Wife slave

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Hi I’m Radha and this is for all those who wanted to know about my relationship with my husband.
I am a slutty whore craving for sex all the time. Getting fucked or satisfying my self and touching myself is my only thought each and everyday.
I am pretty much the girl you wanna touch as soon as you see.
My skin tone is wheatish and all my clothing has my cleavage pretty much visible. Carrying my heavy boobs.

My husband is very suspicious of me because no matter what I do or how ever loyal I try to be.
He doesn’t satisfy me in bed but sex is available everyday so I can adjust.
But he married me because I can satisfy him, so I dedicate myself to him so that he can b satisfied.

He often goes to drink with his brothers and comes back home pretty late and I shouldn’t sleep untill then and wait so that I can serve him food and give him pleasures and make him sleep. Each day his mood is different.
One day he doesn’t let me serve him food but ask me to sleep on the floor and he masturbates and goes to sleep. But I feel very horny and I if I ask for sex he would only slap me or push me away ..

Somedays he would ask me to just suck him off and not let me touch myself he would say I don’t need to.
Just like every other day he came home drunk and I was tired from the daily chores but I ran to open the door and served him food. My in laws went to sleep by then .. he did not talk to me he just pointed his finger to his dick .. I understood and I slid my hand into his lungi from his knee and rubbed his balls .. he immediately pulled my hair to the ground .. I knelt on the floor with my saree getting uncomfortable with the sudden body moment ..

He pushed my pallu off my shoulder and revealing my boobs with my nipples pointing out ..

He immediately said lanje ready untav le and slid his hand to check my pussy and as he expected it was soaking wet .. and he instantly removed his hand and moved away to wash his hands and off to bed. He asked me to sleep on the floor and nothing else. He also said if I touch myself he would never have sex with me. And I wanted his dick very badly in my pussy so I would listen to your what ever he says only for that dick.

Next morning I woke up and was helping my mother in law in the kitchen my husband called me first 2 times with my name .. Radha , Radha I was busy in the kitchen and he instantly screamed Bazar Lanje .. I got alerted and my father in law gave me a very cheap look .. I ran to him .. he gave me a tight slap .. I almost was about to fall he pulled my hair to his balls and rubbed my nose on his balls very rudely .. I almost started to have tears .. he said remeber this everytime you don’t come when I call you. I only shook my head he went inside the bathroom and locked the door …

He had bath and came out.. I served him breakfast.. he asked me to come inside the bedroom and show if my pussy is wet .. I agreed and went clicked a picture and sent him on whatsapp as he was in the dinning eating ..
He saw the picture and called my name again .. Radha … This time I ran as fast as possible and he asked me to sit on the floor and eat near the kitchen.. usually our servant sits there as they don’t use the furniture in the house ..

My father in law instantly asked what was wrong but my mother in law stopped him and said .. she deserves it and they both ignored me completely.. my husband now got more confidence to humiliate me .. while I sat there and ate .. he video called his female friends and was chatting and laughing ..
After he was done he just left home and ignored I even sent a image on whatsapp. I was craving for him even more now..

And I waited and waited and fell asleep he came back home around 3 at night and was very drunk .. he came on to the bed.. pulled me aside and inserted his dick in and started fucking me even before I could wake up or even realise .. and I started moaning loud he gave me a tight slap and I got very alert and was silent..

He inserted that dick so deep and was fucking my g-spot.. and was holding my neck ..
He was literally giving me what I craved for from the past 4 days. He got done and got off me and was off to bed.
He used me because I am available for him everyday.
Isn’t that exactly what a wife is for?

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