A college professor dominating and spanking a coed

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I could feel Denise beginning to shake in fear of the painful blows panting like a caged lioness. Her cheeks were crimson and full of welts from the . Denise lifted her head and I gave her one loud smack that sent her over the top and she began to scream in orgasmic lust. Her mouth was drooling and her eyes had tears of joy as she came all over my lap. Denise actually squirted orgasmic juices from her washing into my own sex. I wanted so much to taste her fluids which I could feel draining into my own crotch.

I gave her a final selfish whack just for myself and told her to get down on her knees immediately and eat my pussy promising her another licking if she failed to please me. Denise dropped to the floor and yanked my soaked panties off my hips and down off my heels. I opened my legs wide and she dove into my hot crotch. I was glad she was experienced with pleasures because I needed her tongue more that what she probably thought. I watched her lick her juices up around my pussy cleaning me like a hungry feline lesbian.

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Holding the back of her head I guided her tongue up and down my sex as she tongued each side of my labia to suck on them and even bite them just as a tease. I was nervous at first at how familiar she got with me, by sticking her middle finger into my asshole while she ate me, but it felt so good. She was frigging my ass in rhythm with her tongues' undulations and I was in nirvana land. Once she slid her lips over my clit she began to slowly suck with her mouth and lick my clit longer with the tip of her tongue. I could actually feel the suction make my clit grow. I was in love with this learned coed. I already knew I chose the right coed for my experiment.

I wasted no time in coming I was so turned on and filled her mouth with my own splash of fluids which she hungrily swallowed. I came for a full minute till I was too sensitive for her mouth. I forced her off me and gave her a loving French kiss sharing our fluids.

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We fell to the floor kissing and fondling each others breasts taking turns sucking each others nipples. I got on top of Denise in the 69 position so we could suck nipples at the same time. Her pussy looked so inviting I sat on her face and bent forward and stuck my tongue in her wet hole. Since she had only G-Spot I was determined to suck her clit better than she sucked me. I cold feel her tongue lick my asshole which was exactly what I wanted from a girl especially after whipping her butt. I stuck my tongue into her hole and fucked her with it making her moan. Denise was fucking my asshole so well I wanted to her again for being so good to me.

I concentrated on sucking and licking Denise big clit like a snake using my tongue like a stinging dart on her naked clit. This made her squirm more than the tawes did on her bare butt. I could feel her excitement build as she tongued my asshole sticking her long tongue a good three inches into my hole. It was making me wish I had my strapon available. We both came at the same time. Denise screaming, shot a squirt of come all over my face. I felt so relaxed after that fantastic orgasm I pulled off her face and began peeing all over her face. Denise kept her mouth open catching much of my golden champagne.

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