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I’m pretty sure that it is okay to post my first experience here on s4s now since I’m 19. As a young girl I was always looking for ways to please my mom and dad, they have always been the greatest people in the world. My mom is a nurse and my dad is a

Surrogate Mom of my Son is my daughter

I am Elang a 44 year old mechical engineer from Indonesia with high income. The story took place two years ago when I was living with my wife Kemala and my 2 childern, Daughter Filza 20 and boy joyo 8. My wife had her own tailoring bussiness. My daughter was a beauty with brain type

Circumstances led me to my Daughter

I am Ajay a 53 years old man who lost his wife a year ago. Before her death she was ill and bedridden so my sex life was restricted. Because of that, I got addicted to hashish. Under its influence I approached her sometimes. She allowed me to hug her and suck her boobs …

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It was ‪Saturday morning‬, and I woke up with a smile on my face. I still had the taste of my daddies cock in my mouth, in the hunger to have even more. I just couldn’t believe, but it really had happened! I had always had Is subtle yearning, a naughty desire buried somewhere deep

Dads visit 2

The next day i couldnt even look at my dad (Dads visit part 1), i avoided him as much as i could the whole day. My mom and granny both asked if i felt alright was anything wrong. I couldnt tell them what happened as much as i wanted to. My dad managed to catch

My sexy neighbour kusum’s little daughter Kripa

I’m here again with my story . I’m Bikey , a 45 years man . I experienced a sudden encounter with my sexy neighbor Kusum . From that day we used to have sex and fucked when ever we get a chance . I used to go to her house often making many reasons to

Voyeur Brother spying on Sister gets more than he could have hoped

Voyeur Brother spying on Sister gets more than he could have hoped.. My name is Connor. My mom told me that she named me Connor because she hates nicknames and figured that no one could possibly give me a nickname with a name like Connor. Of course that presumed that I didn’t acquire a nickname

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Just to introduce myself my name is sid and I,am average build, very good looking and a bigger then usel cock. I,am now 54 but this story starts when I was 18. part of the house was rented out to tenants and the husband would sleep at work and come in about once a week

Family Fun Hubby, wife and mother in law get better acquainted

Family taboo, Family Fun Hubby, wife and mother in law get better acquainted.. Nick and I have been getting along a little better recently but our relationship still left a lot to be desired. We have been married just over three years and the troubles between us started almost immediately; we argued about almost everything. Looking