Surrogate Mom of my Son is my daughter

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I am Elang a 44 year old mechical engineer from Indonesia with high income. The story took place two years ago when I was living with my wife Kemala and my 2 childern, Daughter Filza 20 and boy joyo 8. My wife had her own tailoring bussiness. My daughter was a beauty with brain type of girl. One year ago she won scharship for advance study in America. Her mother was reluctant to send her there but I insisted to send her for her future. I assured my wife that she is capable to look after herself.

Once she went my wife talked to her every day on mobile or texted her more then once daily. After about four months she wanted to meet her but her passport was not ready. To know about her well being I decided to pay a visit alone. Filza came to pick me from airport and took me to her place. She was not living in hostel but in a studio apartment. A month ago she had a girl mate but now she was alone. The first thing that surprisec me was the westetn dress of my daughter. She used to wear ankle length dress but that day she was wearing a tight leather skirt, it was clinging to her body, and showing her legs. She had a sheer white blouse and an open black leather vest. Ignoring it I asked about her life and problems. She told me that in the beginning she faced a few problems but now was well adjusted.

Due to my jet lag I spent an entire day sleeping. Then from next day I took tour of the city. She went to her university but came back soon. We chatted a lot on her return. I was happy to see her doing well. On the fouth day I was watching TV and it was showing a news about a surrogate pregnancy. It said that a couple who failed to get success in test tube took help from the sister of the husband to bemoe a surrogate mother. The experiment proved success. It was showing the photos of the baby with surrogate mother and others.
I hit my head in anger. My daughter saw that and asked, what happened dad. I told her about the content of the news.

“Isn’t it weird to be a surrogate for your brother, is it legal?” I said,

She laughed and said, “world is changing dad. Here the gay marriage is legal and many such things are allowed that our side of world forbids.” She said

I was dead surprised: Tell me more clearly about them

– Yes … for example … Inbreeding is allowed. A girl can marry a father or son a mother-

-Dont tell me this really- I said and she smiled.

At dinner we sipped some wine and I told her a family secret. I told her that after her mother gave birth to her she could not get pregnant again. Her brother Joyo is adoptive. Her mom wanted a son for her to be happy with, so I agreed but deep down I still longed to have a real son.

She was shocked but she tried to consol me. – Don’t be sad, you can still have kids anyway.

I slurredly told, – I wanted a son to continue my family, but your mother is almost 40 and it is not possible-

Filza said, -you too can go for a surrogate

I got interested, – how easy is that I don’t know

At dinner we sipped wine and I told her that after giving birth to her my wife could not get pregnant again. Her brother Ken is adoptive. Her mother wanted a son for her to be happy with, I agreed but deep down I longed to have a real son.

She tried to consol. – Don’t be sad, you can still have kids anyway. I slurredly told,

– You are a girl, I also want a son to continue my family, but your mother is … now she is almost 40 …

Filza said, – you can also go for a surrogate dad

I was interested, – I don’t know much about that

-Girls in need for cash agree to that easily

-any idea for how much it costs

– Not exactly… but cost may vary between $ 50000 to
$ 90000.

-Wao … that a lot of money.

She laughed and laughed and then suddenly said,
– I have an idea. I can be a surrogate mom for your son. I am willing to become pregnant for you father

I turned my face to look at her, – Are you crazy. What did you just say. I am your father. Tears filled my eyes.

She said, – … Daddy … I love you so much and want you happy … if you can’t do it, let me help you …

She came near me and hugged me. It was weird to feel her soft and slim body. I was surprised that I could do nothing more than to get aroused by her warmness. She kissed me on mouth and suddenly I picked her in my arms and took her to bed. In a few seconds only I was kissing all over her face. My hands fumbled around Filza’s blossoming body and stopped at the her plump breasts, and then massaged them. I head Filza moan. – Umm … uh …aaaah … dad ….. huh … aah.

I lifted her shirt and pulled her bra down and opened my tongue to suck one boob diligently, the other hand squeezed the other breast like a dough.

– Aaaaa … um … Light … daddy … aah.

– Well … th … um … whiff … delicious … my daughter …

– Aaa … daddy light … okay … um … uh … uh … hurts … I … ahh …

I sucked for a long time, each of the breast was sucked until turned red and stubborn, Filza’s short pants were taken off at that moment. I could see the charm of my daughter, a hot body with white skin and warm, smooth thighs, a lovely face with milky cheeks, I put my face down and inhaled the scent of her cunt, that paradise is only a layer under the beautiful white panty. Unable to bear the temptation, I pulled away her panties. Filza lay naked on the bed, ready for her father to conceive, I took off all of my cloths in only 20 seconds. Soon the the two undressed bodies were sticking together, I kissed her soft sweet lips andcshe opened her lips to accept and stuck her tongue out to touch my tongue. Her breasts moved non-stop because my firm hand was twisting them passionately.

Finally, my hands separated her thighs and my tongue movef down from her neck, through the pink-white belly to her cunt. It appeared that a electric current was running along her body, as puffed with excitement, as she got ready to get destroyed by her father. I put my face over her pussy and licked her. Filza whined for the first time.

– A … A … MAM … PAIN … GO … EY … AAAA.

I sucked her pussy passionately until juices began to flow, then I placed my knees in her crotch. My cock hardened without any mouth work from Filza. I looked at her, and she gave a slight nod to allow me to put it in. She screamed ax I jerked my dick into the door of her cunt:

– Ah … light … ohhh … Ittt… hurt …

I said nothing, but kept pressing inside her pussy until my dick touched her uterus, when the cock entered,. There was no hymen on the way so I assumed that she broke it with a male friend already. Due to my experience I was aware that when a cock rubs a cervix the female get immense pleasure. I rubbed my cock there and she just fainted with intense pleasure.

Tears poured out from her eyes as I leaned on top of her body. I licked her tears and kissed her ears. My hands squeezed her breasts. They sagged because the pain had passed, her arms hugged my neck:

– U … spoiled … a … ah … uh … huh … a …brute …

After about 30 minutes I poured all the sperm into Fliza’s cunt and then pulled it out. I fell next to her, cuddling and patting her tight buttocks.

– We have to hide this from your mother.

– Yes … but I can’t hide it forever.

– Why … if you don’t say it, who knows.

– How can I hide my child when I becomes pregnant?

– Yeah … that’s a serious issue.

– It’s alright Dad, … I feel I can’t get pregnant in one go

– I have to go home tommorow…

– Go home, but return next month, when you have more sperm. there will be hope.

– are you going to steal your mother’s husband?

– I’m just pregnant for you … who wants to be your wife, huh.

I kissed her foreheaf and left her bed. Next day I returned home. Just as I reached home the cell phone message tone rung, I opened to see:

“Save it, Dad, the relationship with you is over, I’ll check with you later.”

I was startled to read it, I quickly deleted it, then went to bed and slept.


One month passed without much talk. Then the passport of my wife got ready and she wanted to meet her Filza. I took out my phone and texted Filza.

“Your mother is coming to meet you”.

The message is immediately replied back.

“It’s okay, dad, just let her come”.

Suddenly my Wife appeared and grabbed the phone from me, she looked at the sender’s name, “My darling”, I froze but regained my soul, she was glad that It was her daughter’s name, so did not carefully review the contents:

– Yeah … well I texted her so she could pick us up.

We flew to America and Filza received us happily. My Wife was tired and did not adapt to the time zones so she slept deeply immediately. Filza was smiling at me like a Fox. I was nervous:

– Mom is fast asleep, we can do it, Dad.

– Where to do it, how can it be safe … in one room

– Uh … you worry too much. We can lie inside a blanket.

– If we groan and your mother suspect, she will die.

– I will not make noise

Filza took off her lower dress by herself, then took off her panties to reveal her lovely pussy, she was about to take off her shirt, but I stopped her:

– lets keep upper shirts on … in case

We pulled a blanket over us and hugged each other under it. My hands squeezed her soft round buttocks, our tongue locked together while my wife lay deep asleep on the bed. She did not know that the bed she was sleeping is where her husband fucked her daughter. Filza gripped my dick and suckled well, after a while she released it and lay down on her back. With two legs spread wide I know that she was asking for the licking.

– Umm … um … aha … gul … um …

I looked once from a hole towards the bed and then coverd the sexy body of Filza with my body. While the pussy was being buttoned, she too looked at her mother once, when her juice started flowing, I crawled up and lay on top of the body. she lifted her shirt up and I opened my mouth to suck on her breasts. Lustfully she put her legs around my waist so that the dick was pointed straight at her pussy. She took my cock in her hand put to the door of her cunt. I pressed the hole right away. I inched my hips up as the dick slowly crept into her pussy. I was slow due to situation and Filza also was groaning in a low voice:

We heard a sound and trembled. My dick was still stuck in Filza’s pussy. We looked at my wife, she was still asleep, didn’t know what the sound was, we laughed at each other, then continued. The cock’s head undulating, my cock retracted in the pussy of my daughter, she closed her eyes and bit her lips and moaned in her throat.

– Umm … um … hmm … uh … huh …

As I dropped a big load in Filza I whispered, – Find a safer place else next time.

– You’re so sneaky dad, aren’t you happy?

– I shot all the way into your pussy, then why can’t I be happy?

– Hehe, you came out a lot, I must be pregnant now,

The next morning, my wife woke up and went to the market with Filza. She did not know that her daughter’s belly was containing her husband’s sperm.

That afternoon she was cooking in the kitchen, and I was sitting outside reading a newspaper. Filza quietly opened the door to sneak in and then motioned me to come to the corner of the living room.

– Why did you come back so early, I said you often comes late

– Shh … be quiet, don’t let her hear you. Let her think I am not home.

Filza pulled me to a stand behind her, then opened her eyes to look at her mother who was busy in the kitchen. She turned to smile at me and knelt on the ground to pull my pants off.

– Hey … your mother …

She put a finger to her lips to signal silence, then she pulled out my dick, sucked and licked it. Filza got up with her back to me, hunched over and stood with legs apart. She pulmed her underwear down the thighs. I stepped over and inserted my dick into her cunt from behind, Filza stood up when I got into her cunt. I started to click my cock, into her pussy, one of her hand was on the railing, and the other covered her mouth so she doesn’t moan. Then, I shit every stream of sperm shot into her pussy.

I pulled out my dick, pulled up my underwear quickly and went to the kitchen to pretend to rummage. Filza pulled her underwear over and adjusted the dress again and then sneaked out of flat. She came back.

– Dear parents, just returned.

My wife looked at her, – Why are you coming late? But what’s wrong with your legs, the red knees.

I was startled and looked at her too, they were red and dirty. Filza came out with a explanation quick.

– No problem. I drew a picture at school so I had to kneel on the ground, She said

My wife brought some oil and applied it to her knees, Filza glanced at me with guilt. Her mother again was not aware that her daughter’s pussy was slick with the sperm of her husband.

Once my wife was watching a movie and I moved on pretext of piss, then Filza and me fucked each other in the bedroom, when she was in the kitchen, we fucked in the bathroom, any time it could be the father and the daughter fuck each other and ejaculate.


After about two weeks We returned back to our home. About a month later we talked on phone.

-I took a home pregnancy test and its negative despite the effort

I was not happy to hear this. – what about your period

– yeah its regular too

– so lets ends this matter here

– No, I want to take one more chance

– but I can’t pay you frequent visits. Your mom will be suspicious

– After about a month I will get a break of fifteen days.
I will pay a visit home. Just send some money.

To this I had no objection. A month later she was back.
Next day when both me and my wife left for work Filza was sleeping. At noon, my wife told Filza that she could not come back for lunch. I picked up Joyo at 12:00, and went home for lunch. As we were only three persons the meal was very quick. Soon, Filza stood up and rubbed her belly and looked at me. She said nothing because Joyo was next to us. She went to the front room. To Joyo I said,

– Come on, Joyo go up to the room and watch TV

The innocent boy said “Yes” and turned on the TV to watch, his mind had no doubts about us.

I went after Filza. I pushed her into the bed and started the foreplay. We were in the act of fucking when we heard Joyo closer: – Dad, let me borrow your phone to play games.

We forgot to bolt the door so he entered the Room. He was bewildered to see his father lying on top of his sister. He asked: – What Dad is doing on top of you?

Stuttering she said, – Ah … well dad rubbed the medicine for me, yesterday I got windy when I got home … She grabbed her phone and extended it with her bare hand: – phone, you can play.

Joyo took her phone and ran downstairs. I said:- Luckily …

After depositing a load of semen I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my groin. Filza came inside to clean but she was nude. I got turned on again. I pulled her in my arms and continued to fuck her. We were not aware that my wife called Filza on her phone. The phone was with Joyo. He ran to the room and then to the bathroom. I took my hand out and took the phone. I answer the phone, when my cock was buried inside Filza. She was biting my hand for hiding her moans.

– Hello. (I said)

– You and Filza can have lunch as I will be late

– Yeah, finished eating.

– Where’s the she, let me talk to it.

Now I had no option. I handed the phone to Filza who took it and spoke.

– Yeah … A … lot … um …

– Filza this afternoon, can you pick me.

– Yes … um … where are you … mum …

– I will stood in front of the shop waiting for you, but why are you not feeling well?

– Yes … um … I’m a little sleepy … um … huh …

– Yeah, you should rest, in the afternoon to pick up me.

– Yes … um …

The beep beep sounds signaled the end of the call.

– Um … aaaaaaa … um … uh … daddy … hey … um … aaaaa … bad … too … um …

I tightened on her buttocks and quickly clicked and shot in her again. She again cleaned her cunt and then pulled her clothes to go up to the room and lay gasping on bed.
She was still breahing hard when Joyo appeared to get the phone back from his sister. Filza thought for a moment and pulled Joyo next to her for comfort:

– do you like remote control cars, I will buy for you

– Yes … but now I prefer drones.

– So in a few days, I will buy a drone for you, okay?

He rejoiced: – Yes … buy a drone for me.

– Yes, I promise, but you has to promise me something.

Joyo still didn’t understand anything.

– Yes … But what is it?

– Promise you won’t talk to anyone that Dad was lying on top of me. Only then I will buy you a plane.

He nodded frantically because his mind was in airplanes right then. I let them talk and left.

At 6 o’clock, Filza picked up her mom, and then the whole family took a normal dinner. After two weeks Filza flew back to America.


Then one day I Recived the message. “I’m pregnant, just come back from hospital, two weeks up.”

I was overjoyed to read that. I then texted back.

“Be careful of you and the fetus, help me, in a few days I will sent you money for the work and I will be over there with you soon”.

– How to cope mom (She texed)

– we will hide it until you give birth, and then can say you adopted him

She re-texted sullenly – What is this? Your child still be called an adopted child

I comforted: – Take it easy, I will find another way.

The messages ended for a few days then she texed again to me.

– I have an idea about the issue

On my asking what? She replied

– just spread the news that I married a class fellow here. When I will return (with child) I will say that he will join me later.

– you really are a beauty with a brain

I told this to my wife. Filza even sent a fake photo of someone. She was not happy to hear that but I said its a paper marriage and proper marriage will take place on her return. My wife spread this all around. Finally after a few more months the news came that my daughter gave birth to a boy. I was the happiest person on earth and wanted to go there but Filza stopped me by saying that she will return back soon.

Two month later she brought the child back to Indonesia. She wascalone so my wife asked about her husband. She lied that she had severed the relationship with her hubby because he was cheating on her. She even left that country forever. Filza covered her mom’s eyes and blinded the whole neighborhood.

Off course I acted as a grandfather to my son. I was careful in going near him too much. After a couple of days a opportunity came. After having dinner it was past 10 pm. I was lying in my bedroom with my wife, when I saw her snore. I got up, in the dark. In dim light outside, I moved slowly to Fliza’s Room. I opened the door to find her sleeping in her bed next to the baby.

Call me anything but I was feeling hungry for her pussy. Gently and quickly I slipped inside and because I was too hungry for pussy I forgot to press the door latch. I pulled up her nightgown and gently slipped her panties down. I did not wake her up but lowered my face to her breast. I licked her nipples for a very long time, I did not massage her breasts. I only sucked for a long time, then I moved down to her thighs and licked her cunt. She was stimulated in her cunt so slowly she woke up. She raised her head to look down at her pussy and saw me sucking her cunt. She quietly lay down and looked towards the child, he was asleep. When I realised that she was awake, I pressed on her body, I kissed on her soft lips and then wrapped my tongue around her tongue. When I entered my cock in her cunt she whispered.

– Careful … um … ah … uh … don’t disturb the baby …

I fucked gently and quickly shot my sperm into her pussy. We both gasped and pulled back but we were caught. Finding me absent my wife came there in search.

– Are you still human? Why do you do that to your own daughter?

– Sorry … why … are you not sleeping yet …

I panniked and she was hurt.

– How do I feel is another matter, what’s important is the lack of morality on your part. How many bitches are outside, but you choose your daughter?

– I … I … mmmm..

– Shut up, just tell me who is the father of this baby?

– It happened accidentally while I was in America, and she unfortunately got pregnant.

The room was quiet enough when my wife started weeping.

– I know you wanted a son, Joyo is your adopted child anyway, I can’t give you one so you did this. But choosing your own daughter is wrong …

My wife sobbed but Filza just looked at her and then said: – Dont cry mom I will leave this home and live on my own.

My wife cleared her tears and said:- Do not expect me to forgive any of you, but after all, it is your child … tomorrow I will leave the house and not come back, you want a Kiss or sue, I accept.

Now Filza started crying. She gritted her teeth to endure, the night was long and bad for her and me. My wife left the room immediately.

In the morning the house was heavy. My wife was packing her suitcase. When Filza requested her to stay she said: – No you need a father for your baby. I will leave and file for a divorce. I will not tell anyone about this, I will not disgrace the name of the family.

She left us for good. For a new begining, I bought a house in a village and shifted. Our neighbors there did not know anything about us, all they know is that a new couple has just arrived in this deserted area.

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