A Romantic encounter with my Nurse

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Hello everyone; I hope you guys are doing well. My name is Sharan. This is my first story, so I apologize for making any mistakes. This story is about how I banged my Malayali nurse who used to work with me.

As a quick background, I am a general practitioner in a Multi-speciality hospital in the northern districts of Tamilnadu. Average build body with a 7.4-inch cock.

Her name is Amulya, and she is 24. We used to call her Ammu. Her structure is 34B- 30-37. I work away from home, so I stay in the hospital on the top floor. There are plenty of hospital workers who stay there, too, including Ammu. I used to do night shifts because it would be easy for me to prepare for NEET-PG. One fine night, there weren’t any severe cases. So I informed the people down and went to my room and fixed myself a drink. There was a case, and ammu came up to notify me and caught me drinking. When she opened the door, I couldn’t hide my glass. She hesitantly informed me about the case. She thought of something and left without saying anything. I called reception and enquired about the case.

They told me it was just a fever and they could handle it. I was saved. The next day I was in my office reading something.
Knock knock…
Me: Yes come-in
Ammu: Hey, doctor. What are you doing?
Me: just reading. Tell me, what’s the matter?
Ammu: nothing. I just came to ask you something.
Me: yeah, go ahead.
Ammu: you should not judge me. Okay
Me: come on. Spit it.
Ammu: do you have drinks in your room? If yes, can we have a drink?
Me: Yeah, sure. I’ll text you at 3 am when I return to my room.
Ammu: can’t we go now.? Because my shift just got over.
Me: give me a couple of minutes. I’ll inform the receptionist and come with you.
Ammu: I’ll wait near your room.

We entered the room, and I turned on the party lights and played some soft instrumental music. I started to drink. Half a bottle of whiskey is finished. We were sitting on the floor, and she was facing me. She got up and went to use the restroom. I forgot to inform you guys that she was in her uniform.

Ammu: She returned and said,” it’s too hot in here.”
Me: Make yourself home

She just unbuttoned the first three buttons of her uniform. I was awestruck. To get going, I said can we sit on the bed. It would be more comfortable.

She agreed and sat on the bet. I got up and went and sat beside myself.
Ammu: shall we watch something?
Me: yeah, okay

I intentionally played fifty shades of grey. When the intimate scene was playing. I looked at her face, and meanwhile, she grabbed my hands. She leaned on me and put my hands around her so that they would touch her boobs over her bra. I started grazing my fingers over her bra. I could see her body move along with the motion of my fingers. In the dim blue light, I could see a drop of sweat going down her cleavage. I just touched the droplet with my index finger.

Ammu: aaaahhhh!

I held her boob with my right hand and planted a kiss on her lips which resembled spring petals. We kissed each other desperately. I enjoyed the taste of her lips; she just bit my lower lips and pulled them along.

Me: shahadah!

I unbuttoned my shirt with her help, and I witnessed her tossing it on the chair. She was running her hand on my hairy chest, and she pinched my nipples.
Me: Ammu, it’s paining.
Ammu: specific pains should be felt, Saraa!

She unhooked her bra while I was removing her shirt. It was a fabulous sight, and I could see her pointy brown nipples over her beautifully carved moon. I touched it like a kid touching his favorite car for the first time. I grabbed it and started pressing it hard. She began to feel it. I pushed it harder, and she leaned towards me and kissed me madly. I grabbed her and placed her on my lap with her legs crossed around, and I planted a kiss on her right boob, and my tongue was making circles around her hard nipples. I slowly sucked it, then increased the pace, I was holding her nipples between my teeth, and she moaned in delight mixed with pain.

Ammu: sshhhhhaaah! I’m not a meatloaf.
Me: I doubt that…
Ammu: wait a minute.

She got up to remove her lower. She pulled her panty along with her lower to reveal her pussy with pubic hair, not a few days old. I wouldn’t hesitate; I grabbed her legs and kissed her pussy while she was standing.
Ammu: aaahh!

She held my head and pushed more. My tongue turned over her pussy like a thirsty crow. She couldn’t stand; she was struggling. I pushed her against the was while I was sitting and started eating her pussy; I kissed, licked, and sucked her pussy. While my hands were grabbing her tits tightly.

Ammu: leave Sara, Leave…..

I didn’t listen, and as a result, she squirted all over my face. She was feeling shy, closing her face with her hands. Then I was searching for a towel, and she came down and took a towel and wiped me like a child. Once she finished, I was about to grab the towel and throw it. But she was covering herself cutely with the towel. I forcefully pulled the towel and threw it away. She covered her face with her hands. I tried to pull her hands down, but she didn’t allow me to do. As a surprise, I just rubbed my penis around her vagina. She moaned.

Ammu: Mmaaaahhh
Her hands were lowered, and now she was crushing the bedspread with her hands. I leaned towards her and kissed her on the lips, and she wasn’t concentrating on the kiss.
Ammu: insert Sara, insert, please.
I inserted my cock into her pussy, and it was a bit tight initially. I pulled my dick out and inserted it. I repeated it a few times, and finally, it went inside with a scream.
Ammu: haaaa
I started to fuck her slowly while kissing her lips, then cupped her tits and squeezed them hard.
Ammu:Ah ah ah ah has……

I increased the speed, and I was about to cum, but she wasn’t near. So I slowed down and controlled my ejaculation for a while. After sweat-packed for 15 minutes, I saw her shrugging her body, tightening her grip, and her eyes go behind. She came in, and after a few seconds, I let free my cum. It’s a creampie. I just took the towel and cleaned her pussy while cleaning myself. We just lay beside each other. Controlling my cum had a toll. My dick started to pain a lot. I was moaning in pain.

Ammu: what happened?
Me: my dick is paining.
She laughed and said, did you plow the field with your dick?
Me: yeah, it was a great field.

She touched my dick and started to massage it slowly. Then she kissed it,
Ammu: this is the reward for your plowing.
She started licking my dick ah, followed by a blowjob. She was sliding her lips up and down over my cock. I was moaning.
Me: Ammu, slow down, fuckk.I am about to cum.
She didn’t even listen to my words, and I came into her mouth. She tried to drink it, but she couldn’t; she spit it out on my belly.
Ammu: sorry, sorry… She cleaned it.

Then we hugged each other and slept beside each other.

Did you guys enjoyed it ? if you want to pass down your comments, review you can contact me through Gmail – [email protected]. Thank you for your patience.

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