A college professor dominating and spanking a coed

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I invited him back to my office for another “private lecture” after his wild and he actually smiled at me. The next day I saw him in class. I noticed Mike was quite uneasy at his desk seat because his bottom was still sore from the tawes. I told him I would give him a few more days to rest but expected him in my office Friday morning at 8am sharp. I smacked him on the butt when no one was looking and he jumped as I hit a welt but Mike only smiled back at me rubbing his sore cheek. I wanted to sit on his sassy face right then and there after I slapped it. I told myself I was going to turn Mike into a and ass eating submissive. Mike will beg for it I promised myself.

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Denise was my choice for Mike to serve as her . Denise was a beach girl type, 5ft. 4in. tall blond, with a pretty face, long shapely legs, 36C breasts, and a nice spankable ass, that turned out to be submissive herself. Having a good tan I knew she liked the beach and the . This untrained coed needed me to teach her how to treat a man and not be used like I later found out how her last boyfriend took advantage of her. I hate it when men use woman in this way.

One day I got a knock on my office door and it was Denise crying. I was ecstatically surprised to see her having just fantasized about Denise in class. Wearing cut off jeans and a top with no bra I wanted to be in her panties. I was magically dreaming that she would come to visit me and I could seduce her. I invited her in grabbing her trembling hand pulled to me and gave her a loving hug. I then locked the door behind us smiling to myself that my wet dream may come true. I called my secretary and told her not to bother me until I called her back for my calls.

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Denise sat down in tears and began to open up to me confessing she needed someone to talk to. I assured her that I could be her ear and listener and to go ahead and confide in me. Denise was quite lonesome here at college having lived a life of servitude to her step sharing a secret lesbian affair. Denise had a boyfriend in that just used her and took advantage of her. Denise confessed she was no virgin and had many sexual experiences from her boyfriends' buddies at wild parties including . Denise thought that her openness with boys would negate her lesbian experiences with her . Telling me her whole story I sympathized with her allowing her to cry letting out all her pent up emotions.

I sat down next to her and held her tightly as she cried. I opened my blouse and released my breasts from my bra. I pulled her face to my breasts allowing her nose to slip between my bare breasts. She smelled my pheromones mixed with perfume and was already getting excited kissing my breasts. She gently licked her way up my breasts to my neck, kissing my cheeks and then nipping my mouth with her succulent young lips. Our lips met with sparks and we began to kiss softly. I could tell Denise wanted me she was trembling in anticipation. I wet her lips with my tongue and stroked her hair telling her everything was ok. My own body was so turned on I could scream. My heart was beating fast and my face flushed at the thought of taking Denise to bed. I was nastily seducing Denise catching her at a vulnerable moment. I sensed her yearning for a feminine touch and I wanted to give her my body to make to.

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