Finally Lost My Virginity to Prathima Aunty

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Hello everyone Karan here, Please text me for the introduction of this story, I’ll tell you how I met aunty my mail ID ([email protected])

So, after Boobs sucking session with Pratima aunty I slept like a baby and the next morning aunty woke me up at 9 am and asked for a coffee.
I woke up and said (by seeing aunty’s boobs) “from today onwards I’ll only drink Milk”. She just smiled and went to the kitchen.
Then after sometime I got freshen up and was about to leave her home and said bye. But aunty told “uncle is not coming today and please stay here for today, it will be secure for me”.

Then I somehow managed and gave some lame reason to my parents and stayed back there. She was happy that I stayed there.
Then after some time we both had breakfast together. She told me that, “she will take a bath and come”.
I was eagerly waiting for her to come outside the bathroom, she came nightly and straight away went to her bedroom. After 15mins she came out and wow what a scene.” She came wearing a beautiful royal blue saree”.
I was literally lost by seeing that scene and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I used to stare at her wherever she goes and she noticed me staring and ignored it.

After some time I saw she was doing chores in kitchen and I went there and started chit chatting with her and after sometime I told her “aunty you are looking so beautiful”

Pratima: “Oh really?”
Me: yes, “aunty you are looking like a goddess”.
Pratima: “haha ok”
Me: “you are looking so cute in this saree aunty.”
Prathima (Blushing): “ok enough”.

After this we started having lunch. During that time I saw her left bra strip was out of her blouse (I knew that she intentionally pulled this out to show this to me).

While having lunch I repeatedly looked at her bra strip, and I suddenly told that I like maroon (she was wearing a maroon color bra).
Pratima: (she gave a smile and said) “why so”
Me: “because I like chocolate”
“I then pushed my vest inside my shirt” so that she would notice and adjust hers. She noticed me and saw hers but “she did not adjust her bra”.
Then by 3pm she was washing dishes and meanwhile “I was sitting in the living room and watching milf nude photos on the Internet”.

And afterwards she came and noticed what I was doing. She gave me an awkward face reaction and asked “what you will get by seeing nude pictures”.
Me: “No aunty just for time pass, I am sorry for that.”
Pratima: “no problem I can understand”

Then she also sat with me and started seeing those pictures later I played porn on my phone, she was literally enjoying it and then I played milf video where that pornstar seduces and fucks that young boy.
While watching this she looked at me and said “lofar” and then continued watching the same, later she couldn’t control herself and went to kitchen to drink water, I followed her and said “Aunty I am also thirsty”
Pratima: (handing over the bottle) “take it have”
Me: “aunty can I have your milk please?”

Upon hearing this she stood silent and went to the room. I followed her but she closed the door and locked. I didn’t knock the door but I kept silent and sat in the living room.

After some time, she came outside and sat next to me and gave me some slip folding and told me to “bring that from the medical shop”.
I opened it and saw she had written “Condom” . After reading it “I looked at her and she just Blinked her eyes”.
I ran to medical shop and brought condom and came back to house and locked the door and called aunty
Pratima: “I am in the room please lock the door and come”.
I locked it and went to the room and locked the bedroom’s door too.” She was sitting on the bed where she had already removed her blouse”.
By looking at me she came towards me and “pushed me to the wall” and started removing my shirt and then starting kissing my chest and neck. I couldn’t control this.
“In no time I exchanged her to my place and pushed her to the wall and locked her lips” (that was the first kiss in my life, wow it was awesome) .

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