Virgin daughter hears her mother getting fucked.

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Just to introduce myself my name is sid and I,am average build, very good looking and a bigger then usel cock.
I,am now 54 but this story starts when I was 18.
part of the house was rented out to tenants and the husband would sleep at work and come in about once a week to fuck his wife.
they had two children one boy who was younger and a 17 year old daughter.
on my side there was just me and my mother leaving here dad was in Dubai.

They mother said to my mum is one of the chren could sleep in my room because one of their bed had broken. so my mother agreed before any one was to say which one of the children was to sleep in my room the daughter said to her mother.
Night come and she want into my room and we chatted for while ,while chatting to her a started to feel horny looking at her slime petite body with perky boobs my where fixed on her boobs and I thing she noticed me looking at her boobs but did not say any thing.
After chatting we both want to our beds and got in.
It was about 11 pm at night and her father diced to give her mother a good hard fuck and we could both hear her screaming ,swearing at her father the more she sware the harder he was fucking her saying to her take my big cock bitch ,hering this made as both so horny ,then she said to me a feel afraid sleeping on my own because I usually sleep with my mum can I come and sleep with you ‘ I,said yes and she run to my bed and soon started to rub my cock which was rock hard by now ,I lifted up her shirt and started to suck her boobs her nipples were nice and brown I love brown big nipples. we hard her farther shout her mother ” My cock you fucking bitch”. and on hearing this she want lower and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it but was only putting it in her mouth and was not very good I told her to suck it like it was a lolly pop enjoy it.
I was holing her head with both hands the more she took my cock in her mouth and more I pushed it in her mouth.
By this time we were both so horny and hungry to fuck and could still her mothers screams from being fucked so hard.
I pinned her down on the bed and put my hard cock on her pussy and want to push it in but she was so tight that my cock was not going in ,I then realised she was still A virgin so I started to push more gently did not want her mother to hear her scream.
she begged me please ”I can not take your cock it is to big” ”please be gentle with me so you can fuck me again”. slowly but forcefully I kept pushing untill just the head of mmy cock want in ,I kept pushing more and more.but I knew to get all my cock in her tight virgin pussy I would have to push hard so I did and she let out a scream I quickly put my ahnd on her mouth and kept fucking her ignoring her screams. at this point I,am not sure who was screaming harder the mother or the daughter. even if she screamed I still pushed my cock in harder for one I enjoyed hearing her scream from getting fcuked by me and second I wanted her first time of being fucked to be memorable. when ever I heard how her farther was fucking her mother I would do same to her like bending her over and fucking her from behind. she begging me she could not take any more cock ”please fill my pussy with your hot cum” . and I finely decided to cum filling her small little pussy with so much cum .
for about a minute my cock kept cumming inside her filling her pussy so much and it was running down her legs.
We slept in silence naked next to one any other trying to catch our breath back,
Then she made her way to the bathroom which was dawn the hall ,as she was coming out of the room she said to me ”You come to” and at that very moment her mother happen to be coming out of the bathroom and heard her ”Way does he need to come” and the mother want back into her bedroom leaving me to follow her into the bathroom. hope you enjoyed my stories please comment and I mayb share more of [email protected]

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