My travelling in train

Hi Readers Iam Raju.Venus Iam from Bangalore,Now Iam 38 years old, Iam Handsome Iam very happy to share my train travelling stories,I used to travel sometime from Bangalore to Chennai,l always love to taste the pussy very much,my thirst and hunger on this Earth is only one,to lick and suck the pussy,my desire is to suck the vagina whole night until the morning,my friends whoever you may be, whether you are girl,aunty widow or unsatisfied wife,please feel free to contact me or mail to me,more than you expect I will satisfy you very much.

Now lets come to my stories, while i was travelling from Bangalore to Chennai,train i didn’t get reservation so i got only general coach,in my coach there was heavy crowed, no place to keep my foot also,its a night time journey so finally i saw a husband and wife standing near door side,when i saw the woman,slowly i went near beside the woman side, i saw the husband sleeping by standing,husband and wife standing by face to face and sleeping, so i was standing next to her husband husband,so when ever i used to travell i used to wear black pant and i will carry a laptap bag to hide my penies(cock)that no one should see me to whom i touch,i saw the husband is in deep sleep,slowly i touched his wife leg,while iam touching her leg,she become wake up, and moved her leg little bit away,then again i touched her leg, this time she didn’t resist me, so this time when i know that she will not resist me,i become bold and i slowly started to touch her tigh with my hand,she just closed her eyes like sleeping,because her husband also with her,then slowly my hands went to her pussy side,alread i covered my laptap bag to her pussy side,that one should see me that iam touching her pussy,after that i slowly i touched her pussy hair,and l slowing i pulled her pussy hair with my hand,she was really enjoying what i was doing,than finally i came to know that my station is coming near,what i did is,already i didn’t wear my under wear,when ever i travel i won’t wear underwear because it will be disturbance to touch the ladies bum,so what i did is i slowly i pressed my dick on her tigh,while iam touching her tigh and her hand i cannot control myself i was rubbing her hand and her tigh with my dick,finally i came to know that my station coming near i burst my sperm i become satisfied and i happily enjoyed with her, when i get down in my station she saw me that iam going, i also forget to ask mobile number,

so my dear friend if any one among yourselves are unsatisfied in your life please feel free to me and mail to me, i will give you my number,i will do everything to you i will do morethan abovewhat you cannot think,iam very eagerly waiting to lick and suck your pussy for whole night,thank you so much,

my email id is. ([email protected])
will see you in stories

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