So I went to my car and put my pantyhose and my panties on the side of the driver’s side, locked up and went across the street to see if i could meet sugar daddy and ask him how could he help me. I stood in front of the door took a deep breath not knowing what to expect inside the bar, and dressed that provocative, I felt at that point that I was looking for trouble dressing like that but also knew that was in need, I made my way in and headed to the bar tender, the bar counter was on my right about six feet from the door, but the bar tender was at the other end of the bar and I had to walk all the way across the room by that point the place went quite you could only hear the tvs sounds, I got close to the bar tender and asked him if he could tell me who sugar daddy was? He said one second, he another guy can you check if sugar daddy is available please? The guy walked away and the bar tender turned to me and said is going to take a minute or two young lady! I thanks and waited, I heard a voice coming from the far corner of the bar said a stripper and laughed loud and okay bring her over. The came back and told me miss this way and took me to Sugar Daddy, he was about 5.8ft tall, dark skin, a little over weight, strong voice and smelled like an old car. He was sitting in a booth against the wall, hello miss: he said, please sit down, I sat down on the booth across from his, do you want something to drink? A beer, a shot or anything else? He asked, water is fine,I said, Art, he yelled, throw me a bottle of water please he said, and then he turn to me and said what can I do for you madam he asked, I said well, the guy with the bottle of water came he took the bottle broke the cap seal and handed it to me, what were you saying? He asked. I said my car broke down and the lady at the gas station told me that you own the car repair shop next to the gas station and I would like to know if you can help me on fixing it, I pay you whatever is reasonable plus I told him, where I was sitting there was a gap on the window where the sun light filter and hit me from my breast level all the way down to my feet, he could see me very well, I open the water bottle to a sip, and was saying listen madam my shop is close for the day, and I am waiting on a girl to you know, and I can’t let that pass, and just when he was saying that I try to drink from the bottle, I tilted the bottle way before get it to my mouth and spilled on my legs and by inertia I had to part my legs and obviously he took a good look at my naked pussy.

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