Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife – Part 4

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Next day early morning I saw Kritika woke up at 6 AM and was surprised to see nude Ranveer lying in her bed with morning erection. His cock was fully erected. Kritika was bemused to see this view! She went closer to him to have better view but this awakened Ranveer. He looked at Kritika and smiled at her. He said she is looking the most beautiful girl in the world and pasted a kiss on her cheeks. Kritika gave him a smiley look. Sensing that something is wrong, Ranveer looked at his erected cock and laughed out! He said that her nude look made him erected. Before Kritika could say anything Ranveer pulled her over and made her sit on his belly.

Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife – Part 3

As she sat on his belly, he applied spit on his cock and pulled Kritika on his cock. She slowly sat on his cock. Her pussy slowly and smoothly took his cock inside and within few seconds his cock was buried in her pussy. He held Kritika’s both hands in his hand and slowly started moving his hips. After a few strokes, he stopped and asked her to fuck him! She was surprised! Ranveer smiled at her and said ‘Baby I want you to fuck me’! He held her hips and started moving them. She liked it. After moving her hips for few minutes, she stopped. Kritika felt shy but Ranveer insisted and she started moving her hips again.

As she started fucking, she liked it coz she could have control over his cock. Sometimes she was taking his cock completely in and sometimes half. She liked touch of his cock against her pussy wall. With each stroke she was taking his cock deeper and deeper. Ranveer was enjoying too. He liked her each stroke. He was encouraging her with each stroke. ‘Ahhhhh…yes baby… fuck me… ahhhh yes… you are so good at it… wowww this was nice stroke…. I did not know that you can fuck me so harddd … yessssss…baby…. ohhhh yeahh… wowww… it feels so niceee.. ohhhh! This encouraged Kritika and she started moving as fast as she could. After few minutes she came with loud moan aaaaah hhhhh hhhh and collapsed on his chest! Ranveer started moving his hips. He too moved as fast as he can and after few stroke came aaaahhh.

It was a great victory for him. He made her to fuck him. It means now she is very comfortable with him and he could have sex with her any time. Kritika completely fallen for him. She liked the way he fucks her. Each time he made her very comfortable while having sex! Moreover she liked the way he treated her. He made her feel someone very special. She felt great and important. She was becoming very comfortable in his company. She started laughing and chatting with him. She praised his physic and indicated that she liked his big shaft! Am I going to lose her, was a big question mark for me!

After a while both went to take shower together! Ranveer applied shower gel on her body. He slowly rubbed gel on her boobs, her nipple became tight! He rubbed her belly and moved down to her thighs. He gently rubbed her thighs and hips. He put his middle figure inside her pussy laced with gel. Kritika moaned. He started finger fucking and she liked his big finger fucking her pussy!

While stroking his finger he asked her if she can apply shower gel on his body. She took shower gel and started applying on his shoulder and rubbed his chest. She was little shy to put shower gel on his cock but Ranveer pulled her hand laced with gel and asked her to rub. With her soft rubbing his shaft became desperate and wanted to go in her pussy again.

Ranveer started rubbing his body against her and his chest was slipping against her boobs. He positioned his cock towards her pussy and buried in with one hard push aaahhh…. moaned Kritika.

Since his cock was full of gel, he slid in easily. Her pussy was also laced with gel and easily took his cock inside. He started fucking her. This time to my surprise Kritika started moaning loudly yeahh…… ohhhh…. yeahhh… aaahhhh…. aahhh… yeahhh…. ahhhh. Ranveer held her more tightly as she came. Ranveer washed her thoroughly and himself. Both came nude from the washroom! Kritika gave him my underwear, shorts and t-shirt! Both wore inner wears in front of each other with big smile on their faces. I was surprised!

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