your tits again?”

“Oh, Babe, I don’t think that I should take my nightgown off, what if your father comes looking for me?” Again she felt like they were sharing a private kind of bonding moment, but she couldn’t risk the disrobing right now.

“Lift your nightie up then, I want to see if you look like my picture down there!” Well that could be done quickly she figured, just a flash of pussy ought to be enough to satisfy her satyr son. She lifted her hem. “Come close so I can get a good look, mom.” She stepped toward him. As she moved she could tell she was getting lubricated down there. She continued to go to his bed and then sat next to her son who lay there without a stitch on and royally erect. He looked at her then to the magazine then back to her crotch. Mollie felt a little jealous of the model in the photo, but Mollie thought she was sexier than the gal in the pic! In the spirit of competition with the other woman who her son was viewing, she spread her legs slightly.

Billy’s eyes got big and she opened herself a little more. She was wet and her rosy gash glistened while her son ran his fingers up and down in a fury. “Cum for mommy, Baby, let mama see her boy shoot his sweet sperm!” That’s all it took to set him off and the spurt flew out so far it landed on her left breast. She naughtily swabbed the dab up with her finger and sucked with her lips, “Mmm, tasty cream!” she said winking at him. Then she leaned forward and kissed him on his cheek. “Now go to sleep, tomorrow your father and I are going to come in and talk to you after your sisters are asleep. I love you Billy, you are a handsome and sexy boy!” With that, she departed.

Billy though, was so keyed up he had to do it again. This time he let the magazine slide to the floor and closed his lids, remembering the awesome sight of his mother’s womanhood. In the morning his wastepaper basket next to his bed had handfuls of tissues.

Friday, after her family had left for school and work, Mollie went about her chores in the home. When she found the basket next to Billy’s bed, she had a flashback to the moments of the evening before. She stripped and lay on his bed and fingered herself, jilling and thinking of her son’s passion, she stuck two fingered inside and imagined it was his penis. She came twice that way. She knew it was only fantasy, but it had a power that she found almost scary. And so tempting.

The evening was quite sedate, and things went like nothing out of the usual was going to happen. The kids were allowed to stay up a bit longer on non-school nights, but the girls decided to retreat to their rooms to play, then came into the living rooms to give Mollie and Bill kisses good night. When they retired and were quiet for a while, Bill said he was going to bring their son into their bedroom for the intimate discussion that was planned. He and Billy came in. Billy was in his pajamas and Bill had on an old pair of boxers he wore around the house at night. Mollie had on a light gown that was semi-translucent but no panties. Bill initiated the talk by asking if Billy had any questions. He assured his dad that he was familiar with the general outlines of sex. He was still a virgin even at 22, respecting the girls he dated and their fears of getting pregnant. Yet he still had quite a few questions about details.

“Then we will share about those things.” Bill said in his deeper voice, as the youth began to inquire about the multitude of wonderings he had. What did a woman’s vagina smell like? Did it taste bad or good? What was sixty-nine all about? Would he get as hairy as his father? How did the penis know where to go when people were face to face? Bill stopped him there and said that they ought to take things one at a time. Perhaps that they both should to take their clothes off to begin with. He meant just the guys, but Mollie said that if their boy was going to learn anatomy then she ought to be naked too. So within a few minutes they were all sans clothing.

Bill was not hard yet, but of course Billy was. When Bill had his back turned for a moment while turning off the bright over head light, so that just the lamps were on, Billy motioned to Mollie to keep their secrets by putting a vertical index finger to his lips. She nodded that she understood. Bill returned and began explaining oral sex to his curious son. “So, what does a girl taste like, Dad?”

“Well, a little salty perhaps, and not bad, but sort of a mild . . uh, well come here Moll and let me see if I can describe it.” He bent his head down to lick his wife.

“Can’t I just try that?” Billy boldly suggested.

“Uh . . well I don’t know.”

“It’s okay with me,” said the lady in the room.

“Well, I guess, you can then but only for a moment, just to get the taste.”

Billy was quick to replace his father between his mother’s thighs and stick his face in her crotch. He lapped, just as he had seen his dad do. Mollie got a kick out of it, but her son retreated obediently when tapped on his tush by Bill after only about thirty seconds. His mom wished it had been longer. “How does it work the other way, when a girl licks a guy?” the youngster asked.

“I’ll show you.” his mother answered, but to his disappointment she went down on his old man not her son.

Then Billy surprised them both. “Let me try.” and he moved into position instead of his mom and sucked on his father’s dick. Molly noticed that where as Bill had been distracted somewhat when she was doing fellatio, that Bill was now very rampant when his son experimented with the technique. That was interesting! Something to keep in mind for later spice she made a mental note. “Can I see how the penis goes in the vagina?” Kid Curious was making a very bold request. Mollie was unsure about that, but Bill seemed to be desirous of getting his prick into something soft and wet, perhaps her pussy to cum in, rather than his son’s mouth, she supposed. So she lay back and her husband stretched out over her. Billy got down by the foot of the bed and observed from that angle a few strokes of his father entering his mother.

Billy however soon came up to her and looked at her face as she accepted her spouse’s cock into her yearning cunt. “Does it feel really good mom? Is he too big or do you get wider?”

“I . . expand to let his whole big thing in.” she gasped because Bill was sawing very nicely in her in front of their son. She wondered if he would cum in her as Billy watched. They had not planned on going this far, but the discussion had turned into a demonstration, with audience participation no less! Which gave her an idea. “Bring your dick to my lips, Baby!” ‘In for a penny, in for a pounding’, she figured as her son put his hard cock right to her mouth and gave a small thrust to part them, as he has seen her do to his dad. She took the head of his prick into her orally and sucked her son while her husband fucked. And now the pace ramped up the rucking, as before his eyes Bill saw his wife suck their son.

Mollie was overcome with the whole erotic scene and began to cum, Bill knew she was climaxing and that made him blow his wad in huge shudders. Only Billy kept from his orgasm as he was new to everything and wanted remember the wild moment he was sharing with his parents. Bill rolled off opposite of Billy’s side of Mollie and managed to hoarsely call out, “To be continued another night.” Then Bill seemed to fall unconscious, out like a light, which he did rarely, only after a tremendous orgasm, like when Mollie jacked him off and had a finger up his anus at the same time. She looked up at her son, his dick still hard, she had let it pop out of her mouth when she came.

Mollie whispered, “Daddy’s asleep, I think! Maybe we should save anything else for another night.” But she knew her boy wanted to get his rocks off too, somehow. Fair’s fair.

“Can I just rub on top of you and cream, Mommy” he pleaded. She couldn’t see the harm in that, after all they had been through tonight. But she was only going to allow that. And she would tell Bill about it, since she knew that would get him rock hard for a grand fucking, thinking about the scene he had missed.

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“Okay, Honey, but just a rub until you cum.” She agreed.

Billy got on top of his mom, just as he has seen his dad mount her earlier. His still stiff penis was mashed on her pudenda, he put his face even with her breasts. He was light on her, his knees between her thighs and propping up on his elbows. Mollie put her hands on his tight buns and started him off, with a rocking motion of her pelvis. He quickly got the idea and in no time her son’s sausage was sawing through her pubic hair and she could feel the fuzzy stones of his testicles bumping her slit. Billy remembering the joy of her exposed tits the other day latched on to her right nipple and drew it in sucking on it with a big smile. Mollie kissed the top of his head.

What she had not counted on was that this ‘dry hump’ was made after she had been well lubricated by both her and Bill’s orgasms a few minutes before. So now the split of her mons was slick and swampy with the aftermath. This was coating the underside of Billy’s meat as it strove against her, and the effect was to allow it to slide into the groove and the kid’s hotdog was encased in his mom’s labia like they were the bun, with condiments! Each stroke was taking it closer and closer to her entrance, sudden Mollie realized. If she didn’t do something he would pop into her vagina at any moment! She grabbed his buttocks firmer and pulled him up a little.

But this was only buying time; the penetration seemed inevitable unless she called this off. She didn’t want to disappoint their son, but she couldn’t let him fuck her, she was not going to take her son’s virginity! Oh my God, she could feel him at the very portal again! But then she was saved by the bell, or rather the blast of the young cock which had been so stimulated by the hot wetness of her pussy’s outer reaches that it had achieved climax. A puddle of her boy’s cum had squirted in the chalice of her split, not quite in the hole, not actually inside, but she could feel the head of Billy’s dick throb in the spot that any further would have been entry into mommy.

She let him rest for a few minutes, to recover. She was happy that he had gotten off on her. Glad that they had missed (by a fraction of an inch perhaps) actual penetration. She didn’t think that was quite what Bill had in mind, when he purposed that they teach their son the more intricate factors of sex. Still, she remembered her fingers and fantasy of the other day and in a way, sort of had wanted it to happen, even so. With mixed feelings she got him to scoot up and kissed his face and said reassuring things about he was mama’s other man, and how happy he had made both daddy and her by being willing to learn so much in one night. There would be other lessons in the future she told him, though she wasn’t sure quite when.

As they dressed and she accompanied him back to his room to tuck him in, she stressed that what they all had done together must remain very secret. None of his friends, or especially his sisters should find out about their teaching him explicit lessons about sex. He confirmed he knew that it was top secret and that nobody would find out from him. Mollie went back to her bed and lay down next to Bill and was almost instantly asleep.

What’ch Watchin’? #1

Saturday morning, their household followed the American tradition of parents sleeping late and kids watching TV. Mollie awoke to the happy sensation of her husband under the sheets performing cunnilingus. She giggled as she threw the covers back exposing her spouse, still buck naked from last night, munching on her muff, she as nude as he. She decided to use the ‘spice’ she had discover the evening before. “Mmm . .” she murmured her approval of his attentions to her nether regions, “I think I know something new, I think that my hubby likes to have his dick sucked by his son, our own boy – mmm?”

Bill came up for air and stretched to French his beautiful wife, his dick now nuzzling where his mouth had been moments ago. “God! Babe, wasn’t that something? I never expected him to go down on his dad. On you sure, but when he started sucking my cock I got really hard, and I could even feel my asshole tighten. It was weird. I’m not gay, but Billy brought out the Bi in my libido. I mean I knew I had a touch, but having my own son in such an intimate setting really made it electric!” Mollie could feel him getting hard from the memory of that naughty little demi-homoerotic encounter. She reached down and fitted him to her.

“And maybe next time he’ll let you suck on him? Would you like that? Like father, like son, like each other to mutually be Bi and guy to guy? I think that it might be interesting to see two fellas fiddle with each other. Would you be willing to experiment with that, if he were interested in trying something of that sort? His answer was indicated by the increased pace of his fucking, even before making a grunt that meant ‘Yeah, I would!’ She continued, “Yes, and what about something more?” Mollie reached around and managed to find Bill’s anus and poke a finger tip in. Bill got even more energetic then. But she didn’t want for his to cum just yet. “Roll over!” She directed. He did so, knowing that she had something on her mind.

Mollie mounted her man; bring his hands to her breasts, as she sat with practiced ease on his hard and upright erection. Her hips rolled in a movement that glided the muscle in and out of her hungry cunt. Bill looked up at the sexy siren he was married to, waiting for her to speak, as he was sure she would. “After you had dropped into never-never-sleepy-land; Billy had a little more fun with me.”

“Jeez, Moll, he didn’t fuck you did he?”

“No, he just rubbed his dick on top of me, and came that way. But it was fun!”

“I think we did more than just clue him into the facts of life, last night. He got to see us as we were going at it, even. I didn’t plan that we would let things go so far, they just sort of . . of . .”

“Sort of rolled along on their own, like a runaway train.”

“Yeah, and then it went into the tunnel!” said Bill as he laughed. Then he stopped laughing because he was about to cum.

“What cha doin?” A small feminine voice asked from the doorway. It was Mary. How long had she been standing there with the door open six inches and her face popped through, with her eyes wide, watching them? Mollie remembered she had left the door unlocked when she had returned from Billy’s room, but she was sure she had shut it tight, hadn’t she?

“Uh . . Mommy and daddy are just playing a game. Kind of like twister, but for grown-ups . . in bed.” As if she couldn’t figure it out! Damn! They were almost at climax.

“Can I play too?” Mary asked coming into the room all innocent in her bright smile. She began to climb on the bed with them. Now, it wasn’t a usual thing for them to be naked in front of their children, though in might happen by accident on occasion and no big deal was made out of it. (Not including last night’s sortie into incest or the exposure Mollie had provided to Billy in his room, exceptions each.) But it was the first time that they had been caught in flagrante delicto by any of the kids. (Not counting the demonstration and exhibition of eight hours ago in their bed with their son, either, of course.) Mollie reluctant quickly dismounted and Bill drew up the sheet as best he could. Not that easy as Mary crawled on top of the covering as he was tugging it.

“Why aren’t you watching television, Sweetheart?” Mollie inquired as she grabbed her gown from the floor where it had landed the evening before. She let it slide over her head. Bill was still hard, but at least had the sheet at his middle. Suddenly, Mollie realized that she had to pee, real bad! “I’ll be right back, mommy has to go pee!” She race for the toilet, it was a close thing. When she came back the scene that greeted her seemed surreal. Mary was sitting on Bill’s middle, just as Mollie had been doing when Mary first announced herself. The sheets were on the floor. Mary’s nightshirt was up around her waist and clearly she was wearing no panties. Bill had an astonished expression, as if someone had just thrown a pie in his face from out of nowhere. Mary was rocking her hips in imitation of Mollie’s actions.

Mary turned her head and said, “Look mommy, I can play horsey with daddy too! I’m riding him just like you were doing!” The girl turned and smiled at her father, still bucking her naked little butt on his boner. Bill suddenly appeared stricken with horror, as his hips made jerky movements under his youngest daughter’s derrière. Mollie knew at that instant that he had creamed, involuntarily, but nonetheless, his girl’s bare behind had triggered the already primed stick of male dynamite, and it had exploded between the cheeks of the Mary’s bottom. “OOPS! Daddy’s leaking! I think he has to go pee, too.”

Bill shouted as he lifted his daughter off his semen dripping cock and tossed her gently aside on to the mattress. “YES! Daddy has to go the bathroom, Sweetie! EXCUSE ME!” and out he dashed, giving Mollie a look that said he was just as astounded as she, at the turn of events, and even more chagrined by his inadvertent orgasm from his child’s stimulation. Mary looked up at her mother from the bed and put her hand over her mouth as she giggled.

“Whoops, I made my papa, dribble!”

Mollie frowned at her youngest and most impish of kids. “I don’t think that you ought to play like that with your father anymore. Okay?”

“Alright, but that was a lots of fun! Too bad Julie couldn’t try it too. I bet she would like it as much as you and me, mom!”

“Well, how about you not letting her know what you did. Because I don’t think daddy liked it that much,’

“Yes he did mom, as much as when you were doing it. That’s why he creamed. Doesn’t he like it when you make him squirt?” With that cryptic remark she indicated that she was not innocent at all but was the minx her father had said she was, Mary hopped of the bed and exited their bedroom. Mollie was still both a bit stupefied and somewhat miffed at her daughter’s antics, when Bill came back. He made mouthing motions but nothing came out – he was speechless, not knowing what to say to his wife about what had just happened. She put her hand to his lips to indicate he should stop trying to talk. He was still nude and semi hard. She pulled him on top of her as she fell back on the bed, opening her thighs, the gown riding up her legs to expose her crotch.

“God! Bill that was the craziest thing ever. She knew what she was doing to you. I am so turned on right now I need a cum bad. Fuck me, just fuck me and don’t talk. I’m not angry at you, it was Mary’s doing, you couldn’t help it. But I never got a chance to do that to my daddy. Maybe I might have if the right circumstances had ever opened up, but I swear I wouldn’t be surprised if she seduces you someday, with a nerve like that! Right in front of me she brought you off. That was so hot, I’m so turned on!”

Bill found his voice, as he plowed as hard as he could in his spouse’s pussy. “What about you and Billy? Did you want to screw Billy last night?” Now his member was like oak.

“OH! Would you like that? To see me and Billy fucking?”

It was obviously yes. Because Bill didn’t answer as he was too intensely focused on the approaching climax he was close to, and working to bring Mollie to peak as well. She also discontinued conversing for concentrating on copulating, her orgasm about to explode also. Then, they were both seeing stars and their bodies convulsed with the superheated fireworks that their incestuous lust had set off. Neither cared if the door was open or not at that point. It was a bit, but there was no audience at the moment. But that would not always be the case, as they were to soon discover!

The rest of Saturday was a day of rest. Bill and Mollie took a nap in the afternoon, to rest up from the morning’s exertions. The kids had their various games and went off to see friends in the neighborhood. Mollie ordered pizza delivered for dinner and Bill rented a video tape for all to watch when he went to pick up more soda. The family settled in for the evening as if things were as they had been a week ago. Bedtime was standard routine too. Bill had a golf game early tee-off the next morning and Mollie wanted to plant some flowers in the front. She thought she could enlist the kids help. But nobody had any dirty thoughts as they went to sleep, and no sheets were soiled. Billy didn’t even need a tissue, that night, except to blow his nose.

However, the next morning . . .

Son’s Rise at Sunrise

Mollie slowly came awake, with the lovely feeling of a tongue between her thighs. She and Bill sometimes slept in the buff and last night she had decided she would be more comfortable in the warmer weather without a gown. Bill had also shucked his shorts and they had cuddled, spooning as they fell asleep. Now he was lapping at her pussy. It must be raining and his game canceled she thought. She opened wide for his oral attack; he was trying some new techniques on her, not his usual variety of manipulations. She luxuriated in the sweet nibbling of his lips and licking at her labia. Then he was sucking her clit. Kind of a bit hard, actually. “Easy does it, Honey!” she said, opening her eyes.

The sun was shining under the drapes. “Don’t you have a game toda . .” ‘The sun was shining?’ Wait a minute, then . . Mollie looked down to see Billy eating her out. And not all that bad a job either. This was unexpected. But somehow she wasn’t surprised, with the way things had been going in the household, it was more par for the course. She just hoped that Billy wasn’t planning on getting his putter into her hole. Though she wouldn’t mind playing with his balls. He was doing nicely, she really enjoyed the difference of his novice style, he got the message about being gentle with her nubbin and now the tongue was swirling everywhere down there. Here came his lips kissing her mons and thighs.

His mouth sucked on her clit again but in a rhythm that was going to . . . wait! She was going to, oh! Yes she WAS going to, CUM! She was cumming so sweetly, her hips bucked a rise to meet the sucking mouth on her clit and she sailed over the moon on a wonderful climax. That was very good, and Billy had been the seducer too, what do you know? Those lessons the other night had been well learned! “Darling, that was ever so good! Come here and give your mother a big kiss, my sneaky cute man. You gave mommy a sweet cum. Thank you!”

Billy kissed her, tasting of her juices, “Dad left early and I didn’t think he had a chance to do anything, so I thought I would. Did I do alright?”

“Yes, you certainly did! More kisses, please!”

Billy obliged. He was in the same position as he had been when he had rubbed off on her before. She thought that ought to be a good way to repay him again. She started to tilt her pelvis to get the motion going and he took the hint. She was aware that as before she was sloppy with lubrication like last time and remembered to make sure that her son stayed high enough on her that he would not slip in, as he almost had the earlier humping. Her hands went to his arms to steady him and help him set the pace. His prick was hard and very smooth as it nudged against her, the head a bulb on the end that provided stimulation on her clit. His movements were slow and deliberate and the strokes were long and went from high to low.

Mom, when a girl, a woman cums, does she squeeze with her vagina, if a man’s dick is in her?”

“There are certain muscles that can do that, yes but it might not happen every time. Sometimes we cum and it’s just a little shudder, but if it is a real big cum then lots of things happen. Our feet can curl, and our hips thrust forward and our insides go trembling and we can make loud noises. It depends, some gals have different ways of cumming, but we all like it when it happens. But there are different ways that can make it happen.”

Billy continued with his rubbing, the penis was a bit low, so she put her hands on his hips like last time to keep him from moving too close to her vagina. She thought that she might even be able to climax again and join him when he was shooting. “Is it important that a guy be big to fuck a girl, or long, or both?”

“Like I explained the other evening, women can stretch to match their mate. But the feeling is good even if we aren’t expanded that much because the tissue surrounds the man’s member and she can sense his filling her when he enters. There are more nerve endings at the entrance than there are on the walls of the vagina.” Mollie wondered at the clinical way that she was lecturing her son who was moving his cock at her . . wait! It was at the entrance! He had slid down without her realizing it as she had been talking and now it was beginning to dip into his mother’s cavity. The sensation was exquisite, and she was having a hard time resisting the urge to let him slip a little bit in.

“Billy, don’t go into mommy, Baby! We can’t, we must not, we shouldn’t.” But it was getting a little more inside with every stroke. It was gradually gaining entry, she wanted him, but she couldn’t, but it was so tempting, but she was his mother, but he felt so good, but he was a virgin . . .

“Just the tip, mommy, just the tip.” he whispered in her ear. The vision of Mary on top of Bill’s cumming dick flashed in her mind for some reason. What an erotic sight! She had said, ‘I never got a chance to do that to my daddy.’ “Please,” came her boy’s plea, “Just the tip, to see what it’s like?” Her words to Bill echoed in her brain ‘ OH! Would you like that? To see me and Billy fucking?’ She should wait for Bill to be here. That meant she was going to let Billy do it, didn’t it? “Please, mom?” He was doing it anyway! He was putting the tip in her vagina! There was that penetration of his prick head into her gateway, it was so soft she wasn’t sure that it was in, until she felt the ridge slide past the ring of muscle and she knew her resistance was dissolved.

“Oh Mom! Yes!

“Sweetheart, yes!” The boy was becoming man right there, as he slid up her passage. She pulled his buns to her to press him in her all the way. He only took the quickest of moments to be fully engulfed in his mother’s body and then his balls pressed her butt and he was socked to the root, held in place by her strong arms and bonded to her by the love they shared. AND OH YES!! THE LOVE!, the love they shared was the uniting of their physical selves and she accepted him as being her lover too. A special joining with him now, this sex with her boy, he was a grown male and their mutual lust for each other had opened like a blossom and was beautiful.

Billy began to thrust and withdraw in meaningful strokes, his urgency obvious that he was going to cum quickly, she wanted to share it with him, she opened up and let him pound in her with his cock and it was bring her with him as he suddenly locked tight all the way in and she could feel the throbbing of his penis squirting the load of sperm he had save up. She peaked too, not a big one, but very wonderful – a mellow and harmonious sort of orgasm she had with him as he spew his seed within her. But ‘AH! YOUTH!’ She thought, as he began to once more plummet her depths with as much vigor as before his paroxysm. His hard-on never went soft but now steadily plunged and plugged like a pro ,making her laugh for the joy of her boy using his manhood to pleasure his mom even more.

Long minutes passed as Billy continued to make love to Mollie. She lay under him and he had charge now of the situation. With sucking on her breasts, first one then the other, he was considerate and tender, as he ravaged her center with his rod. Finally though, he was arriving at the second cumming, she too was ready to once more to peak, and this would be a shaker, she could tell that she was primed to blast. His strokes became erratic, then they sped up steadily to almost a blur, then he pounded hard – once, twice and then the ‘coup de grace’ he set in and pumped the rest of his semen in her. After she recovered, Mollie ran her hands over his back and cooed to him what a wonderful lover he was.

Then the girls were making noise about lunch and she told him to wait until she was in the kitchen with them and called him. Then he was to skedaddle into his room put on a shirt and shorts and come out for the meal. With any luck no one would be the wiser for their session. But in her mind Mollie needed a plan so that Bill didn’t feel left out that he hadn’t been around for his son’s first time. She thought that perhaps she had an idea. Billy seemed to be open to experimenting with his folks. Maybe Bill’s Bi leanings might be the ticket. But that would have to wait as tonight was a school night. Things needed to be calm for a while. That was for the best.


Mollie was relieved that for the rest of the week, things went about normal for their routines. School helped to calm the youthful exuberance that was bubbling under the surface of things. Billy did try to French her on occasion, but she was cautious of his sisters catching on. Nor had she quite had the nerve yet to tell Bill that she had given in and let their son lose his virginity with her. She didn’t think that there would be a big brouhaha over that, considering Bill’s two encounters with Mary, but she delayed, just the same. She would get to it when the time was right.

Bill came home Friday evening and met his wife taking their son out to pick up some groceries. His spouse informed him that the girls were watching TV, and dinner would be in an hour, it was already done and just needed to be reheated. The day had been hot and humid and the AC at his office had not been adequate to the task, so Bill said he was going to jump in the shower. Mollie said good idea, and added she and Billy would be back in about forty-five minutes, She would pick up the dry-cleaning too. Anything Bill wanted from the store?

“Cold beer!” was his definite reply and then he entered the house, as they drove off. He announced to his daughters that he was home and about to take a shower. He gave them kisses and then went to change and get clean. The spray felt good as he turned on the water and adjusted the temperature to be slightly on the cool side. He was sudsing up his hair and had his eyes closed because of the shampoo, when he heard the door to the shower stall slide open. At first, he thought that Mollie had doubled-back and decided to surprise him by joining him in the stall for some fun. They loved to do that on occasion.

But the body next to his, he quickly discovered, was a much smaller feminine form when he fumbled with his hands, still blinded by the head covered with foam. Before he could grasp what, or rather whom he was groping, the other side slid open and shut, to admit a second naked body that jostled against him. Then, as it dawned on him what was being perpetrated, a chorus of high pitched giggles confirmed that he had been double teamed by his daughters who were now two bare females that flanked him front and back.

“Surprise daddy!” their trilling voices rang in the enclosure, as he tried to rinse the suds from his scalp. “We’re going to get clean with you, like mommy does sometimes!” said Mary.

“Daddy, did you really do what Mary said, last Saturday?” asked Julie at the same time.

“Julie wants to see if she can make you leak boy-stuff too, daddy!” chimed Mary, immediately after her sister.

“That would be real nice if you let me help you cream again, like you did for Mary.” Julie put in, her words following Mary’s so that Bill couldn’t get a word in edgewise. At least by then he had the soap out of his eyes and saw the two naughty water nymphs, hair soaked and nipples dripping. Julie’s buds were hard little buttons on her burgeoning bosom.

“Girls you shouldn’t be in here, I don’t think you mother would approve at all!” Bill said, but was a little befuddled by both being in cahoots on this caper. He was out numbered. “You’re too old now to be taking baths with your father, really!”

“Mommy and Billy are gone for groceries, so they don’t have to know, if you don’t tell!” said Mary.

“It was Mary’s idea,” said Julie, “But I wanted to have the chance to play, like you guys did, when she sat on your lap and did the horse ride, on this . .” and his oldest daughter took his penis in her fingers and jacked it a couple of strokes. Involuntarily, it gained tumescence in her hand.

“Fair is fair, poppa, you should let Julie have some fun with your dick too!” said the little Miss Mastermind of this seductive squeeze play. “Let me wash your back!” She had the bar of soap and was rubbing it up his back and down on his behind as well. She handed the bar to her sister as she began to run her small hands over his slick muscles. Things were going rapidly from bad to worse or from mischievous to risqué as Julie began to lather his genitals.

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Bill was about to say, ‘That’s enough! Girls, stop!’ when Mary ran her hand up his crack and goosed him. He let out a yelp. Then Julie had his balls in one hand and was stroking his dick with her other. Mary had put both her palms on his butt and pushed to send his hips forward slightly to aide her sister and co-conspirator. The sight of his other daughter jacking on his prick was so erotic that he once more hesitated in asserting his paternal authority to end the pair’s high-jinxes. Now, despite his misgivings at this immoral morass of pixie playful pranks of peccable impropriety with his pecker, he was undeniably enjoying the thrill of the being in the thrall of his giggling girls.

Giving into the spirit of the frolic, Bill began to run his hands over first Julie, then Mary, both their backs and fronts, their tushes and then touching their nipples, kissing the tops of their heads and running his fingers over their nubile mons. Just sweeping strokes over their slippery skin, hugs and sliding caresses, but the sensations were exhilarating to all of them as they felt one another’s bodies. They laughed as the water splashed and the spray spritzed at all angles with the wiggling and squirming pair that orbited the parent. It was a wonder nobody slipped and fell Bill thought with all the zany antics that went on for about fifteen minutes.

“We had better get out before your mother returns, if you don’t want her to know what you two have been up to.” said their father, though he knew that somewhere along the line he would need to have Mollie hear it from him, rather than learn otherwise later on, of this ambitious ambush the girls had staged. He knew that so far things had been only naughty, not over the line, for what he might be allowed by Mollie to dabble with the girl’s sexually. Perhaps it was imprudent, but it had not been his idea, either. Though he admitted to himself, he was a willing victim, if the truth be told.

“I’ll get the towels!” cried Mary, and she slid her side’s door open and scramble out. She went to the linen closet, leaving wet foot prints as a trail. Her exit gave Bill and Julie a few moments alone.

Julie flung her arms around her father in a hug that brought her tender young breasts to his hairy chest and her torso against his, pressing his hard-on between them. She kissed him, with her tongue snaking in and then whispered in his ear, “Daddy, I want some more of being together, like this.” To make things even more clear that she was intending for more intimate contact with her dad, she took his hand and drew it down to her split. She deftly got his middle finger extended in her dainty digits and pressed it into her slippery middle. Bill instinctively sought the entrance to her opening, testing the lubrication of her cavity with the tip of his finger, it was definitely hot and wet from her arousal.

Then Mary reappeared and they each were handed a towel. The madcap caper of the shower shenanigans was over as they dried one another with more laughter and some not so innocent kisses exchanged. Bill was in his old boxers and the girls in their nightgowns by the time Mollie and Billy returned, but they appeared the picture of calm domesticity. However, Mollie could tell that something had transpired while she was out, by the sly looks her daughters exchanged between themselves and the fact that they took pains to be on their best behavior that evening. Bill also had a odd look to his face, but she could quite place what it was conveying. She knew she would discover what it was eventually; likely Bill would illumine her later, he never kept things from her for long.

A Lap’s of Judgment

While Bill was in quite an amorous mood that evening, actually Mollie was a bit tired from housework and the errands she had been running the rest of the day. She suggested that they save their energies for their Saturday morning romp. Bill was supportive as ever and let his bedtime-pass at her pass without asking further, expecting the morning to be all the more of a good time with his spouse. Mollie fell asleep not long after, but her husband was a bit hyper from the lascivious shower his daughters had foisted upon him. He decided to go to the living room and see what was on the late movie.

The three kids were supposedly in bed and asleep, but soon after he settled on the couch Julie came in. Her gown was diaphanous and showed her slim figure in the flickering blue light of the television, the film being in black and white, one he had seen any number of times. He had the sound on low so as not to wake the household. Julie came and sat next to him. She watched the flick for a few minutes, but then turned her attention on her father. Bill became aware of her focus and his cock began to stiffen with the memory of what she had said at the end or their little foray in the spray.

Julie wordlessly slid off the sofa and reached for her papa’s pants. She helped him shed his shorts and began to fist his boner in her delicate grip. Once she was assured of his cooperation, and the rigidity of his erection, she quickly pulled off her nightie. She had worn no panties and now they were both nude. Bill had been primed from earlier and put on pause by his wife’s fatigue. He had not hoped or planned this liaison with his elder daughter but he found her hard to resist, since he was so horny. Mollie had not made a big fuss over Mary’s machinations of last weekend and Billy’s participation had been accepted as part showing him what sex was all about. Indeed that had gone beyond the pale of what might be considered even a liberal type of lesson.

So this silent assignation that Julie was instigating was not so out of line for the circumstances, he rationalized. But when she climbed onto his lap a moment of doubt about the advisability of their ribald rendezvous arose. Julie leaned into him and Frenched him, her arms snaking around his neck. Her hips were making rocking motions as she knelt with her young womanhood quite invigorating his by now raging erection. He could even feel the dampness of her sex oil as the friction of their genitals was slicked with her excitement. His girl’s pelvis was doing female things on his member and those things were most certainly becoming dangerously close to doing a very dirty deed.

He tried to lift her off, but that worked to the advantage of her situation in seeking an incestuous connection. For then his tip raked down the middle of her crotch and set into the indentation that lead to her vagina. She settled her hips down and forward to apply an angle that assured her father’s bulb divided the labia at the spot she wanted him in, and then with a sinuous movement let her weight down and inserted Bill’s boner into her body. When he felt the penetration of her virginal hole he groaned in regret and in ecstasy. For he had not meant to take his daughter’s maidenhead, but yet the tight little cavity was an amazing a sensation as he had ever felt on his prick.

Julie gasped, but didn’t cry out. She had known what to expect and indeed, had done some preparation for this moment in her life, with some pre-coital stretching in the last year or so. Thus her hymen was not ripped too much and the pain was not a shock. The enjoyment of her dad’s penis in her was quickly becoming more joy than a jolting juggernaut of muscle up her inner sanctum. As they became accepting of their union, the pair allowed the sheer exhilaration of their lust to drive them on. Bill sought her swaying little breasts with his mouth and suckled them giving Julie a erotic and wonderful feeling as the incestuous liaison heightened the thrill. She rode his hard-on, to sink bit by bit deeper, and yet even deeper, getting almost all of it in, before she climaxed.

Bill knew that as soon as she had completed that orgasm, it was imperative that she be dismounted, for that was his limit to be in her and not cum. He didn’t want to impregnate her, for God’s sake! He made a mighty effort and this time managed to lift her, with his hands under her armpits, and withdrew. Then as she descended, with the throbbing member squashed between her abdomen and his stomach, his cock spurted his load of semen that had been building since the early part of the evening. The gobs of goo made a fine spill, but the new lovers were so in the moment of their passion that they cared not; until it got cool and was an icky-sticky mess. Bill grabbed some napkins that had served as a coaster on the end table and wiped the jism as best he could from his daughter’s torso.

Julie sensing that she best retreat before they were discovered, kissed him sweetly on the lips and whispered, “Thank you daddy, I love you!” and like a sprite, all but danced back to her room. Bill got up and staggered to the kitchen to get a towel and clean himself off. When he turned the TV off, his shorts were on the floor, he retrieved them and tugged them on, his dick still a bit turgid. How the hell was he going to explain this? The shower had been a piece of cake to confess, compared to taking Julie’s virginity. He was certain Mollie would have wanted to be present at the momentous event. Now what?

Perhaps if Billy did get involved with their love making again, he might actually fuck his mother. Then there would be a sort of parity to the whole thing. Then his confession of sin might be not so serious, in light of the licentious loosened morality they were practicing while educating their kids to the mysteries of sex. At least he hoped that his spouse would think so.

Mollie’s Musings

Mollie had hinted that she wanted to talk to Billy about some private things in the car, on the way to get the groceries and stop at the cleaners. On that trip she had raised the subject of more ‘lessons’ for him to try out with his folks. That he was eager for. She broached the subject of his Bi experience from last time, was he okay with what he had done? Billy answered that he wondered what the whole of sexuality was about, both from the female and male point of view. Her son explained that he figured that ‘fun was fun’ whatever the activity, and that while he was more attracted to the opposite sex, it was interesting as well to see what made “guys tick in getting a hard dick”, his words.

So sucking on his dad’s dick didn’t bother him. If that and other sorts of private kinds of play, even guy-guy stuff, helped his parents to be in the mood to let him participate in their adult physical fun, then he was all for it. Anything that allowed him to get in the game he was willing to try. It was a very liberated and mature sort of attitude, for such a youth newly initiated into the grown-up world of sexual experimentation. Of course, Billy didn’t quite use all those highfalutin words.

Essentially, he had the right attitude and wasn’t uptight about anything, so she said that she’d let him know when the time was right for another ‘three-for-all’ to use a term Billy had made up. Mollie thought the impending ménage a’ trios would be the opportunity to make confession. After she got Bill and Billy to finagle, she would let her husband in on the inadvertent and unplanned screwing their son had managed to attain with his mother beforehand. After all, she thought it quite likely that her spouse might be willing to allow his daughters to have the same privilege eventually. But she was unsure if either girl was ready to lose her virginity to her father. On the other hand, Mollie might have fucked her pop if circumstances had presented such an opportunity.

It was Mary, Mollie considered the one more likely to try to seduce her father; just possibly in a couple of years ahead of now. She was the firecracker. Minx, was the term Bill had used and his wife thought that was very close to the mark. Little did she know, however; minx Mary was already scheming to be part of any incest round-robin that was happening. She intended that any sort of sexual action occurring in the house she would be a party to, if possible. She thought it would be fun to help things along, as she had in the shower. Although, she thought the ride on her daddy’s ding-dong had been

great fun she wanted him inside her soon!

Double Bill-ing

So things were meshing both with plans and genitalia it turned out, in Mollie’s naughty nest of incest. Saturday, she awoke to Billy once more creeping into their bedroom and slipping under the sheets to do cunnilingus. But as Mollie saw Bill was still snoozing she tapped her son on the top of his head and when he looked up, she made pointing motions to his father’s naked form. Billy took the hint and switched from her to his dad. Mollie turned on her side and jilled herself, as she watched in fascination her boy making a woodie on his pop. Bill woke to the sensation, at first thought it was Mollie, but her technique was different. Then still fuzzy brained, he thought that perhaps Julie had boldly come in to suck his dick. But when he raised his head and saw his son was the culprit for his stiffy, his eyes got wide open.

He then became aware of his sweet spouse taking in the sexy scene, and grinning at her glee. He emitted a small chuckle at his discovery and delight. He welcomed the morning kiss Mollie gave him as she leaned to him. “Playtime again, Honey” she whispered. And then put her nearest nipple in his mouth to have him help start her motor running. Bill gladly suckled on her teat, as his son was performing fellatio. Then Billy moved to swing about, nearly knocking Bill in the head with his knee, but did miss him, and presented his own peter at his pater’s lips, while the youngster’s mouth commenced to munch on mamma’s muff. The ‘three-for-all’ had begun.

Mollie rolled on to her back and spread her thighs for her son to have full access to her pussy. He was coming at her sort of sideways and it was different than 69 or straight eating-out. It made for an interesting angle and the variation was erotic she found. Bill enjoyed the smaller erection in his oral opening, but he was unsure of what to do with the all but upside down dick. He decided that just a wide O for his lips, to run down and back the shaft with some suction was best he could do, but he thought that might be nice. Billy was concentrating on getting his parents as aroused as possible, because he figured that ought to open all kinds of possibilities up. He was have a fine time in any case!

Then Mollie, thought to ‘throw the switch’ and with some nudging and hand manipulations got Billy to put his mouth on Bill’s cock again, while she now took her son’s prick in her own mouth. She made gentle sucking but not much movement on the meat. The wily kid reached over and began to finger her clit and massage his old man’s testicles. “Oh, yeah! Billy, that’s good!” Bill encouraged him. The air began to have the taint of sex and sweat, as the trio was heating the room with their exertions.

“Get on mom, dad and let me see you put it in!” Billy said when he was sure that his father was solid and gone into fuck-lust. He flipped around to get a view.

Instead, Mollie raised her leg and hooked it around her husband to bring him to her in a side-by-side position, and they kissed as her breast pressed his pects. Bill felt his son guiding his tool toward his wife’s hole, and then he was entering that haven of honeyed tissues. Mollie felt her hubby plug into her pussy and was grateful for the help her kid was providing. She wondered how they could include him in this, rather than just a viewing. But then she sensed Billy moving to her other side and making her the middle of a male sandwich. His smaller hard-on pressed against her buttocks and found the split. The second penis stoked against her buns as the first slid in and out of her vagina.

“I’m being loved by both of my men at the same time!” she said with happy tones of a wanton woman. Then Billy started to press down and harder at her rear. She didn’t at first suspect his intent, simply thought that he was slipping lower with his enthusiastic movements. But then when she felt the head of his boner at her anus she got the idea. “Hold in me and wait a sec, Bill, Babe.” She said to her horny spouse. “Go for it Billy, up mommy’s ass!” she encouraged her boy. And with a few exploratory pokes he found the back entrance and pushed his tip in. “Now both of you go slow and work it together. First Billy, then you Bill, alternating and let me get used to this. I’ve never had a double penetration before.”

Her two lovers, did as they were commanded by their mistress of the mattress. Billy found the sensation different but interesting than that of fucking his mom’s cunt. Mollie was learning to let the sphincter expand and not clench, while her other side was filling and emptying in a sort of seesaw effect to her insides; bowels, vagina, bowels, vagina, then the pace quickened slightly as everybody was finding the rhythm that this wild balling called for. Eventually the both of the cocks were beginning to sync, and then it was crazy time. She had never been so full, and yet she was not stretched to an uncomfortable level, but the simultaneous sensations front and back were making her climax climb rapidly, as the very thought of what they were doing made her whole self like a giant sex organ.

Both the boys could feel the other through the thin membrane of Mollie’s insides that separated them. They each took in the fact that the turgid muscle that they were moving in time with was their son’s/father’s; and that it was going to begin to throb and shoot when their love woman, packaged between them, reached her paroxysm. They were also verging on their own cum, excited by both their female partner’s impending cum and each other’s too. It couldn’t last long, neither the excitement or the physical energy to maintain the precarious position was possible for long. But once the double Bill-ing had begun in earnest, it didn’t take much time to arrive at their explosion.

Mollie was so overwhelmed by the massive invasion she could only grunt “UH-UH-UHH-UHHN!” in rising pitch and increasing volume until it became almost a scream. Bill was going “Yeah! YEAH! YYEEAhh! Huugh! As he pumped a big wad of seed in his wife’s womb, socked deep in her cavity. Billy went “Ahh! Ahh! AHH! AAHHH!” as his dick throbbed in his mother’s rectum and then was rapidly deflating and being expelled by the natural squeezing Mollie guts made. Bill too, was exiting his wife’s body quite quickly, but that was so they both could gasp for air. The orgasms had left the couple breathless, so intense was the experience.

Bill was surprised that he had so much semen, especially after last night’s escapade. Mollie lay back and lovingly caressed her two males’ members. Their messy muscles were soft but gained a bit of tumescence in her hands as the fingers worked the shafts up and down. Eventually, Bill told the other two to lay there, he would be right back with warn washcloths and fresh towels for everyone to clean up with. He looked for Billy’s pajamas on the floor but didn’t see them. As he went toward the bathroom, he grabbed his robe from the back of the door. The door to the bedroom was part open. Had Billy carelessly left it ajar when he had slipped into their room, or had one (or both) of the girls been spying on them again?

Jeez! thought Bill, that’s all they needed, was for the girls to see that spectacle! They were already getting way too frisky as it was. Which reminded him, he needed to make confession to Moll. Was now a good time to do it? He gathered the terrycloth articles, three washcloths and two big towels, and returned to the bed. There followed a hilarious three way wipe down and tickling round-robin, worthy of Max Sennett, if he had made adult films that is. For along with the tickling, some diddling, and fiddling with back-ends was made. Mollie said she regretted that all three couldn’t share the shower.

Bill agreed, all the while thinking that had she but known about the other day, perhaps they might have done so too. But that had yet to be presented. Meanwhile he noticed that Billy’s now clean prick was quite stiff. He was inspired to utilize the moment as the opening he needed to allow events of late night afore, be put into perspective. He whispered in his wife’s ear, “Would you like to get in the shower with Billy? If he needs to cum again, you could suck him off, or . . . fuck him if you want. I wouldn’t mind, after he got things so hot for us this morning, he deserves a reward.”

Mollie, surprised by her husband’s lewd suggestion, saw that it would get her off the hook in a way that gave them permission to screw with Bill’s blessing. “That’d be okay if we . . if your son and your wife . . made love?”

Bill nodded and added, “I’ll make sure the girls don’t discover what you guys are up to. Go in separately, but yeah, if you want to let him have you, sure; if he can fuck your ass, then he might as well put it in your pussy too! I love you both, have fun.”

So first Mollie, then Billy snuck into the bathroom, thinking that hopefully the girls would be none the wiser. Bill in his robe again went looking for the girls. He found them in Julie’s room. One look at them and he knew they had been indeed spying. They could read his expression of frustrated then resignation that acknowledged that nobody was innocent around here anymore and that everybody had secrets that were not so secret. He could see in their eyes their combined amusement at the antic of their parents and brother and their challenge also, since they had a trump card of their own, from yesterday’s ‘dirty shower’ dalliance.

Mary explained that she had seen Billy go into their parent’s bedroom naked and figure what was up. She got Julie out of bed and they opened the door a crack and saw with Billy sucking on him and mom sucking on Billy. And everything that followed, obviously, until he had fetched the items from the bathroom. Julie proclaimed, it was way better an amusement than watching cartoons on TV, adding her comment straight faced. Bill put his face in his hands and shook his head for a moment. Then he cautioned the girls to not let on about the fact that they had been witness to the double debauchery of their mother, his finger held upright in phallic authority. But he was unsure how long the incestuous house of cards would be able to stand with so many jokers in the deck.

He explained that Mollie and Billy should be afforded privacy, as they were about to be involved in a similar scenario as the girls pulled on him. He wondered if Julie had let her sister in on the late evening’s seduction, but decided he didn’t want to know just now. The fact that the double dicking had been witnessed by the twin imps inhabiting his home was salacious enough of a scene for their eyes so young. Just now he was hoping that his son and wife were enjoy each other carnally, in the spraying

warm water of the stall, and at the same time, getting him out of hot water!

Cumming Clean With Mom

Mollie felt a little like a kid again as she and Billy got into the shower stall, even though their activities were going to be definitely adult. She figured that it was because Bill had given them his permission to fool around. Not only did she love to dally with a boy-toy in the water, but this was the first time she and Billy would be involved in foreplay in the spray. It was like being let loose in an amusement park with free tickets. She had gambled with her indiscretion by not telling her husband, her luck had been fortunate and now she had the chance to gambol with her son. So her relief at the turn of events was a liberated exuberance that bubbled with the suds they slathered on one another.

The lather that was coating their bodies was as much for the delight of getting their hands all over each other, as it was for washing away the remnants of their earlier naughtiness. Billy was particularly enamored of plying his mother’s tits in his soapy hands as she was equally gratified to reach down and grab the tight buns of his tush. His proud pole pushed between her thighs, too high to just not quite properly seek entry to her vaginal entrance, but that was not what he was trying to accomplish just then. He was focused on the twin pillows of her pulchritude and the caps of her erect points, which his fingers found and fiddled with. Mollie let out a laugh that wound up a gasp of intense pleasure as one of the youth’s hands slid down over her belly and combing through her thatch to find her clit, then parted her labia with the middle digit.

As the thumb strummed the nubbin and the finger inserted itself in the center of her sex, she countered with grasping the length that stood up from his groin and moved lower to his testicles. She tenderly coddled those double marble-sacks feeling the hard nuts as the scrotum tightened with her caress. Then because she had the reach, she swung the arm around to his backside and delved into the split of his ass-crack. There she gently prodded the pucked place she sought and entered a finger tip in his anus. Billy let out a burst of loud laughter at his startled surprise, but it turned into a happy sigh as she worked her way a little further in, then gave a few stokes to simulate the more full effect he had provided her earlier.

“See how wild that sensation is, Honey?” she asked her kid.

Sex stories:   My Sexy Stepmom

“Uh-huh!” he moaned an answer, with his eyes closed, learning a new type of turn-on for himself for the first time. He didn’t find it unenjoyable, but was not quite able to fully relax the sphincter. Mollie didn’t want to press him into more than he could deal with. Besides she was so hyper-aroused by being able to riddle his rectum for him, that she was eager to consummate their union once more, in a good-old traditional fashion, namely a fine fucking. Billy also was primed to put it to his mom, and he had a position in mind, as well. “Turn around, mom . .” he directed.

Mollie obeyed her son, saying encouragingly, “I want your sweet dick in my pussy, Baby! Put your hunk in mama’s hole, please! I need your cock in my cunt now, Darling!” She felt his hands on her hips and she bent her knees as his stiff prick was placed at the ready target that her womanhood made from that angle. His member set right into the gash, as he went up on the balls of his feet, and it sliced into her body as easy as a spoon into pudding. “OH! GOD! YES! DEAREST! The words were punctuated with each thrust his muscle made spreading the flesh of her insides, in flashes of ecstasy that shot from her loins right up into her very brain, with bursting spasms of intensity.

The athletic posturing that allowed the sock-it-to-ya position was too much of a strain to both her thighs and his calves, but for the couple of minutes they indulged in that funky-monkey pose. It was truly great and promised that with another arrangement of similar strike-force fun, they would be longer in the lock-and-load copulating. But that didn’t mean the fucking was finished, just that they were better off rearranging their approach to a more leisurely style of canoodling. This time Mollie made the adjustments of limbs and genitals so that she was now over her boy.

Billy lay on the tiles and with his knees bent, propping his torso up on his elbows so he could view the action, with his head not quite to her bust. Mollie squatted over him with her hands on his kneecaps for balance and to brace herself as she rose and descended on his penis, so that once she had placed it at her opening, it smoothly pumped her well of femininity. This was a more stable ride and they enjoyed the screwing for some little time. Mollie knew however that the hard tile would take its toll, and suggested that they turn the water off for the moment and get on the rug.

The floor covering was shag, but she lay down a couple of towels for extra padding even so, and to prevent rug-burn. As his mother knelt before him, with her bottom up-turned toward him, Billy knew what was expected. He even knew what it was called. “Wag that pretty tail, mom!” he exclaimed as he got behind her on his knees also, holding her hips to steady his aim at her posterior. Once more his slender sword was sheathed in her vagina as he proved that he was man enough to provide the satisfaction of his mother’s sexual needs by bringing her to climax. It wasn’t long with his enthusiastic boffing at her butt, that Mollie was ready to sail off the cliff into the free-fall of orgasm.

With her “yes, Yes! Yess! YEESS! YEAHH! Billy-Baby NOWWW! OOOHHHH!! over the top cum, Billy felt himself squirting one last spurt in his mom. It wasn’t as big he had earlier, but it was intense for all the eroticism of their special splashing merriment. It would stand out as a highlight of the wonderland of sex his parents had initialized him into. Once they had climaxed they had lain there for long minutes, getting their breath back; the fact that they dissolved into giggles every now and then spontaneously didn’t help. But eventually they got up and had a quick rinse in the stall before taking a couple of more towels and having the pleasure of drying each other off.

Billy wrapped a towel around his middle and poked his head out of the door to see if it was all clear. No one was to be seen, so he scampered to his room. When Mollie had brushed her hair out and was just about to do the same sneak-away, Bill opened the door and told her that it was okay to pop into their bedroom, that the girls were outside in the backyard amusing themselves. Mollie quickly tiptoed to their room with her husband hand-in-hand. When they got there, she gave him a huge hug and the most ecstatic of kisses, to show her gratefulness and affection for this man who loved her so much. She whispered in his ear seductively that she was going to make his favorite meal and be his hottest Mollie-Dolly in bed that night. Bill just grinned, and kissed her back. He knew now that things would be okay, no matter what else happened.

What’ch Watchin’? 2

The best laid plans of mice and men and moms etc., and the plans for getting laid too; go awry, or in this case, ‘Go fish!’ As well as several other card games that Mary had wrangled them all into. The family had participated quite willingly, for they loved time together, all of them, and enjoyed each other’s company when they had these events. But that did take them to a very late hour, since it was not a school night. Thus the couple thought to once more postpone their parents-only games until the morning. Of course, now that the girls were privy to their brother being intimate with their folks, they had other ideas. Early Sunday morning, Mary convened a powwow of siblings, and every card and carnal act was laid on the table as they sat on Billy’s bed, including Julie’s seduction of her daddy.

Mary purposed a audacious plan of attack to the other two and they saw that it would be a solution to the whole problem of sneaking around. After all, what could the parents do? They had already been party to the very things that would be going on. Nor could they fuss much with each other, since such likewise liberties were already being allowed for the most part nonetheless and more of the same indeed! So why not? Thus they schemed to make a double duping of Mollie and Bill and have a different sort of family time that morning in their parent’s bed. Meanwhile, sleeping innocently (so to speak) in their own room, the older folks were in for a tricky treat!

Bill awoke and thought of the wonderful dream he had just been having. In it, Julie had been laying on top of him, their naked bodies pressed together. Arms wrapped around each other, as she had been moving her narrow hips, so that her pelvis made the motions of fucking her young pussy on his hard dick. Her tender mounds pressed on his chest as her tight vagina skinned over his ragingly hard cock. She kissed him, it had seemed so real; he kissed her back and offered his tongue which she greedily accepted. Her sweet pretty face was smiling a mirthful grin of girlish devilment. His hands went to her bottom and caressed her velvet behind. But it was Mary’s voice which sounded in his ear, whispering.

“You like doing it to Julie, don’t you daddy?”

“Yes, Pumpkin. But for heaven’s sake don’t tell you mother!”

“Don’t worry Pop, Billy is doing it to mom right now, next to us.” said Julie.

He could feel the vibrations of her chest on his, so real . . . JEEZ!! He looked into the eyes of his older daughter who was indeed atop of him and screwing her twat up and down in slow lazy coitus with her dad. It was no dream!

“Goood Moornning Dadddy!!” announced Mary a big impish grin on her face too, as she greeted him when he looked over to where she was crouched by the side of the bed, her head next to his. She gave him a large smackeroo on his cheek. The bed had movements that were not in time to the slow undulations of Julie’s body. From the other side of the bed the sheets were too high to be just Mollie. Sure enough, Billy’s head was hovering over his mom’s. She looked startled, as if she had just woken up too. To discover that she was being made love to by her boy. He realized that the kids had once more jumped in, where wise-men fear to tread. In fact, if they knew what lay in wait for them, those bearded sages would have fled, but then they would have missed out on all the fun!

But Bill was stupefied by the turn of events once more. His brain was both overloaded with the implications of a double trouble seduction and intoxicated by the intense exquisite pleasure of fucking his daughter again. He gave into the sensation of her lithe torso which provided the mind blowing sex he was having, and acknowledged (with what little intellect that was still functioning for the moment) that there was nothing to be done about this outrageous risqué revelry that was being foisted, though certainly not forced, on his wife and himself by their three children. Mature sexually beyond their tender years, the kids had conquered their parent’s reluctant reserve and roped them into allowing their offspring to finally have an open orgy once and for all.

But Mary was only observing, for now, wasn’t she. “Come, get on the bed, Mary, Baby,” Bill invited, “I think I know how daddy can please you too.”

Bed Time Stories

Mollie was astonished when she had awoken, as Billy climbed on and was separating her legs, even as he was giving each of her nipples a suckle. She knew that this was another morning sneaky assailing by her son. After all this wasn’t the first time, or even the second he had done so. That was not what astounded her; it was the movement she espied out of the corner of her eye, the redhead of her daughter appearing next to Bill’s dozing visage, the sheets moving in tandem with Billy’s covering of her own body. Even as his hips made the ancient motion of rocking between the thighs of women that males have done since the dawn of human history, when the discovery of face-to-face-sex was made by some Adam with a sinfully happy Eve, Mollie could see that Julie was likewise doing to her dad, that which some Eve had invented by inverting the position.

Yup! The children’s sins were being visited upon their parents! The little licentious scamps were fucking their folks with lusty enthusiasm, making love with their elders, mating with their progenitors lewdly, outright ravaging their poor mama and papa. ‘My, wasn’t this a fine kettle of fishies!?’, she thought as her son’s cock went right into her instantly damp pussy. She briefly wondered if this was Julie’s first time with Bill, but then was distracted by the rigorous rucking her boy commenced. Billy was intent on giving her a hearty stuffing and she was ready for his whomping woodie in her womb. She embraced his youthful but well muscled form and accepted his physical offering of his manhood to her most personal part.

Billy was really throwing it to her with all he had, like he wasn’t going to let her have a chance to protest his assault. That seemed not to be Julie’s strategy, Mollie vaguely reflected with the small corner of her mind that was not abuzz with the happy humming of her approaching cumming. Her daughter was making the most of her father’s boner in a slow deliberate way that would give the greatest pleasure per inch of penis, and to every centimeter of her tender young center also. ‘So’, Mollie wondered lazily as she was enjoying a mighty fine fucking by her son, ‘where was Mary’? Surely the “Little Lady of Daddy’s Lap” that made her papa “squirt the white-stuff” was somewhere about, if her mother knew that dainty dickens!

Then she heard “Goood Moornning Dadddy!!” She looked over and saw Mary beside the bed next to her husband. Moments later, she heard her spouse speak, and the words should have shocked her, but they didn’t, not much could after the last week. Bill said, “Come, get on the bed, Mary, Baby. I think I know how daddy can please you too.” The father invited his younger daughter’s participation. Mollie watch as the girl got up and guided by her father sat on his chest, while Julie rode Bill’s saddle horn. Bill took those tiny hips and brought them forward. “You’re going to love this!”, exclaimed Billy, of all people, and he whipped the sheet off the bed to expose the whole crew.

Here, on Mollie, his ass was humping his mother’s spread thighs and his fluffy balls were banging her buns. There, on Bill, was Julie rearing up and down on her father’s erection, the family pride a flag pole over the shaggy family jewels. Then Mary’s young pudenda made contact with her daddy’s lips and Mollie saw his tongue taste their child’s genitals. Mary giggled and grabbed her pop’s head and drew it up. She was obviously now happily the ‘Little Lady of Daddy’s Lips”. In fact, from conversations with her older sister, Mary had long ago learned the joys of ‘jilling’, and had discovered orgasms as a thing to do while in her bed, or the bath, and even other times and places in private. She was rather good at it, but it ran in the family, she got it from her mother’s side of course!

Now she was ecstatic that her dad was making that special tingling in her crotch begin to blossom. She wanted to have him do it to her, she loved it and she loved him and this was so good that the two could be loved together at the same time. “Yess, daddy!” she cried, “do that, make me feel like my whole body is full of fizzy fire!” Mollie felt her hand suddenly being held by Bill, the fingers intertwining and squeezing. He was verging on a big cum, she knew from this silent communication. She was too, gripped not just by his hand but by the entire erotic round robin of family fucking. Billy was picking up the pace; Julie had her head tilted back and an ethereal look in her expression. ‘Had she ever cum with a dick in her?’ Mollie had a moment’s wondering, before Mary let out an eerie wail of a cry, as her climax washed through her petite body.

Though muffled in his daughter’s genitals, Bill’s grunts signaled that he had been triggered by Mary’s orgasm to erupt in Julie with his own cumming. Julie shrieked in rapture as she felt her dad’s sperm shoot deep in her vagina. The throbbing organ was a massive manic muscle of man-meat that she drove down on to take as much up her as she could. Julie’s yell, was more than Billy could manage, as the wild scene cascaded in sexual pandemonium from one family member to another and he lunged hard and held his peter in Mollie’s pussy. Thus making his mother peak too, as she felt the seed of her son spew within her and the sound of the rest of her family in the throes of ecstasy ringing in a cacophony of cumming, she too joined the chorus of copulation with her own climatic cry.

That moment seemed to hold in a freeze frame of time, like they were statues, cast in plaster, painted in shades of pink and ruddy flesh tones. Then the moment ended with the movement of Mary toppling to the middle of the bed, on her back. She let out a over-sized sigh and said, “Whoowie! That was GOOOD!”

After a minute of silence that followed, Bill said, “Moll, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you . . .”

“Yeah,” his wife replied, “Me too.”

And so, with their children on top, between and beside them, as they kissed and were kissed, and kissing went around with the rest of them as well; Mollie and Bill shared their bedtime stories; which included sordid showers, furtive fucking, stealthy seductions and a covert consanguine couch; appended by an assortment of sentiments from the sisters and brazen boasts by their brother. That Sunday morning, there were no more secrets and their family never enjoyed each other’s company more than they did right then, for they were truly one united by the physical fun they shared together. For the next several hours, the whole troop swapped and switched and swung in a multi-menage of kinky kin.

Mollie’s Family’s Follies Finale

Mother, I know what you’re thinking!” said Mary, now a grown woman of forty five, to Mollie. She watch her mother giving a leering look at Mary’s own twenty two year old son, David. “Your Grandson is out of bounds!” They were at a neighbor’s pool and the hunky male was dripping wet in a skimpy bathing suit and simply radiating health and hormones; and pheromones no doubt too.

“I was just thinking, he’s the same age as Billy was when . .”

“When we began our family frolics. You didn’t think the same thing occurred to me, his mother?”

“He’s quite handsome and athletic, just like your brother at that age.”

“And I know you and youthful males, so don’t get any ideas in your head about teaching my David about the joys of . .”

“MARY! You of all of us should be understanding of a young person’s budding sexuality at that age.”

“SHHSH!, I know, keep it down! I don’t want David to hear about his mom’s peccadilloes and her family skeletons.”


“So I borrowed your toys to do a little jilling, when I was a girl.”

“You had snuck that big one, so you could prepare for your debut with your Daddy!”

“Damn it, I waited until I was 18, Julie or Billy did with you and daddy before I got the chance!”

“Uh-huh, to have sex with your father, but you indulged in foreplay with him and your brother too, like they were video games. You were constantly using up your father’s stamina. It was a wonder that I, or Julie, got any screwing if you were around, until I put my foot down and made you be fair and share. Bill couldn’t seem to refuse his little minx.”

“Well once I finally lost my virginity to pop, I did settle down.”

“You lost your hymen before that, and when you found that you had a talent for fucking, you made the most of the in-house hunks. Though, I must say, we did all enjoy that night you deigned to make the sacrifice of your sacred virginity to your daddy. We were happy to be present at your bedding bash, though there was never anything bashful about my youngest daughter!”

“That was a night to remember, huh, Mom? God! we did have a family orgy that night, once the main event had been seen to.”

“Yeah, it was even better than that morning Julie and ..”

“And Billy first fucked you and dad at the same time, on that famous, or perhaps I should say infamous, Sunday morning. That was so funny!”

“And who put them up to their double-trouble shenanigans? The Little Lady of her papa’s Lips, who’s own lips herself made him ‘squirt the white-stuff‘ so often afterwards.”

“The best was when he finally squirted it in me.”

“We were all gathered around you two . . .”

They both fazed-out into a reverie of that long ago evening.

Everybody had trooped into Mollie’s and Bill’s bedroom for the anticipated event. It was the climax, you should pardon the term, of Mary’s childhood. The cutie-doll that was the younger daughter had asked that her father take her virginity for her special day. The ride she intended was the culmination of the sexual games she had been playing for the past weeks with the males (and sometimes females) of their household. How she had held out for this long, was a small mystery, since there had been plenty of fooling around otherwise.

For since their frolic of that fateful Sunday, when secrets were confessed, the family had accepted that basically their sex lives had become virtually an incestuous free for all. However, the fiddling and diddling, sucking, as well as jacking and jilling, and generally no-holes-barred-for-fucking life style was not overdone, there is more to life, after all. But now that relationships were out in the open, things were done in loving joyous freedom, and also fortunately liberated from any jealousy that otherwise that would have been a strain on their bonding and boundless affections for one another. Many menages and combinations were configured and gave variety and spice to the sex life of Mollie’s and Bill’s family.

All holes‘, save that of Mary’s vagina, that now would be offered to her father for first penetration. But everybody wanted to be present for the big moment. Thus were they gathered, this horny clan, naked and freshly bathed. Not everybody could fit in the stall at the same time, but they did sort of musical shares of the shower, and when somebody left the water they had two others to dry them. It made for many giggles. Now Bill lay on his back on the bed, Mollie next to him to provide guidance and moral – uhmm . . im-moral support to her daughter. Next to the bed, Julie was keeping her pater’s peter erect and ready with light fingering. Billy was down at the foot to film with the new video camera he had gotten at Christmas.

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Mary, her hair loose and flowing, her pubic fuzz fine and a small triangle of curls, was smiling as she climbed on the bed. Her perky breasts were capped with pink round nipples that were already hard with anticipation and excitement. She carefully situated her body atop her father and leaned over to kiss him, “I love you, daddy”, she said softly and settled her pelvis lower on his torso. Her straddling legs bent at the knees, her buttocks were stretched to open the split of her crotch to the penis of her pop, which was leaking pre-cum already. Mollie manipulated the incestuous instrument that was to be the first male member inside her youngest child’s vagina, so that it was at the very portal of her tender femininity.

Mary straightened her back and tilted her hips to feel the bulb prod at her center, it fit between the labia and her lubrication was all but dripping as the first hot flesh of his tip slid in just a smidgen. Bill looked into the eyes of his baby girl and knew she was ready to become a woman. This was her timing and her call, her control and up to her to make the moves. He nodded, their connection was at the point of consummation, but a moment away. Mary closed her eyes then, and with her mouth gaping open and her hand clutching her mother’s fingers, she began to sink down. Bill groaned he had waited for this moment; its anticipation has created a heightened sensitivity for his skin that stretched over his boner.

Then the head was in, and he almost lost it, nearly blowing his saved up wad right then. But he managed to not let the pure pleasure overcome his need to cum and concentrated on the further tight cavity that was engulfing his raging hard-on. Mary opened her lids and looked directly into his face with a serious expression. Then she gave the business of screwing her determined effort and sank down so that she felt the cock in her, touch bottom. Mollie saw her daughter pause and began to say words of comfort, and to advise her to go slow, but held her breath as Mary, with seeming skill of a practiced courtesan, began to ride in a regular rocking motion on her father’s dick. She rose and fell like she really knew what it was all about.

Bill was amazed that his prick was being massaged by the nymph that rode him like she was a merry-go-round horse. Her dainty palms pushed at his chest and she seemed to have no pain, only ecstasy at her penetration by his long and thick poker that plunged in and stroked out with her movements. Then she reach toward her mom and motioned for Mollie to give way as she dragged Bill to roll on top of her and to let him ravage her petite body. Bill understood that his work was now to saw her hole with his sword, filling her body with his manhood time and again and again, until he had to blast in her his full load of semen. They had prepared with birth control foam earlier, so that was not a concern, he could safely shoot his seed and not knock her up.

Julie had been smart about the timing of her first experiences, but Mollie had quickly gotten her to the doctor’s, in the days after, to insure that there was no danger of pregnancy. Billy’s sperm had been viable but Mollie was on the pill herself, and then Julie too, until then they used condoms. But now Mary was being banged royally with the sire’s scepter and the family jewels were bouncing on her buns, ready to download the genetic code, even if the ovaries at the welcoming end were not going to be receiving any messages when that mass of jism erupted.

Then Bill was unable to hold off any longer, the stress of that wonderful sensation had saturated his senses as he fucked his youngest girl’s cunt and triggered his eruption. Mary cried, “YESS! DADDY! Oh Yess! PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN – Now! NOW!! ME TOO! MOMMY, Me Too!! I’M CUMMING NOOWWW!! He lithe little body bucked and spasmed and strained as again and again she climaxed with the multiple paroxysms of her orgasms. Now she was a woman, truly, and Mollie smiled proudly at her daughter, the most mischievous of the three, and yet the more resolute to have things in her own way and in her own time.

Mollie came back to the present as her Grandson leaned over his bikini-clad mother and gave Mary a kiss on the lips. Mollie’s eyes opened wide as she saw him slip his tongue into his mom’s mouth, before diving into the pool again. Mollie gasped and had an instant insight. “You little minx! You want to have your son’s virginity, for your own self, don’t you!!??”

“Duhh! Mom. But you can get him to visit your bed, when I have made sure he is adequately initiated into our family traditions. I bet Julie’s daughter has already got her sights on Grandpa, but she to be patient. My sister says that she is going to make her wait until she’s twenty one, but we’ll see if that can be done. Does Billy have another girlfriend yet, why did the last one dump him?”

“She caught him with his boyfriend, who was also her secret lover too. She wasn’t quite as liberated as she thought, I guess. But Billy will settle down one of these days, I’m sure. Meanwhile, he visits us for my home cooking, and eating his mama’s other offerings as well!”:

They both laughed. David climbed back out of the water and went over and kissed Mollie too, not a French sort, but on the other side from his mom’s gaze, he copped a feel on Grandma’s tit. But Mary didn’t miss the nice size stiffy that David was sporting in his tight swim shorts. She smiled to herself, sighed, and said under her breath, “they grow up so fast!!”

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