I need more

It was ‪Saturday morning‬, and I woke up with a smile on my face. I still had the taste of my daddies cock in my mouth, in the hunger to have even more. I just couldn’t believe, but it really had happened! I had always had Is subtle yearning, a naughty desire buried somewhere deep back in my mind and now it all just made sense. When I felt him, last night, when his manhood had awakened, against the desire of my innocence.

My naked body felt different against and the freshly clean cotton sheets that clung to me. It was ‪Saturday morning‬, probably about 10:30. Sleeping in on Saturday, that’s the one thing I normally really relished. But today was different, today I wanted more than anything to see my dad! The oversized T-shirt that I had peeled off the night before lay in a crumpled pile on my bedroom floor. I pressed it into my face. It smelled like him, and I smiled once again. Quickly I threw the old shirt over my head. It fit loosely, over my shapely teenage body, and asI made my way downstairs, it was the only thing, covering my body.

Dad was the one who made breakfast in our family. As I scurried down the stairs, I could smell waffles cooking. Waffles were my favorite! How I love that man! Despite all our little spats, I knew that he loved me! Sure enough, there he was in the kitchen, in front of the waffle iron, standing there and a cute little pair of plaid blue boxers. The same ones that I had pulled violently from around his waist the night before. I bit my lip, secretly lusting again.
I crept quietly up behind him, my bare feet, making no noise, as I slipped in my hands around his semi naked waste, and pressing my breasts and to his back squeezed him into a tight passionate embrace.

“Good morning daddy”, I whispered into his ear sexily. His muscles tensed as he felt my body close to his. “Jesus! Lindsey,” He replied, “You gave me a little scare, sneaking up on me like that!”
“Don’t worry,” I said, “Obviously mom is asleep. And the boys I have already left to go to the farm.”

“Your mom sure does know how to sleep,” he chuckled, “but still, baby,” he added smiling, “You have to be careful the way you’re pressing into me like that! I don’t think your mom would be too understanding.”

“I don’t really care what mom thinks,” I said slipping my hand underneath the elastic waist line of his briefs. “She can’t satisfy you like I can,” I added between gritted teeth. I began gently running my hand over the length of his now hardened cock. I could feel the wetness of pre-come beginning to form on the end of his stiff prick. “The truth is, daddy,” I cooed, “I need more!”

I tugged the elastic band carefully, pulling at his shorts as they fell neatly around his ankles. He groaned softly, as his length strained against the smooth long strokes of his daughters small hand.  Turning around, he moved his large hands pushing the old T-shirt that once was his gently over my naked hips, And slowly moving the fabric up from the bottom of my perfect breasts, and raising my arms over my head, daddy, meticulously removed the shirt exposing my beautiful young body for his wanton eyes to capture.

“Do you like me daddy?” I questioned with pouty eyes as I twirled around in front of him. “It’s all for you,” I sang sweetly. “You can take all of me!”

His eyes were glazed over dreamily as he whispered over and over again, “My God! Lindsey, Oh my God! You are so beautiful!”

He stood, as if in a trance, his eyes fixed on my young teenage body. My large, fair breasts glowed, glistening with anticipation. The smooth skin of a cleanly shaved, girlish figure, I stood trembling, excited, waiting for my daddy‘s hands. Waiting for his rough, manly strength, to have his way, and make me a woman.

Grabbing me by the waist, he pulled me towards him suddenly, and then grabbing me by the back of my head, and smashing our lips together kissed me passionately. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my tight stomach and the wetness of my femininity. I moaned helplessly into his mouth, as our tongues twirled about, exploring the details of our lust.

“Oh daddy…, Oh daddy…, How I love you so much… “ I mumbled incoherently, As we pressed our nakedness together, I ran my hands across his muscular back, pulling him closer, and even tighter against my young skin.

“Do you want this baby?” He asked. Are you sure that this is what you really want Lindsey?” he questioned.

He lifted me carefully, placing his hands under most shapely teenage ass, propping me up slightly on the edge of the dining room table. Oh God daddy! I replied quivering. More than anything in the world! I said lacing my fingers in his soft brown hair, And pulling him closer. And I felt him as he positioned the tip of his enormous prick closer to the entrance my sopping virginity.

It was like we were living in a dream. And despite all of the risks we were taking, and the real possibility of being discovered, we just couldn’t stop. At any moment my mother could be walking in on her husband passionately violating, his own daughters and her trust, was much too close to reality, from the possibility that we might actually be able to stop ourselves.

“This will hurt a bit at first,” he warned me tenderly. “But I promise you, that if you just stay with me, it will feel like heaven.”

“Just fuck me already daddy!” I snarled, biting his ear! “Fuck that big cock of yours into your sweet baby girl! Fill me up with that beautiful cock of yours! I can’t wait anymore! This is killing me!”

He didn’t need me, to coax him anymore. Stretching the tight opening of my young cunt he slowly penetrated into my virginity. I screamed silently, grabbing him with my small hands and forcibly pulling him deeper inside of me. The girth of his cock, opened my sweet pussy hardly able to contain him. Methodically he began pistoning his manhood in and out of my sweet honey hole.

I grunted, with every smooth sloth rust, as I struggle to accommodate the size. Six, seven breasts later the initial pain subsided and transformed me Into the most glorious sensations I had ever even begin to imagine!

“Oh Jesus Lindsey!” Dad managed out. “Oh, fucking hell! Your sweet pussy is so tight!” He continued on.

“Daddy!”I cried, “It’s too big! But my God!” I said whimpering “I…., I… I, it feels so fucking good!”

He pumped his dick up inside me, now even with more vigor! His body glistening with sweat from his extreme efforts. Easing me off the edge of the table, and pulling out with an audible pop, he turned me around kissing the small of my back has he slapped The sides of my buttocks with his hands. I turned back and grinned wickedly placing my hands on the table and arching my ass upwards, beckoning my ungodly father to take me like an animal!

”Oh please!” I begged, “Fuck me like the little bitch that I am!” I chattered. “Oh daddy! Yes! Make me your little whore!”

Has eyes narrowed, like a switch has been flipped on, and some depraved maniac had taken control. Grabbing a handful of my hair and slamming his prick until he bottomed out inside of me, he began to fuck. He began to take me punish my sweet virginity! He couldn’t hear my cries of pleasure. My head snapped back with each movement, as he pounded me mercilessly. I screamed with unfettered approval and pleasure has he pumped himself into my young tight hole.

“Oh God! Oh fuck yes!” I hissed, as my muscles contracted around his cock. The wave of an intense orgasm, sent me spiraling into delirious bliss as he continued to ravish my young body.

“Oh God daddy! Oh fuck yes!” I screeched, continually, “Your dick is so big! It feels so good!”

His strokes had become more long and in Fattic as he paused when he bottomed out next to my cervix still with one hand wrapped around my hair, And the other sliding up my belly to fondle my large Dangling breasts. I turned as he leaned in and kissed me softly whispering my name, as he continued to assault me.

“Oh Lindsey” he said, “You’re such an amazing girl! My God! This is like a dream” He babbled. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this!”

We had gotten uncontrollably loud as we continued our lurid fantasy, now completely unaware of our surroundings. The sounds of sexual passion filled the house, penetrating past the confines of the dining area in which we found ourselves….. depraved, unhinged, in a act of forbidden desire that was completely unacceptable in the eyes of societal company.

Daddies encouragement excited me and I ground ass back into his thrusts, fucking myself onto his swollen member as I screamed in ecstasy with every twitch that his size seemed to increase with a quickening pace.

“Yessssssss!” I hissed, feeling his need for an impending release. “Fuck me harder Daddy! Fuck yourself deep inside of meeeeeeee!!!” I wailed.

Grunting as he locked both large hands around my tiny waist, he levied the weight of chest on my back. “I’m close, he whispered, but it was anything far from that. The echos of our reverberated loudly through the air.

He sucked on my fragile neck as I whimpered, crying back to him…. “Please Daddy I pleaded….. Please…..!”

And then an unmistakable voice of horror rang in our ears. I looked up to see that my mother had entered the room. Her face was as white as a sheet, and the terror in her eyes was distinguished almost as cleared as her trembling voice. Disbelief and disgust flashed angrily and she screamed my father’s name. He never even hesitated…. His manly hands tightened their grip on my childlike waist, grinding his cock harder against my cervix. I felt another wave of heaven as my muscles contracted through another incredible orgasm. I couldn’t help my screams of pleasure as I called out for daddy in front of my mother.

Almost in slow motion I could see her scrambling with her fists raised as she lunged at him. He never even slowed, and planting one hand in the small of my back, forcing me to take his full length, he released the other from its place and struck her to the ground.

Now, seeing her laying crumpled on the floor but semi cognizant of her surroundings, and grinding through gritted teeth, I looked into my father’s soul and seethed as I said, “Give me your seed! Fuck it all into your little girl!

“Aahahhhhhh!!!! Uunnnggggg! He wailed, “Oh Fuckkkkk! Lindseeeeeeey!!!! He screeched and squeezing his hands around my tiny neck and giving one great thrust, he emptied himself into my beautiful, waiting pussy! His seamen spilled out from between us as collapsed on top of me, panting and telling me how much he loved me. We lay locked together in a heap on the floor next to my sobbing mother. Smiling……

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