A college professor dominating and spanking a coed

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Once she stopped crying I kissed her fully on the lips until she kissed me back accepting my tongue in her mouth. I have a long tongue and I forced it into her so she could suck it like a pacifier. She sucked my tongue so sweetly my clit was tingling wishing her mouth was there instead. Her own tongue caressed my tongue and she sucked on it making my get hard. We kissed for a long time. I lured her tongue from her mouth and sucked on it and she began to moan with pleasure. While we kissed I was able to easily strip her naked. I pulled off her top and massaged her nipples in my fingertips. Sliding off her cut off jeans, I quickly fingered her wet finding it so appetizing I wanted to taste her but knew I had to wait for the right moment. As I massage her breasts my other middle finger slid into her wet hole finding her G-Spot. I down to my waist and allowed her to suck my nipples till she was totally relaxed. There was no resistance to my advances.

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I already knew she was looking at me in class with lust in her eyes. As she suckled on me I asked he if she would like something to really cry about and let out all her pent up emotions. Denise stopped sucking my nipple giving me a startled look, enquiring and wondering what I had in mind. I pulled open the desk drawer and showed her my thick black leather tawes. Denise eyes lit up. Instead of resisting she confessed to having been whipped by her step mom in and missed the disciplinary attention.

Smiling, I told her that it was time to for her to entrust a new woman to train her in the ways of female and submission. But first she would have to serve me and learn the ropes on the receiving end. I told her if she took the well we would continue our kissing and pursuit's right afterwards. I reminded her that spanking was for emotional release and healing old wounds from hurt. Looking Denise in her baby blue eyes I asked her sternly if she would consider submitting to me on a trial basis. Denise threw her arms around me and hugged and kissed me with tears in her eyes. She kissed my ear lobe and whispered that I could have her as I willed. I pulled her face to mine eye to eye and thanked her for her willingness and promised to take good care of her nasty butt immediately. I kissed her hard on the by biting her bottom lip till she cried out, good scared then stopped. I told her that her burned butt was going to get her more afraid than a bit lip.

I ordered Denise to lie over my lap I hiked my skirt up and patted my crotch giving her a look at my sweet wet pussy through my see thru silk panties. I knew I was catching her at a real opportune moment and it was turning me on. Denise quickly obeyed laying her submissive over my nylon clad legs. I helped her by yanking her forward so our pussies almost touched. I like spanking girls because sometimes during a hard spanking they let lose with a stream of pee that hits my clit and gives me an instant orgasm. Denise was humping my lap as if she were already getting spanked. I was sure she was fantasizing about her step moms spankings. I was determined to make her fantasy come true and give her something to fantasize about ME about!

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