I the bitch

Hi: guys my name is A. Laura, I am a 37yo happily married woman, with 34, 30, 36 frame stand 5’3″ very high sex drive, I am not a sexual maniac as many might think but wha I am about to share with you is true and I have no reason to lie about, it took me awhile to decide to share this with you, this first happened to me I fell embarrassed, shame on me I thought, by then it was not my fault but now I feel guilty but I enjoy it, is weird but true. It was Wednesday about 10:30am, after my morning chords and my exercise routine I was watching tv while I waited to take a bath, I was sitting on the living room couch and rubbing my chocolate Labrador back and I noticed that his cock was about half way out, I thought to myself, I don’t think he gets horny by me caressing him, I might be going crazy I thought.

So I decided to get ready to take a shower I kiss on the forehead and I told him that I was going to take a shower I got up and headed to the bathroon and when I was about to close the door I noticed that he was behind me I told him that he had to wait out side he looked at me and I felt sorry for him and I left the door open and he was standing by the door, I removed my exercise clothes and I was about to get into the shower when I heard a loud noise in front of the house like a car crash I ran to see what had happened, in fact it was a car crash I was standing right in the middle of the window and when I realize that I was naked knelt down to the floor between the two couches, and I was on all four trying to keep from people to see me naked I tried to crawl back wards but my dog was behind me I told him to move over but but he didn’t move so I got between his legs and arc my back that was a mistake, because by doing that I expose my pussy on his nose and he started to smell my pussy, I said to him to go away but he wouldn’t listen to instead he started to kick me out I was on disbelief what it was happening to me, by this time he was eating my pussy with abandoned, and I was getting shills up and down my spine, I couldn’t believe that I was getting arouse by my dogs licking my pussy, he just kept going until he made me cum like I never came before. Continue i am bitch 2


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