Unexpected Love

My name is Kavi Mathur. I am 19 years old doing my Engineering in ECE. I live in Mumbai with my elder brother and elder sister. Our parents passed out in Corona. My brother is a Software Engineer. My sister is a fashion designer. She is 25 years old. Her height is 5.7 feet with blunt bang tortilla curly hair. She is milky white. Her figure is 36-26-34.

I have always been very close to my sister than my mom and brother. She takes care of me like her own kid. My elder brother and sister are twins. She generally wears tanktops and shorts at home. She is very loving and caring. One night I woke up as I had to pee. Washroom is past the hall. I saw TV was open.

My sister was sitting on my brother’s laps. They didn’t saw me. When I came out after flushing. She asked me when did you woke up. I said I had to pee. She asked me whether I want to watch with them. I said I am sleepy. I went to my room and slept. I woke up in the morning, I saw my sister was not there. I searched her everywhere. She came out from my brother’s room, wearing his tshirt. She said he wasn’t feeling well. So she slept with him. I joked it’s OK, he needs some love too. She got angry with me. I apologized. She didn’t talk to me for whole day. I asked my brother what should I do.

He said she will be fine, give her some time. I slept early again next night. Again I woke up in the middle of night. I went to hall I saw my sister again on my brother lap. But today she was only in her bra and shorts. And my brother’s hands were inside her shorts. She saw me and got scared. We didn’t talk for 2 days. She came to my room and explained me everything. She said she and brother are in love with each other. She loves me too but as her little brother. I was shocked. She immediately understood that I am in a shock. I told her I need some time. She slept beside me because she didn’t want to leave me alone. I thought for whole night if they love each other then there is nothing wrong in it. I woke up next morning and told her I dont have any problem.

She kissed me on my forehead and cheeks. And said thanks baby, I knew it. You would agree. Then I went to my room for my online classes. In the night she came to room after taking a bath. She wore a nice open red silk saree , red pushup bra, dried her hair and kept it open and applied red lipstick . She was looking red hot in that. I commented di you are looking extremely hot. She said thanks baby. Bhai will have an amazing night. She smiled hearing that. She told me to go to sleep. As I will hear a lot of noise tonight. She went to my brother’s room. They didn’t notice I had put a secret small camera in her room.

I closed my doors. I opened my laptop. And started watching. My broth3r told her – You are looking so beautiful and I can’t take my eyes off you! . Didi hugged him tightly. They were kissing and smooching. He got on the bed and touched my sister’s big boobs. He started squeezing them slowly and pinched her nipples. He was taking her pink grapes in his fingers and twisting them. Then didi closed her eyes. I don’t know whether she closed her eyes because of satisfaction or pain. After playing with my sister’s milk jugs for a while, he bent forward and took her one long stiff nipple in his mouth and started sucking. Her nipples were long and stiff as if long pink grapes. She put her hand on his head and pressed it to her boob. Now he was sucking her nipples one after the other and she closed her eyes again. It seemed that she was enjoying his sucking. She was moaning, but not loudly. Then again he went up and their lips entangled, entwined with each other and started slurping of their saliva. Her moaning made him hornier and my dick was also already fully erected and ready to show its full potential. He pressed her boobs harder and took one of them in his mouth and bit it. Her moaning increased!

Didi was trying to push him away. But he gave a bite on her boob, went down and started licking her navel. He licked her navel for 4-7 minutes. She was shivering. She was handing herself over to him.

He then went down to my sister’s pussy and started licking it from the top. Then he licked the inside of my didi’s cunt for 5 minutes. He inserted his whole tongue inside and licked it. She moaned louder. Soon, she came to her climax, giving a loud moan and squirted on his face!

Her cum was so tasty, that he ate all of it. Then he inserted his middle finger in her cunt slowly and started moving it. She was moaning. Her moans made him hornier. He took his finger out again and licked it. Again, he inserted his fingers. But, this time, he inserted two fingers in one go. Di screamed like crazy. He took them out. Now he bought his tongue on her pussy She pushed his head down. He quickly with joy slipped down. I don’t know when didi had pulled her petticoat from her legs. Now her lower portion was bare. He ran his palm on her thighs. Her thighs were smooth, strong and were in good shape. Her thighs and the lower part below her waist were fairer than the upper portion.
The moment he came between her thighs; she opened them like a book. My god! How cute her thighs were. I wished to kiss them as I saw them. Her flower was giving a sweet aroma. It was fully swollen like a puffed malpua. Her thick pussy lips were like orange pieces, firm and juicy.
With excitement, he put his mouth there. The aroma of her sweet flower filled my nostrils. Then I took her cunt lips with his and sucked. Didi moaned and pressed his head to her crotch. He was licking and lapping didi’s chut (cunt).

While pressing there with his nose, he pushed my tongue deep into my sister’s oozing pussy. There were continuous moans from didi’s mouth and pressing his head to hers as he was licking and sucking her are killing him.
She was blabbering and pressing his head to her pussy, as if she wanted his whole head in her. His head was sandwiched between her thighs. As he was continuing licking, and she said Hhaaaa… mmm..

She reached her climax and released the juices from her cunt. He started slurping and swallowing the aromatic salty juices, as they came from her spring well. They both were tired now. They were panting. His eyes closed with happiness. She was also in the same state. My juices also came out.

Then after 2 minutes my brother went again on top of her. He was not done. I was shocked for her stamina. He knew she was very excited at that point. He started rubbing her pussy with his dick.

His dick was looking very big roughly 8 inches in front of that tiny pussy.
My sister started scratching him. She was scratching him like a wild cat. It was making him more excited. His dick was completely in her pussy and he started fucking her. She scratched his left hand. But he was getting pleasure from her scratches. After scratching him for some time, she slowly stopped. The next moment she wrapped him in her arms and Ih3 knew she was going to cum.

He increased his pace and she was breathing heavily. Her nails almost pierced his skin, and she started to cum. There were tears in her eyes. H3 stopped a bit, wiped her tears, and kissed her. She kissed him back. It was turning him into a wild animal. He started fucking my didi. She again started moaning loudly. He was fucking harder. Every stroke was giving her pain as well as pleasure. My sister was getting ready to cum again. He was pumping her as hard as he could. She was screaming in pain.

My sister’s moans were providing him immense pleasure. He started fucking her very hard. Soon, he was about to cum. He was now pumping my sister like a bull and she was screaming like a trapped animal! Finally, I filled her pussy with my brothers hot cum. He fell over her. After some time, he took out his dick and kissed her. She responded passionately. I saw a feeling of satisfaction in both of my sibling’s eyes.

He picked her up and took her to the bathroom. My sister could barely stand at that point. They came after half hour. She gave me a kiss and hugged him. She didn’t utter a single word.

They slept naked hugging each other. I cummed twice by now. Next morning I woke up. She came and hugged me and gave me a kiss. I asked her how was your night. She said wild. She was looking happy. She was wearing my brother’s tshirt and panty. My brother woke up and asked me about her. She was in the kitchen. He went and hugged her from behind. She tried to stop him. But he was horny. He took her in his arms. And they went to bathroom. They came after half hour. In the afternoon she was watching tv with me, he came and kissed her again, she scolded him.

In the next part I will tell you how I fucked my sister.

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