Step Mom – She was not at all what she appeared to be

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Some times the things that people do just don’t make any sense.

Like my Dad getting remarried. For example. Mom had passed away years ago in a traffic accident. Dad took it hard. He became sort of a recluse. And when I left to go to college we sort of lost touch. He wasn’t on the internet and so we only exchanged letters from time to time.


So when he wrote that he had gotten married I was, well, I was stunned!

I went home as soon as I could. I wanted to talk to Dad in person and meet the new woman in his life.

I don’t know what I was expecting. But if I had been challenged to guess I wouldn’t have guessed Mandy.

I had feared that Mandy would be a gold digger. Dad owned a successful accounting business. He had money. But I was reassured as soon as I met her in person. Mandy was not a bleach bottle blonde. She didn’t rock a set of bolt-ons or wear skanky clothes.

In fact, Mandy wasn’t particularly attractive. She was younger than Dad. In her mid thirties I suppose. She had a long face. Horse-like was my first impression. Blue eyes, strong cheek bones and puffy lips that always seemed to be pursed as if in disapproval or as if she was about to kiss something if I was being charitable. Which I wasn’t. Being charitable I mean.

Mandy dressed like a frump. Layers. Mom jeans. Loose sweaters over layers of clothing. Frumpy. No fashion sense. No apparent care for the way she looked.

She treated Dad okay. I didn’t understand their relationship. But they seemed happy enough. They had separated bedrooms which confused me. And Dad still went into work at his accounting firm every day. When they were home at the same time they seemed to keep a distance between themselves. And they were not publicly affectionate. From some chance remarks I overheard I gathered that Dad had taken Mandy out of a nasty situation. He was her knight in shining armor and she appreciated being rescued if that is what had happened

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Anyway, this story starts one late Saturday afternoon. Dad had gone golfing with a buddy. It was a new hobby for him. Mandy had gone to a yoga class at the local Y and I was watching Temple University getting their ass kicked and drinking beer.

I was half sloshed when Mandy got home. She walked thru the living room carrying her gym bag. She was wearing yoga pants and a bulky hoodie as she went into the laundry room.

It was the first time I’d ever seen her in anything other than mom jeans or oversized skirts. Her legs looked toned and fit. I guess yoga does have some benefits!

Anyway, I struggled up and stood in the door watching as she loaded a bunch of stuff into the washer. She was paying no attention to me. Bending and flexing as she emptied her gym bag into the front load washer her ass really looked good in those yoga pants!

If I’d been sober I never would have stepped up behind her and rubbed myself against her butt! I had half a chubby and I was pressing it against her hip and ass. My hands were resting on her shoulders while my hips were rocking back and forth.

“Get away from me you animal!” Mandy snarled as she tried to escape my clutches.

“Aw, doesn’t it feel good?” I asked her and kept on pressing my self against her. It sure felt good to me! She smelled good, too!

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