Tricked My Innocent Mom into Incest – Part 5

Successfully seduced my mom with my plans and after that fucked her to my best

Hi my dear friends and fans of indian sex stories dot net, this is Raj back with the most exciting fifth part of sex journey with my mom. Plz read my pervious episodes for better understanding. Thanks for your valuable feedbacks and sorry for the delay in posting my fifth part.
Refreshing the story my dream was to fuck my mom with a nasty talking and looking her facial expression.

I woke up in the morning expecting my mom in a good mood for fuck. I decided to bunk my college and fuck my mom the whole day in different angles.

I went out of my bedroom in search of her big puffy pussy. She was in the kitchen saw me coming towards her said “ Raj college ke time avuthunde ra eroju assignment submit cheyale anav kada ready avu tvaraga” (Hey Raj you are getting late for the college and you said you have to submit your assignments today so get ready soon)
I was totally disappointed with her idea of me going to college. I said ok mom and went to bathroom got my dick out. Thinking about me fucking my mom from behind in the kitchen as she was cooking material which energies me to fuck her for longer sessions. I ejaculated my cum and relaxed under the shower.

I went to college but one thing bothering me was that what my mom was thinking. Why she sent me to college? I couldn’t wait long with all thoughts running in mind. I finally went to home as early as usually.

As soon as I reached home my cock was in search of mom’s pussy, there she is in the kitchen. I thought to fulfil my dream of morning session of fucking mom in the kitchen. I entered the kitchen and tightly hugged my mom from behind with my fully erected cock.
Me: “Ammaaa nuvvu ante naku chala estammm” (Hey mommy I Love You so much… ) pressing my cock into her ass.

Mom: “Raj em iende ra eroju chala happy ga unavuu” (What happened raj today you are very happy I seem”
Me: “Em ledu amma just urike chepale anipinchinde anthe” (Nothing mom just wanted to say that’s all”

Still holding the grip and started grinding mom’s ass with my cock forcefully trying to feel her ass crack. Suddenly
Mom: “Raj em chestunav ra nevu”(Raj what are you doing)
Me: “Neku nachinde chestuna amma” (I am doing what you like only mom)
With an angry tone

Mom: “Nenu me amma nu ra vadulu” (Raj I am your mom leave me now)

Me: “Adhe naku telusu amma nenu vadhala” (In a playful mood I said I know you are my mom I will not leave you mommy)
With anger my mom turned around breaking my grip and slapped me and said to mind my behaviour. I was totally shocked with her actions. Without speaking a word I went to my room and locked the door. Thinking of the reaction of my mom I was unable to understand what to do.

Why she reacted like that did she want to stop all this as she got satisfied or maybe she is afraid of dad. I was totally disappointed that I cannot be with my mom. How to face mom after that incident was the big problem now I was having. I didn’t come out of my room skipped dinner even mom also didn’t call me for that.

I slept on my bed as if a dead man. At night I woke up feeling hungry thinking about what I can get to eat this night with closed eyes. I heard a low voice saying hey raj wake up. I thought it was my imagination, but it was not it’s my mom calling me. May be she was for dinner as she didn’t allow me to sleep without dinner.
Mom: “Raj sorry ra kanna plz levara nanna” (I am sorry raj plz wake up)
I was not in a mood to have a dinner with her even though I was feeling hungry. I acted like sleeping thinking that she will leave after asking twice or thrice. But mom was repeatedly asking to wake me up by shaking my shoulder.

Mom: “Levara na raja na mogudu repu vastunadu ra plz ra leche nanu dengara eee oka roju matrame manade ra” (Wake up my raja my hubby is coming tomorrow plz fuck me for tonight, it’s the only night we have raj)

Hearing that I was in heaven “What my mom is asking me OMG I never thought this could happen in my life. My mom was pleading me to fuck her for the whole night”. I could not believe my luck, with those magical words I was in full swing. My cock became rock hard in my boxers which made a tent. She might have noticed that.
Mom: “Raj naku telusu nevu nedura poledu ane na gurinche levara kanna” (Raj I know you are not sleeping wake up for me)
I wanted to make use of the situation and with full speed in one frame opened my boxer to free my cock. I didn’t open my eyes and haven’t spoken a single word. I want to see what mom will do with my rock hard cock. After some time….

Mom: “ Ante ra kanna entha kopoama na pina neku hmmmm em cheyale ra epudu ne kopam tagale ante, ne pamu emo busalu koduthunde ra degara unde putaloke pampinchu ra raja pampistava chepu” (Why are you so angry my son hmmm what I have to do to claim you, I can see your snake is dancing in full mood, Why don’t you make it enter where it came from my son. Will you do it for me son?)

Saying that words she caught my cock with her soft hands. Amazing is what I can say, mom stopped talking and stared playing with my cock. She might have lost her patients of long wait. Without any hesitation she took my whole dick in her mouth and stated giving me a mind blowing job. Till this point my eyes where closed which at a flash opened with a warm feeling in my mom’s mouth.

I saw mom’s back was facing me and she was wearing a night gown. I was moaning in pleasure enjoying mom’s lips wrapping my cock tightly. She turned around and looked at me with a smile on her face then squeezed my cock hard with her hands. I was in pain and shouted Oooouch mom…

Mom: “Epudu bagunda raj anduku lechav ra me amma em chestundo chusdam ane lechava na raja” (How are you feeling raj, why you wokeup now… Ooooh wanted to see what your mom is doing to you ha)

Mom again started to blow me with full speed. Now I caught her hair with fear but she didn’t say anything. I stated to throat fuck her which she encouraged to do. It was for 10 minutes then I claimed down was seeing my mom sliding my cock into her mouth slowly with a faster heart beat.

Now I moved my mom’s night gown as she was in doggy position while sucking my cock. I pulled her into a 69 position and started to lick her pussy. She was wet and the pussy was dripping with the love juice. I tasted her pussy for 15 minutes while she was teasing my cock with her wet lips.

I had a fantasy of fucking my mom’s ass, I know that she might have not had any cock there. I now got an idea and started to massage my mom’s butt hole. Slowly without her permission I slid my middle finger into her tight hole. Seeing this…

Mom: “Orey em chestunav ra naku adola unde, nenu epudu akada petinchukoledu ra raja vadu ra”(Hey what are you doing son, I have never been fucked there it is awkward don’t do it to me.)
Me: “Em cheyale amma neku ne gudha ante chala estam oka sare chestanu amma oka saree” (What to do mom I like you ass a lot I want to fuck you anal for once that all only once mom)

Mom: “Na moguda epudu na pukku gola chudu inka na back ke aaa gola alavatu kaledu nevu ruche chupeste nenu rondu manage cheyaleka chavale” (You bastard now just concentrate on my pussy, my butt has not tasted a cock yet, If you make that I have to die to control my both holes)

Me: “Nenu enduku chastav amma nenu una kada neku oka sare try chesdam amma” (Why mom you have me no, don’t worry let’s try anal once mom)

Mom: “Ok ra first ietha nanu satisfy chai tarvatha chusdam le dani sangathe anto” (Ok son first you need to satisfy your thirsty mom then after will look into that”

Saying this mom sat on me and slid my cock into her pussy. She was riding my cock with immense pleasure moaning like she enjoyed at her peaks.

Mom: “Oooooh aaahhhh em undhe ra ne moda na raja swargam lo unatu unde raa Aaaaaaaahh” (Ooooh aaahhh your cock feels so good my son, I am in heaven ooohhh son Aaaaahh)

Me: “Chala baga dengutunav amma uuuummmm inka fast ga dengu na modane ne gulla tirchukova ne kodukune denge” (You are riding me very well mom plzzz uuuummmm hump me faster plzzz fuck me fast and satisfy your urges by fucking your own son. Your son is a motherfucker)

Mom: “ine rojulu em chesav ra na kodaka nuvu intha sukane intha late ga estunav. Naku ee sukam roju kavala ra estava na raja” (what have you done my son it took these many days to satisfy your mom. Aaaaaahhh mommy want it daily my boy give it to meeee)
Me: “neku evaka poothe evarike estanu amma nenu eka nunche ne vadane eroju enjoy chesdam fuul ga” (I am yours my dear mom do what every you want, We will enjoy this pleasure every day as your wish mommy)

After that mom came on my cock her love juice was oozing out like a lava she continued to ride for some more time and got tired. We went on fucking in doggy style where I liked to spank my mom’s ass and I did so. Spanking mom ass hard, while fucking from behind excited her a lot. After a long session in different angles we both got close to climax and came at once. I was totally down with no energy in my body lying beside my mom.

Me: “Thank you amma”
Mom: “anduku ra nuvu thanks cheputhav na raja. Neku nenu chepale ra asalu anukoledu na jevetham intha baguntunde ane” (Why are you thanking me my som. I have to thank you for making my life so beautiful)

Me: “ Mare ne back epudu estav naku epudu evochu kada amma” (What about anal mom can we have a try now)

Mom: “Epudu vadu ra kanna nenu estanu le chala chusav oka roja ane chestara ante hmmm” (Wait my son not now we have lot of time in coming days we will have it later. I am not ready for it today and it’s not good to taste all at once)

We slept in each other naked that night which was a memorable one. Now how I have convinced my mom for an anal fuck is what my final part. So send your feedback and keep waiting for anal fucking session with my angel mommy.

So any horny aunties and young girls can feel free to contact me on [email protected], if you want to experience an immense pleasure with my rough hand massage, pussy licking, fingering and crazy sucking sessions. I promise to maintain highly confidential and secrecy as I am also concerned of my good will in the society. My friends, please express your feelings and comments at which will inspire me for the next part see you until bye this is yours raj.

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