A college professor dominating and spanking a coed

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Denise was a little nervous and apprehensive so I decided to turn her on before the . I was able to reach under her with my left hand and grab her crotch pushing my middle finger into her wet pussy and fingering her clit with my thumb. This extra stimulation seemed to make her more relaxed before I whipped her butt red. She began to moan and move her butt upward as if she were begging for my tawes. I was wondering how much experience she had with her step appearing so to my lesbian advances. I wanted to whip her butt good for being so docile. I was convinced this girl was experienced but would learn some new tricks from me especially about men.

I told Denise to not only think about my finger in her pussy but to concentrate on each smack of the tawes on her bare butt. I would not go easy and I was going to give her the full brunt of leather on her bare cheeks. I warned her not to fight it or wiggle off my lap. I would allow her to cry, scream, curse and whine all she wanted and no amount of begging would make me stop. I promised her this was the first of many sessions and her ass cheeks would become more than familiar to my strict form of discipline. As a reward when I was finished with the tawes I promised Denise she could eat my pussy which seemed to make her beg for the tawes even harder.

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I grew so excited about spanking Denise my pussy soaked my panties. I raised my tawes and let to smack her bare cheeks. I watched her round cheeks get crushed under the blow. It seemed to rattle her whole as she lunged forward under the whack. I smacked her again even harder. Denise ass cheeks squashed under the force of the blow. I was impressed, Denise was so turned on she was busy tweaking her hard for the first few blows until she had to hold on or fall off my lap. I twisted my finger deeper into her pussy and began fingering her clit with each blow. I was amazed how turned on she got to the whipping swaying her ass cheeks side to side with undulations provoked me to strike harder. Denise could take a better whacking than Mike which worried me because I was going to train her to him.

Denise began to open up swearing like a trooper which was turning me on. She was hot sweaty and crying real tears. No longer in denial Denise was begging me to stop pleading for my pussy and promising that her long tongue would make me come all over her face. She did not have to promise that I was already close to orgasm before her tongue touched my clit. After thirty blows she began to cry louder screaming for me to stop. They all beg especially with the tawes but that just makes me whip even harder.

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I found her G-Spot and she began to moan with each blow as I fingered her hard clit as well. I was amazed at how big her clit was growing. It was a good inch out of its protective hood. My own lips were watering at the thoughts of such a loli pop. I had to concentrating on turning her on so she could orgasm on my lap as she was whipped which is my magic way to get my submissive to lustfully desire more.

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