My mother in law

Well I have had this thing for my mother in law for quite sometime. She has always known about it as I could not resist catching a feel of her lovely bum whenever I got the chance,I would also play with her feet from time to time. She wears long tight pants every now and

Mom dad sex for baby daughter

I m Sudhanshu and I am going to tell a real incident happened a year ago where i saw mom dad’s intercourse badly to convince daughter. I live with my big family 5 brothers mom and dad. My dad is 48 slim does private job. Mom is 39 very fatty heavy women housewife. mom dad

Seduced By Hot Aunt

This is a story about how my Hot aunt seduced the hell out of me. First, let me tell you about myself, I am 23 yrs old and recently started working after graduation, I was working from home due to the pandemic. I regularly go to gym in order to stay fit and am in

How I met my Nympho Online – Part 1

Hola folks, I am Rahul from Karnataka with a story of a nympho girl. I am 22 years old, currently working in a reputed MNC. I have constantly been reading the stories on S4S and some other sites. But I feel stories in the S4S are much more erotic than others. I started reading stories

Finally Lost My Virginity to Prathima Aunty

Hello everyone Karan here, Please text me for the introduction of this story, I’ll tell you how I met aunty my mail ID ([email protected]) So, after Boobs sucking session with Pratima aunty I slept like a baby and the next morning aunty woke me up at 9 am and asked for a coffee. I woke

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