Bengalee Film Queen 30

“Yeah….on the other hand, me and Porimoni had quite a time too but all she did was give me a blowjob.” Nilay replied in a frustrated tone.

“That sucks man! You have to get more than that from my wife! However I must admit, your wife is amazing in bed. You’re a lucky guy to have a hot wife like Koel! Sometimes I feel jealous of you,” Zaman grinned.


“Yeah…. thanks Zamanbhai, I’m happy that you’ve enjoyed my wife and spend the night happily!” he felt himself proud for his slut wife.

Then they both looked at Kader and asked how his night went with Rachana. He told them that all he got was head too from Rachana but she wanted to take it further.

They all stayed up there for an hour telling each other what all they did and what they wanted to do next time with them. Kamruzzaman obviously had the best night because not only did he get a blowjob from a smoking hot Koel Mallick but she apparently does anal. He praised about her ass also which was fucking tight as hell.

On the other hand, Porimoni assured Nilay to finish her adventure tonight which she started with him. Meanwhile Kader was supposed to call back Rachana for round two….. he guessed.

“Hey Kaderbhai, but I noticed last evening, you were kinda into Raima!” suddenly Nilay reminded his buddy.

“Yeah she is amazing!” Kader exclaimed.

“Well good luck friend but I wouldn’t like to go ahead with any plans tonight. And I guess you might have of nabbing Rachanadi.” Nilay continued, “But so far I know her, she is one thing with no offense. She has been known as kind of a real slut around Tollywood. And about Raima….. I think you’ve a deal with her whcih is unbelieavable….. thinking as how much of goody goody she is. I’m proud of you for that but I’m telling you man, Trust me! Raima is off limits. You have to climb up to heaven and take on God himself before she will give you a chance!” Nilay cautioned his buddy.

“What?” Kader looked surprised.

Nilay continued his warning, “I want to say, you haven’t the idea that everyone she has dated so far, has been the same caste like her! Come on…. there’s Parambrata, her co-star, was kicked by her. And now she is dating with a much more younger actor….. half of her age. Hell I hate that teenage boy and she didn’t give me a chance! I’m just saying that I was frustrated for a year after we worked together on Protihinsha!”

“Yeah Kaderbhai, Nilayda is right…. you may take his advice. So avoid Raimaji and just stick yourself with Rachanaji! Oh what a hot item! Hell I surely would do that if she gives me a chance!” Zaman strongly supported Nilay’s views.

“So both of you think that there is no way in hell for me to get a date with Raima! Moreover, you are telling me that there is no way for me to make Raima mine!” Kader exclaimed to them with a little bit of depression.

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